July 31, 2019 Board Meeting

Date: July 31, 2019

Attendees: Amanda Thornton, Tim Tender, Alan Silver, Amanda “Simon” Steimle, Maggie Augustin, Jake Wagner

Absent: Katy Werginz



  • Maggie and Alan assigning mentors. Need to finish up pairing. 


  • Composed of 12 members including 3 board members
  • Potential schedule was presented to the board 
  • Evaluations
    • Looking at self-evaluation process for part of the assessment
    • Possible have a pre-season “tourney”
    • Evaluation takes place throughout the 4-6 weeks prior to team selection. Mostly an informal process until the end of pre-season.
    • We will need to have 2 weeks used for practices be back-to-back. This may be a practice and/or scrimmage. 
  • Subbing between leagues
    • This will be allowed. And will be watched closely for L2 players playing in L1. It will be on the captains to make sure their L2 captains are playing down. 
  • Everyone playing in L2 will have a goal cap
  • Subs playing down from L2 to L1 will be goal capped 
  • Defining each league
    • 17 safe and inclusive hockey games
    • Players skating in control of their body while handling the puck and avoiding collision with others. 
    • Skaters can self-select their league, but the Board and HOPs reserves the right to appeal self-selections on the basis of safety
    • Same gear requirement
    • L1 will provide 
      • developmental hockey game
      • Beginner-friendly atmosphere
    • L2 will provide 
      • competitive hockey game
      • An opportunity to improve advanced skating skills and practice advanced hockey strategy
      • Recommended skills to play safely; K8 has levels notes
      • Safety rules; same as previous years, no slapshots
  • L2 to be called Blue Square
  • L1 to be called Green Circle 
  • Season start plan
    • Choose your own path… There will be options during the preseason. These options will include
      • Clinics
      • Evaluations
      • Games
    • Then final selection of teams and practices to end preseason.
  • We have 25 people signed up to captain
  • Gear Requirements
    • Will be the same for both leagues, at least for first year


  • On hold till we know more.


  • Planning a mid-August (8/19) meet up and planning
  • One of the first  items on their slate will be new player meetup (where and when)


  • Only heard back from Beer and Bottle. They WILL sponsor again this year


  • Jake needs to get back access to bank account.
  • Jake and Amanda need to close previous year account and open new one for this year.


Chicago Wolves Pride Night

  • https://www.chicagowolves.com 
  • Looking to head to Chicago for a pre-game scrimmage
  • This would take place October 19. 
  • Emily Engel is going to help coordinate this effort 

Blades Against AIDS

  • Looking for a date and venue
  • Currently eyeing January 19th
  • Trying to see if LaBahn is an  option
  • Do they have any skate rental options?
  • Will wait to reach out to sponsors till we determine venue

Pridefest / Magic

  • Date: August 18
  • Have a 10×10 area to setup 
  • We have a banner
  • And we have a canopy
  • Simon will email shortly to league and will create a signup form to volunteer

Act ride follow up 

  • All went well
  • A couple of people backed out day of event though



  • Discussed the possibility of having one (or more league games at LaBahn
  • $250/hr for ice time
  • Does certificate of insurance meets UW needs
  • Additional costs for A/V?
  • Libs to find out more


  • One more push for captains (Brian B)
  • 8 L1 teams (14 players per team) 
  • 6 L2 teams (14 players per team)
  • Why more L1 teams?
    • Prioritize
      • Inclusivity
      • Beginner opportunity
      • Equity of players per team
      • Suck it Toronto
    • Deprioritizing
      • Double rostering
      • Sibling teams
      • In order to mitigate concerns 
  • With 8 team in L1, we would be basically take up 4 time slots on one rink.
  • We are planning the first time slot will be 5:00 with the exception of the following dates 10/27, 11/3, 12/1, 2/16, 2/23, when we will need to start slightly later due to the Capitols playing. 
  • A conduct committee will be set up per league to handle any issues


  • IT patching and such will be scheduled after season starts

Registrar check-in

  • USA hockey is having problems with registrations. Assume it will get fixed soon since this affects so many people. 
  • At worse, we have a pile up and will need to process at a later date