June 24, 2020 Board Minutes

Date: June 24, 2020
Attendees: Amanda Thornton, Alan Silver, Halley Pucker, Gene Zadzilka, Ian Leach, Avery Cordingley
Location: google meet

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Al to make a “goalie” product that goalies can pay
  • Al to review the lists from the survey and put them together for folks to start reaching out to these different committees
  • Avery to put together a survey to poll the league on interest with details listed
    • 75 responses
      • 45 said yes to Oregon
      • 43 said yes to Hartmeyer
    • Plan is to send out a survey to formally sign up and include people are signing up at their own risk and would need to organize their own carpools and that we’re planning on continuing the league in spite of cases
    • Avery to take a look at if they can refund or not and then put language if we don’t have to continue paying the ice we will/won’t refund them
    • Avery to talk through w/ K8 on the utility of masks
  • Avery to reach out to Tim for HOps
    • Send out a survey to all HOps people to see if they’re interested in staying in HOps
  • Gene to follow up on where the donations for Team Trans went
    • Gene to take a look at this!
  • Gene to reach out to peeps who haven’t paid dues this weekend
    • Amanda and Gene to follow up with reconciling the spreadsheet with Paypal
    • Ian to look at language from Gene
  • Halley and Ian to meet and discuss next steps in sponsorship
  • Ian to ask the question on who has the comms group 
  • Ian to wordsmith some language on the donation piece
    • Make sure to include it be a separate link

Committee Updates

  • HOPS (Avery)
    • Spoke with Tim – got some updates and planning is underway
  • Recruiting (Halley and Al)
    • Halley learned how to use Trello! Woo!
    • Meeting on the 29th regarding recruiting
  • Apparel (Amanda)
    • Still have sweatshirts that we can sell! Will plan to sell them going forward
  • Gear (Avery)
    • No updates 
      • Avery to reach out to Simon to get additional info on gear.
  • Social  (Ian and Halley)
    • No updates
  • Communications
    • No updates
  • Treasurer (Gene)
    • Funds are ok for right now – currently financially solvent but will need to raise funds going forward since we ran negative last year
    • Reminder to send bills to Treasurer@MadisonGayHockey.org
  • Sponsor (Ian and Halley)
    • No updates
  • Website (Alan)
    • Meeting on Friday night to go over how to improve the website
  • Education
    • Halley to reach out to Grayson re: disability education
    • Amanda to do some investigation for finding someone to employ for racial justice education
    • Friendly plug to provide an asynchronous option for training!
    • Will also need to find a deaf interpreter/captioner
    • Alan to reach out to Black Girls Hockey to see if they do consulting work

Discussion Items

League-wide meetings?

  • Ian and Halley  to think through a social way to connect (potentially with Libs)