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December Board Meeting Minutes

December 6th, 2018:

Recap of Season thus far:

  • High level of play. Lot faster than previous seasons
  • Few incidents of overly aggressive play. Ops on duty to remind all teams to play within skill level
  • Few people/team bonding problems

Survey for captains and all players to come around the holiday break

Conduct Form to be posted on the website

  • This will be used for official incident reports of misconduct
  • Outline of the process to be followed

Town Hall Meeting format discussed

New lawyer for the league required

Player swap out for mid season outage, should leave the team fairly even to what it was

Last minute subbing issues

  • Ops on duty to help as best as possible

Challenge Games:

  • Need to call out when players are signed up for inappropriate levels
  • Bench coaches for beginner game, volunteer sign up slots

Potential Cap Ice Game day

Lot of web site hosting issues

Next meeting for shortly after the new year

September Board Meeting Minutes


  • A few slots opened up, working on pulling from the wait list.

Review Of Opening Night

  • Went well, very well attended

Conduct Committee update

  • Still under discussion for code of conduct and review process
  • Sam has offered to help with that
  • Essay contest rules
  • Member and Board voting format TBD

Budget Discussion

  • Insurance discussion

Blades Against Aids

  • Discussion on prep and plans
  • Get volunteers
  • Discounts for helping out
  • Vendor tables were discussed
  • Possibly beer?

Sponsorships update:

  • Dexter’s
  • Bear & Bottle
  • Wellness
  • Glass Nickel
  • Sham is a no

Gear Swap update:

  • Went well
  • Everyone got at least something
  • Gear remainder to be returned to Chris and Dani when possible (thanks!)


  • Evals are coming up and working on getting demoers to show of skill tests
  • Coaches secured for clinics
  • Plans for practices for captains will be included

Cap Ice Update:

  • Could potentially try there for end of season play
  • Possibly scrimmage on cap ice and watch a game after.
  • See how the league feels about it


  • Amanda handled some tough conversation
  • Mid season surveys to talk to people about how everything is going and get a feel for changes maybe mid season
  • Change our logo? No was the current response
  • League affiliated skills page to be collected at some point. People with skill sets or small business that work with the league (or play in it)
  • Follow ups


August Board Meeting Minutes


  1. Parade
  2. Recruiting Updates
  3. Gear
  4. Mentees and New Skater Day
  5. HOps update
  6. Apparel
  7. Sponsors
  8. Conduct
  9. Misc


Parade :

Kate will be at the tent from 12 to 2 and Maggie has 2 to 4

12:10 is meeting standing time (70th) in line

Wear Jersey’s 

Ice for blades against aid is October 14th from 3-5 and there will be fliers to disperse about it

We discussed the police ban for the march

Recruiting Updates / Gear

Full up, working on getting gear for 18 folks

20 new recruits as compared to 10 last year

Gear swap on September 2nd

New skater day/Mentee/Mentors

Attend September second week (after the 9th). Held at Libs’ house

HOps Schedule updates

The 9th is the first skills clinic. This will be orientation and also how to put on your gear for a lot of folks.

16 games, 5 challenge, 3 skills, champ on 4/7

Captain Update

Captain Pairs selected

Evals will be looking for skate demoers so HOps can be in shoes on the ice instead of skates for the full duration.

Apparel Update

We have hoodies, the rest is ordered.


Two of our normal, Dexter’s And Glass Nickel

Aiming to get Bear and Bottle, and return Shamrock to the fold.

We need logos to put on the shirts


Maggie’s Whimsical Ethics committee (not the real name)

Maggie is working on establishing an official code of conduct and ways to handle infractions in the league so we have an official policy to point to.

Unsportsmanlike conduct etc.

Aiming to also standardize member and board elections for next year


Quick Books is apparently great.

Next Board Meet:

After first orientation/skills day



July Board Meeting Minutes

July Board Meeting 

ByLaws modification

  • Gender neutral they from he/she. Unanimously accepted

Review from Pride Prep Committee

  • Banner
    • Amanda is ordering this
  • Getting parade members
    • Witte to send out recruitment for parade and booth after
  • Other considerations, such as timing, location in parade, getting in the parade
    • Amanda and Zach to
  • Fliers may be constructed to handout

Recruitment follow-ups

  • We have enough goalies! 
  • We are nearing capacity for players, rest expected to be filled soon

Apparel / Jerseys / Socks

  • Amanda is looking into jersey pricing
  • Socks and hoodies to be ordered as well

Ice location

  • Another arena offered to host us. Board determined it was too late in the pre-season planning to switch for this season, but may be considered next year. Many factors to discuss

HOps season schedule updates

  • Schedule has a first draft. Season will be as long as last year with one additional week.
  • 5 Challenge games
  • Championship early April
  • Season starts early september
  • Financial Aid form is available on the site now!

Treasury Update

  • Quickbooks will be used henceforth.
  • Other financial updates and considerations for upcoming season


  • Mentor program, currently selecting mentors. Recruitment email with code of conduct to follow. Thanks to Logan for assisting with this
  • Notarized statement needed to register official lawyer status
  • Orientation on the league
    • Discuss with K8
  • Gear Swap
    • Andi to work with Chris/Dani to organize
  • Maggie to follow up with social committee organization and work with Zach on the Blades Against Aids organization
  • Andi is tracking Hockey registration numbers and when fees are opened up, number should go to Andi.
  • Next meeting will be at Andi’s August 16th

Board Transition Meeting Minutes 6-11-

MGHA Board Transition Meeting

Date: June 11th, 2018

Location: Witte’s House


  • Website Orientation with Randi, The Hockey Viking Princess
  • Required positions discussion and general selection of duties
  • General Education from the Old Board
    • Expected upcoming issues
    • Unexpected things that came up last year
  • Must dos in the near future
    • Ice time discussion
    • Recruiting and signups
  • Next board meeting time and location
  • Follow-Ups & Miscellaneous

Website Summary with Randi:

Went over basics of website tools and new responsibilities. General message, familiarize yourself with the website tools and be cognizant of what buttons you are clicking on as some are a lot harder to undo.

Update email lists and access for new board/old board

Positions Discussion:

Required positions are President, Treasurer, & Secretary. Vice President has responsibilities according to the ByLaws and should be a position as well.

Positions were discussed and they are as follows:


Zach Nelson-Houstin has been officially nominated and accepted the role of Treasurer. He will assume responsibilities from Shelly Kennedy.


Eric Witte has been officially nominated and accepted the role of Secretary.

He will assume the role from Sara Colopy.


Amanda Thornton and Tim Tender were both considered for President. Amanda was nominated and accepted the role of President. She will be taking over from K8 Walton.

Vice President & Hockey Ops Director

Tim Tender was nominated as Vice President and accepted the role. Tim will be assuming responsibility from Matthew Dorris. Included in this role will be running and directing the Hockey Ops committee and the responsibilities that entails.

Cool Whip

Andi Vertz discussed a position of making the board stay on task and to make sure that league tasks are accomplished. The proposed titles of this position are as follows:

“Board Whip, Cool Whip, Minority Whip, Task Master, THE Cool Whip.” The tentatively accepted title is “Cool Whip” with Andi having the option to retitle as they see fit. One primary task is to prevent Amanda from overdoing it.

Member Relations Liaison

Maggie Augustin was nominated for a role involving managing efficiency with league members, complaints and maintaining a smoothly operating league. Maggie will come up with an alternate title of her choosing but tentatively proposed titles were Internal and External Relations Manager, Social Liaison with Business and the temporarily selected “Member Relations Liaison” with the option to be renamed by Maggie as she sees fit.  Tasks to include making sure people are aware of the social sponsor, fielding complaints from members and players alike on league issues and interpersonal (with assistance if needed of course). To reach out to sponsors, own Facebook page responses from businesses and forward on questions as appropriate..

General Education from the Old Board

Sage wisdom was passed on by departing members of the board warning of foreseen issues, some unforeseen circumstances and an awareness of the level of responsibility board members possess.  Full documentation in extended notes for board members.

Primary concerns were maintaining the objective of the MGHA and also not getting in trouble with the government, mainly through managing finances properly to maintain non-profit status and filing taxes as appropriate.

League recruiting policy was discussed as well as increasing size and ice time of the league. Limitations of goalies discussed and availability of ice time and keeping the league cohesive.

Must Dos:

Reserve Ice time (Done prior to meeting)

Send recruiting email with information about 5 dollar registration increase to cover last few years of ice and ref cost increases. (Done 6-12)

HOps committee to begin discussing ice schedule for upcoming season

Emails and such to be updated by Randi and other board members

Gear box discussion, Dani and Chris have kindly offered to store gear. May host gear swap. TBD and possible totes needed to assist in transport

Conduct Board to be formed to formalize complaint policy and concerns over interpersonal issues with ability to redress by accused.

Next Meeting Time and Location:

Next meeting shall be held in mid July as determined by doodle poll. Likely location at Tim’s place.

Follow Ups:

  • Registrar needed, determine how to gather USAHockey numbers more efficiently
  • Familiarize yourself with the website
  • Gear Swap organization
  • Gear Inventory (speak with Dani and Chris)
  • Form a Conduct Board and formalize review process for incidents
  • Consult website timelines to make sure nothing is forgotten
  • Add donation option to website

Amanda (President):

Send out recruiting email (Done 6-12)

Andi (Cool Whip):

Organize or help Amanda get new Pride Banner ordered, work with Maggie on this too

Maggie (Member Relations):

Contact social group about Organizing for Parade. Inform board if we need anything before July meeting Parade related

Randi (Hockey Viking Princess):

  • Get access to the google account to everyone. K8 may have done this actually.
  • Assist in general website issues (such as email assignments etc as Randi always does)
  • Encourage/remind us to improve the scorebox assignment algorithm

Tim (Vice President and HOps director):

  • Gather minions (hockey Ops committee)
  • Begin considering season schedule to be discussed further at July meeting

Witte (Secretary):

  • Publish meeting minutes 
  • Send out doodle poll for next meeting in July

Zach (Treasurer):

  • Transfer account and PO Box access from Shelly and K8
  • Follow up on Blades Against Aids committee in prep for season start

Board meeting minutes – December 13, 2017

MGHA Board meeting notes 12/13/2017
Location: Matthew Doris abode


  1. January Clinic – Sara is organizing. Mark will be teaching the beginners clinic. Limit to 15-20 people. Goalie clinic – Sara will finalize who is instructing. Mary and Berlie are unable. Nikki tentatively able to lead it. Have asked MGHA goalies to provide gear and assist if able. Will finalize soon.
  2. Ice Time – Group before us seems to be getting better. Time for resurfacing is a contributing issue. Tim will talk to Stu. Shelly will reach out regarding ice sales.
  3. HOPs will re-evaluate skill levels in the near future


  1. Will emphasize to captains to choose appropriate levels and people who haven’t subbed much.


  1. Donations: Not currently set up to take donations. People do donate but nothing consistent. Would be ideal to make this process easier.
  2. Website performance issues: Running slowly. Have discussed with 5Nines how to improve, but will likely need to re-visit again.

Town Hall

  1. Planning for Monday, January 22nd tentatively.
  2. K8 will arrange with Glass Nickel

Annual Member Meeting

  1. Discussed sending email to members to remind them that they can become members
  2. Tentative meeting date May 6th 5-7 pm at Glass Nickel

Captain’s Meeting

  1. Tentatively planning for January 31st or February 1st
  2. Will put subbing process on the agenda as there have been a lot of questions/comments about sub-selection this year.


  1. Sock-sizes were inaccurate for Tim’s team
  2. Jersey’s: May be helpful to ask in year-end survey what your “ideal jersey size” is to get a better estimation for ordering. Many teams had not enough on the big or small end.
  3. Scrimmage Jerseys: Amanda. We have them. Sorting out the cost/when to sell them.
  4. Sweatshirts: Logo was designed by Peter Streicher

Storage Box

  1. Falling apart and over-full. Lots of extra gear in K8’s possession. Discussed options for storage including building a new box, storing at someone’s home, storage shed, etc.

Championship Night

  1. We should have enough 5 & 10 year pucks for this year


  1. Philosophy: Money in, money out
  2. Scholarships: Discussed the process by which scholarships are given. Currently based on self-proclaimed need. Generally able to give reduced dues if there is a financial need.
  3. Dues: Still a handful of people that have not paid final dues. Giving a final deadline of January 21st .

Blades Against AIDS

  1. Ashleigh and Alpha are currently in charge of the event. David Hafner has offered to assist them if they have questions but not lead the event this year.
  2. There will be a drag show in advance of the event to help raise funding.

Other Issues

  1. On-boarding and documentation: Discussed that we will be needing a new treasurer for next season. Had a broader discussion on the need for on-boarding new board members to ensure success in new position.

Meeting Minutes – May 18, 2017


  • Determine Roles
  • Merchandise and Apparel
  • Survey
  • Fruit Fest
  • Communication
  • Summer Touch-Base / Planning
  • Summer Scrimmages
  • 2017-2018 Season Planning

Determine Roles

  • K8 – President
  • Matthew – Vice President
  • Randi – Hockey Viking Princess
  • Tim – Hockey Ops Chair
  • Shelly – Treasurer
  • Amanda – Project Manager
  • Sara – Secretary

Merchandise and Apparel

  • Low on sweatshirts
    • Looking for quote on black sweatshirts with rainbow logo
    • Amanda will reach out
  • Order fewer individual player t-shirts
    • New color likely
    • Give away leftovers of existing to new recruits
  • Hankies inventory still good
    • Mirrored ones still available
      • Will give these to the social team to use as appropriate
  • Opportunities for new apparel
    • Speak to Leslie
    • Flag/Banners – probably do pre-orders, board will order 5 for $65
    • Jerseys – white and black MGHA jerseys with throwback logo
    • Season Jerseys – research 2-color jerseys
    • Amanda will work on these opportunities


  • Shelly will pass along questions, etc
  • Amanda and Matthew will help take this over
  • Questions will be sent to board for review

Fruit Fest

  • Kate Berry setting up
  • Typical slow response from organizer until closer to event
  • Need volunteers
    • Randi will set up a sign-up on the website
  • New leads
    • Use Google Forms and bitly/QR code
    • Email forwarded from FF2016


  • Sara and Amanda are both on GroupMe now
  • Board emails have been changed over
  • Trello invites have been sent
  • Facebook will be handled during planning session

Summer Planning Session

  • June 1, 2017 – 5:30 PM until 9:00 PM
  • Location: TBD

Summer Scrimmages

  • Filling up – currently 18 and 12 for sessions (these numbers are as of May 18)
  • Need to fill goalie slots
    • Matthew will work on this
  • Subbing and absences will go through website
  • Need volunteer for pucks and first aid kit

2017-2018 Season Planning

  • Number of games
  • Number of clinics
  • Number of practices
  • Number of challenge games
  • TBD

Meeting Minutes – March 8, 2017


  • Championship Night
  • Social Update
  • Blades Update
  • Classic Update
  • Idea – Meeting to Document ‘Standard’ Plan
  • Idea – Add-On Advanced Scrimmages and Skills Clinics
  • Summer Scrimmage and Skills Clinics
  • Advanced Player Experience
  • MII Ice Conditions
  • End-of-Year Survey
  • Member Meeting
  • Scoresheet Questions
  • Schedule Next Board Meeting

Championship Night

  • Championship Night
    • March 26, 2017 – Starting at 3:30 PM
    • Anna Cates running it this year
      • Getting photographer
      • Getting announcer
      • Will be looking for responses from captains for All The Way Awards
    • Some thank you shout-outs from the board
    • Potluck tables
    • Merch table

Social Update

  • On track for end-of-year recap with social team
  • Documentary screening went really well, great discussion / engagement
    • Follow-up being planned by Eric
  • Sponsorship meetings to document benefits for both parties in the works

Blades Update

  • David Hafner working on Blades
  • Encouraging teams to sell tickets
  • Email going out to entire league tonight (it’s already out!)

Classic Update

  • 45 signed up so far
  • Total last year was 93
  • Majority signed up for recreational division currently

Idea – Meeting to Document ‘Standard’ Plan

  • Working meeting to capture workflow for the season
  • Would be great to document the procedures
  • Use as a future template
  • Less agenda-focused and more bang-it-out focused
  • Aiming for early June

Idea – Add-On Scrimmages and Clinics

  • These would be in addition to the season
  • Use summer to gauge interest in additional advanced scrimmages and how often we could / should have them
  • Potentially set up a clinic or two during the summer leveraging coaches from Thunder

Summer Scrimmages

  • Working to secure slots for the summer
  • More details to come
  • Tim will be point of contact
  • Randi will work on website
    • Release spot like subbing system on website
    • Players can log on to fill empty slots
  • Pay up front, price TBD

Next Season

  • Based on feedback, consider adding an extra hour for advanced scrimmage during clinic weeks to begin season

Advanced Player Experience

  • What are the feelings of advanced players and how do we create a good experience for them?

MII Ice Conditions

  • Several injuries this season, partially due to bad ice
  • Corner near Zamboni doors are the worst
  • Bring up problems with Stu

End-of-Year Survey

  • Board will work to determine best questions
  • Agenda item to keep this on the radar

Special Meeting of Members

  • April 18, 2017 – 6:30 PM – Location TBD
  • Bylaws review / discussion
  • Voting on remote voting
  • Vote in new members

Annual Meeting of Members

  • May 7, 2017 – 5:00 PM – Glass Nickel (likely)
  • Elect directors and transact other items that may come before the members
  • Vote on bylaw changes proposed at special meeting

Scoresheet Questions

  • Look for new, easier-to-understand scoresheet for next season
  • Do we need referees to sign?
    • According to USA Hockey, yes is what we’re told

Schedule Next Board Meeting

  • No official meeting on the books as of now
  • After championship night, we’ll circle back

Meeting Minutes – December 14, 2016


  • Long Term Schedule – Town Hall, Member Meetings, Etc
  • Sponsors Updates
  • Social Updates
  • 5Nines
  • Recruiting a Stats Magician / Gear Guru
  • New Box at Hartmeyer
  • Season Attendance
  • Blades – Timing and Program, Sponsors Soon, Alumni Game
  • 150 Skaters – Maintain or Grow?
  • Filming for WisEye
  • Financial Update – Budget and Actuals to-Date
  • Money for Captains
  • Players Behind on Fees
  • Extra T-Shirts
  • Mesh Bags for Jerseys / Socks in Orange Box
  • Raffles / Donation to Other Organizations
  • MGHA Classic
  • Hockey Ops – MGHA Way
  • Schedule Next Board Meeting

Long Term Schedule

  • Town Hall – Thursday, January 12, 2017 – 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM – Glass Nickel
    • Special meeting of the members – 6:30 PM
      • Voting in new members
  • Member Meeting – Tuesday, February 7, 2017 – 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM – Location TBD – Possibly Outreach
    • Special meeting for members
      • Bylaw review / change possibilities
      • Advanced call for agenda items – Online form / email K8
        • Will use the feedback form on the website
      • Voting in new members
      • Open forum
    • K8 will lead meetings and Brian will facilitate

Sponsors Updates

  • $1400 acquired – Glass Nickel, Dexter’s, Shamrock
  • Fully budgeted
  • Kudos to Sarah Bottjen
  • Thanks Mama Libs for a nice donation – Platinum Sponsor!

Social Updates

  • Tagging someone to help with newsletter
  • Chuck-a-Duck paid off
  • Next year: strategically pick special nights, fewer and easier to organize
  • February event likely, maybe March
  • David Hafner in charge of Blades
  • Plan to ask for feedback from Members
    • Potentially also in year-end survey


  • Discussion of relationship with 5Nines
    • Clarifying for new Board members
  • Server maintenance not included with current sponsorship
  • Sales rep being activated to discuss changes

Recruiting a Stats Magician / Gear Guru

  • Could benefit from a volunteer to put stats into website
    • Consistency from week to week would help
    • Name is negotiable
  • Looking for someone to take care of gear
    • keep an inventory
    • check status of items received / distributed
  • Randi is adding an ‘Openings’ page to the website

New Box at Hartmeyer

  • New box to be created / moved into the rink
  • Brian will go to Restore
    • May have a kegerator, maybe not

Season Attendance

  • Some players haven’t shown up
  • Will handle attandance issues on a case-by-case basis
    • Will be addressed by K8 when necessary
  • Will look to create an attendance policy for next year


  • David Hafner is taking charge
  • Sunday, March 19, 2017 – 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM
    • Potentially engage with skaters between 4:00 PM and gametime
  • Cost: $312.50
    • Money collected pays for ice time
    • Net proceeds donated to ARCW
  • Early January meeting scheduled for planning

150 Skaters – Maintain or Grow?

  • Maintain!

Filming for WisEye

  • Sunday, December 18, 2016
  • 4:40 PM game

Financial Update

  • We’re in good shape
  • Paid up on ice, refs, bills

Money for Captains

  • Will look at providing a captain fund for 2017-2018 season barring any unforeseen circumstances
  • Funds would be allotted for each captain to purchase supplies for the team

Players Behind on Fees

  • Discussed plan for skaters behind on fees
  • Create page on website for Board to review
  • Skates who haven’t addressed this by January 1, 2017 will be benched from all MGHA on-ice activity
    • Captain will be notified

Extra T-Shirts

  • 53 extras
  • Should only have 22
  • Will put them online for sale for $5
  • Email if you haven’t received yours
    • We’ll put a note on Facebook

Mesh Bags for Jerseys / Socks in Orange Box

  • Acquiring some for the box to help organize

Raffles / Donation to Other Organizations

  • We cannot raffle for another organization
  • We will offer up our means to run the raffle, but they must run it
    • Must have a license
      • Shelly can help them get one
      • Takes 3-6 weeks

MGHA Classic

  • Fundraise for MGHA Scholarship Fund during weekend of tournament
  • Collect gear during tournament
  • GSAFE will receive the donation for 2017

Hockey Ops – MGHA Way

  • Discuss making sure players are playing the MGHA way
  • Ops will reach out specifically to players in question and their captains

Schedule Next Board Meeting

  • Tuesday, January 24, 2017 – 6:15 PM – Tim’s House

Meeting Minutes – October 19, 2016


  • Long Term Schedule – Town Hall, Member Meetings, Etc
  • Social and Sponsorship – Review Budget
  • Team Roster Review
  • Apparel Update
  • Schedule Next Board Meeting

Long Term Schedule

  • Town Hall – January 10, 2017 – 7-9 PM – Place TBD
    • Open to all MGHA participants
      • State of the league
      • Financial update
      • Upcoming affairs
      • Membership
      • Bylaw updates
      • Open forum
    • Special meeting of the members
      • Immediately before Town Hall (6:45 PM)
      • Voting in new members
  • Member Meeting – January/February, 2017
    • Special meeting of the members
      • Bylaw review / change possibilities
      • Advanced call for agenda items – method TBD
      • Voting in new members
      • Open forum
  • Both will be led by K8

Social and Sponsorship – Review Budget

  • Review of items on social team list
  • Sponsorships should cover requested amount
  • Agreed on social team’s allocated spending plan

Team Roster Review

  • Hockey Ops provided draft of teams on Monday
  • Hockey Ops explained process used to draft teams
  • Board reviewed and approved

Apparel Update

  • We have apparel
  • More sweatshirts are coming
  • Bandannas are here
  • T-shirts are being printed and will be available for pickup likely by Sunday
  • Jerseys are being printed
  • Anticipating jerseys and socks for captains by Sunday
  • Bandannas, hoodies, winter hats, and scarves will be available for purchase
    • Currently: Pay by cash, check, or credit card at the rink
    • Future: Website will be updated to handle orders

Schedule Next Board Meeting

  • Wednesday, November 16 – 6:30 PM – Tim’s House