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MGHA 2021-2022 Season Announcement

It’s the summer time and many of us are getting the opportunity to breathe fresh air and experience the waters, see members of our hockey family for the first time in a long time, and to get excited about hockey for the upcoming season!!
If you’d like the TL;DR: 

  • We’re planning on proceeding with a normal as season as possible. More info will come out in the coming months, but for the safety of the league and those around you, please get the vaccine if it is safe for you to do so! We’ll be providing more COVID-19 precautions and review structure for the upcoming season in the coming months.
  • The deposit to play this year is $100 and dues will be $325 total. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please fill out a financial aid form here.
  • If you’d like to play in the Fall season, deposit here! 
  • Have a friend or loved one who wants to play? Have them fill out a new player application here.

Deposits and DuesThe deposit for the upcoming season is $100. To pay that and secure your spot, go to this link. If you were new with us last season (2020-2021) and paid a deposit, you are considered a returning player and able to register as a returning player even if you never got a chance to get on the ice with us

Dues for the upcoming season will be $325. The increase in cost reflects the increase in ice costs and allows for providing more financial aid for folks who need it, especially in light of the past year. We also are hoping these additional funds will also allow us additional latitude to support BIPOC organizations to meet our commitments we made last year.
Speaking of financial aid: If you are experiencing financial hardship, please fill out a financial aid form here. We’ll work with you so cost is not a barrier to you playing hockey!

Logistics and other info:We are firming up our season dates for September now and are working on ice reservations with the goal of keeping our Sunday evening hockey times. We’re this close to firming up dates and times, but will keep you all engaged over the course of this month as we finalize the dates. We will be finalizing COVID-19 precautions over the course of the summer, but you are welcome to provide feedback to the board on your expectations for the league and how we can best keep people safe. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated if it is safe for you to do so.

We will open registration for new players on July 5th, and are actively beginning recruiting in the coming weeks. If you have friends who want to play, get them excited and fill out a new player application here.

Summer ice: We’ve gotten ahold of Cap Ice for summer ice availability and are finalizing securing ice and schedule for this. High level goals are to have 2 hours of ice a week, 1 hour of skills and 1 hour of scrimmaging. Look for an announcement about summer ice in the next couple weeks.

Finally, we are excited to announce our new board of directors for this upcoming season.
The new Board of Directors:

President – Avery Cordingley

Vice President – Ian Leach

Secretary – Karoliina Bursian

Treasurer – Gene Zadzilka

Miracle Whip  – Bront Rojec

We’re excited to see everyone again soon! Get excited about hockey and take care of yourselves in the meantime.

Membership Applications and Board Nominations for 2021-2022 Season

Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again! Time to call for new members and nomination for the 2021-2022 board. Membership is the next level of involvement in the MGHA community. Members apply, get voted in, and then can vote on board members and referendums. More details below.

TL;DR: Want to be a member? Go here and apply by April 27th. You’ll need a sponsor, there is a list of current members on the page. We will confirm your application so if you don’t hear from us after 24 hours, please email Last year we noticed a few applications went missing.

Want to be a board member or know someone who should be? Send an email to with “Board nomination” as the subject. Remember the nominee needs to be a member by May 16th.

Voting for new members by current members will take place online from April 29th – May 9th

Voting for board members will occur at the annual member meeting via Zoom on May 16th (tentative)
Questions? Email the board anytime and/or attend the Board/Membership 101 session on April 25th at 6:30pm – details to follow.

Longer version: For those unaware, about a month after the season ends, we have a membership season wrap-up meeting. This is where we welcome new members, elect board members, and vote on any referendums that will likely affect the coming season.   

What we are looking for: Membership Nominations for Membership! Membership application is open to anyone who has completed a season with us (no, the 2020-2021 season does not count). If you would like to become a member, you will need to have an existing member sponsor you. If you don’t know who is a member or you haven’t heard of this already, please go here: That is the explanation of membership, the list of current members, and the form to apply, how convenient!
We will be taking membership nominations up to the end of day April 25th, so you have some time, but do it sooner rather than later! This is so members have time to vote on new members to confirm if they can be board nominees or not. Membership voting will be from April 29th to May 9th.

Board Member Nomination Second, we are looking for Board Member nominations! If you’d like to nominate someone other than yourself, please do so by April 25th. This will allow nominees some time to consider and accept or decline.  Please note, you MAY nominate yourself. If you are currently not a member or the person you are nominating is not, that is okay, just note that you/they must be voted in as a member first to be considered for the Board (ie, fill out the membership application form above).   Please submit your nominations via email to the Board with the subject “Board Nomination.” We will inform nominees and if they wish to accept, they can submit a written statement to be placed on the website. Nominations are allowed up to and including the member meeting.

Voting Membership voting will be done as usual through the website by current members from April 29th-May 9th.
Board member voting will be done in person remotely at the End of Season Meeting. This is tentatively May 16th remotely. A confirmation of this will follow as well as reminders of voting and the meeting. With the current pandemic, attending the remote meeting will need to suffice as “in-person” for purposes of voting for the board.
Accepted new members and the board nominees (if they accepted the nomination) will be placed on the website on the 9th of May. Listed board nominees will only be posted if they were accepted as a member. Please review their statement on the website and be prepared before the meeting. The goal here is to remove the nomination/discussion piece that elongates the end-of-season meeting and has been a source of discomfort in the past. This removes some of the social engineering and allows for more careful consideration of all nominees. We will still permit in meeting nominations to the board. We will still permit a short speech by each nominee if they wish to have the floor (the Whip will keep this on a time limit equal to all). This structure may of course be discussed at the meeting during open floor discussion.

November 2020 League Update

Looking at the growth in cases over the last few months together with Dane County Order 10 and the spike in cases that prompted it, we will be postponing our 2020-2021 season indefinitely and suspending on-ice activities until the attached Return to Play Guidelines and conditions can be met in Dane County. Thank you for your support and patience with this process as we try to find what is best for the league, the health and safety of our hockey family is our top priority. 

While this may feel like crap news, it is with hopeful hearts that we publish this document in that it presents a path to getting back on the ice together safely in the future. The most recent hint of baseline conditions (19 or fewer daily cases) was this past June, so it is not impossible! We will play again!

Please see our Covid Updates page for more information.

MGHA Season Postponed to January

First, we’d like to thank you for filling out the survey, coming to our town hall, and sending us feedback as we work through what has been one of the hardest decisions to make as an organization. In coming to a decision as to whether to have a season start in September, we evaluated survey feedback, town hall feedback, Dane County metrics and USA Hockey guidelines, and, as always, our mission of being an inclusive, intersectional, and community-driven organization.

We are postponing any form of games until, at minimum, January. We are exploring the possibility for some level of on-ice, socially distant activities starting in November, and will be providing you with an update by October 1st if these activities will occur.

We know that this decision likely comes with a mixture of feelings – sadness for the season being postponed, anger that the coronavirus has taken our hockey time away from us, and relief that we can make sure we keep our community safe in the midst of this pandemic. We feel many of these things with you, and are here to support you along with the rest of our hockey community. 

This league has always been more than just playing hockey; our goal from the start has been to create an intersectional community in support of our shared, common identities to bring us all together. Although hockey may not be happening, we are staying true to our mission. In the coming weeks, we will be creating a format for you to create virtual events to share with the whole league, titled “Living Room Lives.” Anyone can host these events, and we’re hoping to kick off a grand unveiling by the middle of August. Interested in being a part of the social squad? We need your help! Reply to this email, and we’ll be in touch.

We know there has been much interest for socially-distant dryland events. For the safety of those in our league, we are only sanctioning virtual events as an organization for the foreseeable future. Of course, this does not prevent you from meeting up as individuals to do socially-distant activities. For all social events, including our “Living Room Live” events, we will ask that you have a virtual format that is accessible to those in the league.

Although this decision has been tough, we have been truly inspired by the passion in our league and the thought and interest the community has had for our favorite sport. Please be well, check in on your hockey family, and stay healthy.

In solidarity,
The MGHA Board

2020-2021 League Deposit Now Open

Returning player registration deposit is now open!

We are proceeding as though we will have a “normal” season but we are lowering the deposit to $5 to not tie up funds for folks in the case that we have to cancel (all deposits and dues will be refunded if there is no season).

We will be following all USA Hockey and Capitol Ice Arena guidelines for COVID at minimum, and may add more safety requirements.

We may look at starting the season a little differently, possible later start, fewer skaters on the ice for clinics, but hope to be able to start the league games in November as usual while following safety guidelines.

We understand not everyone will feel comfortable playing at all and may wish to sit out this season. We respect that choice and it will not compromise any eligibility for future seasons.

Registration Details:

– Dues will be $300 total. $5 deposit plus $295 due at season start. Goalies will also have $5 deposit and have $95 due at season start. Financial assistance will be available, you can fill out the form here:

– We will keep our Sunday evening time slot at Capital Ice, September(??) through March, so mark your calendars.- All last season’s players will be able to register. Alumni (previous players that didn’t play last season) in good standing will be able to register in the returning player registration window provided they email to have their status updated.

– Choose your league preference. Subbing across leagues will be allowed. You can also update this field in your user profile: login, go to your account info and scroll to the bottom.

– End of business day July 19th is the deadline for returning players. After that date, returning players will be treated as new recruits and subject to waitlisting.

– USA Hockey registration still required by season start

We do have some folks with outstanding balances from last season. Our new treasurer is still working through the list. If you know you did not pay the amount you had arranged to pay, please do so or fill out the financial aid form, or contact Gene at to make arrangements. Failure to do so may risk your ability to play with us in the future.

Looking forward to seeing you on the ice!

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter. Unequivocally. Inarguably.

To all Black lives: We stand with you. We condemn the murderers of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and so many others, and the white supremacist structures that enabled and emboldened them. It is not enough, however, to condemn these murders as a singular moment in time; our league strives to be an anti-racist organization and we have more work to do to make hockey – and our country –  accessible and welcoming for all folx, most acutely our Black and POC friends within the organization and beyond.

To the MGHA Family: We stand together. We cannot stay silent or turn away and continue to claim we are an inclusive community serving groups traditionally marginalized in hockey.

“…We are especially committed to providing opportunities for those who have historically felt uncomfortable in traditional sports settings to learn and teach ice hockey in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. We aspire to the highest standards of sportsmanship and promote integration of the wider Madison community into the gay community.”

This is the mission. This is what we all signed up for, to stand and support each other and reach out, support, include, and ensure the safety of those who have historically felt uncomfortable in traditional sports settings. Right now that means focusing on the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) community shouting for their humanity and right to not be murdered by the unjust structures in which we are all complicit. It means making systemic updates in our league processes to intentionally include more Black owned business and reach out to more QTPOC communities. It means educating ourselves and each other, and taking action against racism in our community.

As an all-white board, we feel it important to acknowledge that our organization is not as diverse or inclusive as it could be at present, and we want to ensure our intention of making an organization that is inclusive for all queer and trans folx matches our impact in making hockey an inclusive and accessible space for everyone including BIPOC folx. We have more work to do.

We will commit to being more intentional with our dollars and time prioritizing Black owned and QTPOC businesses and community organizations for our events and fundraisers. In addition, we will continue to educate ourselves and our community on injustice and inequity, and how each creates barriers to entry and participation in our league, and re-commit to doing the work of making our community more inclusive and welcoming for people of color.

Recruitment will continue to prioritize POC applicants and we will work with QTPOC community organizations to improve our recruitment strategies. Financial aid resources will continue to be allocated specifically to ensure that finances are not a barrier for participating in the sport in acknowledgement that hockey has historically excluded POC from playing.

Finally, in the first week of Pride, it is important to acknowledge the origins of Pride. We must not forget that Pride was not a parade – it was a riot that fought the perpetual violence against BIPOC, specifically trans women of color. We need to center the needs and contributions of our QTPOC players, and our white folx within the league need to spend time listening and learning. Human rights are not negotiable. If we are to combat the systemic nature of racism and the racist structures in our society, it will take each and everyone one of us to do our part to dismantle those systems in the search for justice.

It takes all of us listening, standing up, and taking action.

In solidarity,

The 2020-2021 MGHA Board

2019-2020 MGHA All the Way Award Winners

Here are this year’s winners and the nice things their teams had to say about them! Lots and lots of you were nominated for wonderful and encouraging efforts. Props to everyone.

Avalanche Avengers Keith Westpfahl Keith brought laughter, confidence, and compliments to everyone on the team. He was always looking for ways to get the new players the opportunity to score their first goal. He kept connections with teammates off ice as well and was always available to jump in and help other teams fill sub spots. He is the perfect example of a model teammate.

Black Mirror Sean Hubbard He was always encouraging and coaching from the bench and on the ice. He was generous with the puck as well.
His play was inclusive and cooperative and he was encouraging and supportive of players of all skill levels. Sean is a great teammate!

Blue Moons Paul Weber His game-time cheering gives the entire team (and the opposing team!) a punch of energy and sense of fun, but it’s his genuine appreciation of his teammates and never-ending willingness to provide both complements and help off-the-bench that makes Paul above-and-beyond the embodiment of the MGHA way.

Cordon Blue Laur Rivera Laur always came to every game with a positive mindset and ready to do her best. She goes the extra mile to check in on teammates and make sure everyone feels comfortable and accepted. Laur exemplifies all MGHA values and exceptional sportspersonship!

Dumpster Fire Jen Lawrence Jen only ever has encouraging and supporting words for her teammates and opponents. She plays hard, but still in a way that it makes it a safe environment for everyone. Super helpful and a great team player!

It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Cheesy Lori Prechel Lori was a consistently positive, hard-working presence on and off the ice. Even after suffering an injury that kept her off the ice for what turned out to be the rest of the season, she continued to come to each and every game, put on her helmet and cheer on everyone from the bench. She represents the best of what the MGHA is about, and it was a joy to be her teammate.

Wild Things Rob Kalejta Rob was an invaluable asset to the team this year. He was a constant source of helpful guidance on the bench and on the ice, he had a great attitude for every game, and he consistently played thoughtful, inclusive hockey. Rob leverages his knowledge and experience in the league to mentor the less experienced players, and to provide guidance during intermissions between periods.

Yellow Submarine Doug Haltinner He was a great presence on the team — always positive in the locker room (and fun), always enthusiastic, and always working to improve his and the entire team’s game.

Monsters Matty Brausen Matty was new to the league this year, but immediately took to the concept of playing the MGHA way. As an experienced player, he quickly learned how to adjust his play style, and always worked collaboratively with his linemates to help create plays. On the bench and in the locker room, he was always upbeat and inclusive. He even dyed his hair blue to match our team’s jerseys!

Sacre Bleu! Daniel Burkhardt Daniel is an unselfish player, willing to play anywhere the team needs him. He always makes an effort to include everyone on the team; in the locker room, on the bench, and on the ice.

The Devils Wear Prada Chuck McKain In this new world of divisions, he was always positive, never really was overly physical or upset when the other team was,  and he helped many others on the team learn to play at a higher level.

The Juice Sarah Bottjen She constantly brought good vibes to the team and was the impetus behind the squirt squirt patch!

The Shrek Republic Ryan Ziltner Ryan was so positive socially and played the MGHA way, contributing to an overall excellent experience for everyone on our team. He organized our team holiday party, brought everyone holiday gifts of rainbow hockey tape, and volunteered to perform at the MGHA Classic Drag Show fundraiser.

Ugly Pucklings Gabby Grandin Gabby was a great captain – she spent time each game teaching us something about how we could be playing as a team, she had great spirit and infected the rest of us with it, all while also keeping us rowdy ducks in check. She not only co-led the team, she did it with panache.

League Referendum May 2020

The Board moves to implement a two league Association for the foreseeable future, until the structure no longer serves the Association and at which time, a new proposal shall be made, and the members will vote on the new restructure. The two league Association structure will include “L1” and “L2” as two skill based leagues, details below as it worked in the 2019-2020 season.

Restructure of the MGHA into two skills-based leagues, L1 & L2.

  1. L1 will provide a safe and inclusive place to play and coach ice skating and hockey fundamentals. Anyone can skate in this league.
  2. L2 will provide a safe and inclusive game of competitive hockey. Players should skate in control of their body while handling the puck and seek to avoid collision with others.
  3. All skaters are expected to play the MGHA Way – safety, fun, skills and strategy development over showboating and winning. This is not, and never will be, a “beer league”.
  4. Cross-league subbing for skaters is encouraged assuming subbing guidelines are followed and players are able to safely compete and follow league guidelines.
  5. All Skaters will be evaluated and can self-select their League, but the Board and HOPs reserves the right to appeal self-selection.
  6. Yearly evaluations of Goalies will determine which league they will be placed. Same-league subbing will take priority over cross-league in order to maintain skill balance. If no other options are available, upon evaluation from HOPS and/or the Board, a similarly-skilled Goalie will sub in for the absent Goalie. 
You must log in to vote.

2019-2020 “What Gay Hockey Means to Me” Essays Published and Winner Announced

Every year, the MGHA asks our community to reflect on their experience and prompts everyone to write an essay on “What gay hockey means to me”. This year we had 9 people respond and as always, these essays reflect the beauty and diversity of meaningful experiences.

Check out these essay previews and click the links below each picture to read the full essay.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year – you mean the world to us!

Avery’s Essay and Profile
Avery’s 2019-2020 essay won this year and will be featured in Our Lives Magazine.
Alpha’s Essay and Profile

Martha’s Essay and Profile
Bryam’s Essay and Profile
Grayson’s Essay and Profile
Ian’s Essay and Profile
Julie’s Essay and Profile
Karoliina’s Essay and Profile
Nat’s Essay and Profile

CANCELLED – Remainder of the 2019-2020 MGHA Season

Due to the Mayor and Dane county officials’ announcement today banning gatherings over 50 people due to COVID-19 and our wish for the safety of our hockey family, we are going to cancel the remainder of our season (3/22, 3/29, and 4/5). It’s a disappointing end to our season, for sure, and it is the best decision we can make to help keep folx healthy and safe.

We don’t want anyone to have to decide between their own health and their hockey team. Lots of us (including myself) view hockey as family and would do most anything to keep from feeling like we’re letting that family down. This cancellation is so you don’t have to make that call.

What we did manage to do this season!

6 weeks of clinics including a 4 week spirit tournament

2 weeks of team practices

2 challenge weeks

14 weeks of league games

(That’s a total 24 weeks of hockey we squeezed in!!)

14 fantastic teams and team names (and like a bazillion clever jersey names)

Taught over 40 people how to play hockey (whaaat?!?)

Grew to the largest gay hockey league IN THE WORLD with 196 players (take that, Toronto!)

Participated in Hockey is for Everyone events with the Capitols, Milwaukee Admirals, and Chicago Blackhawks

Raised a bunch of money for Vivent at our Blades Against Aids fundraiser

Three new league sponsors

Made new friends/connections/teammates

Countless actions big and small by a TON of people that made this season happen, thank you all

What’s coming up?

Essay entries and winner announcement soon (you might cry, sorrynotsorry)

More rainbow sweatshirts available soon (I hope, haven’t heard from the printer, but they were in process a week ago) – shipping options will be available

Lots of practice time at home (we’ll add a page of resources and your recommendations)

Maybe some virtual hangouts (researching now if folx have ideas?)

A super fun party/championship night at some point

Summer scrimmages (as soon as we get the all clear, we will get those scheduled)

What’s also delayed/on hold?

Classic Tournabout show will be postponed to a later date (TBD)

TeamTrans Friendship Series will also be postponed until a later date (TBD)

Classic Tournament is cancelled, hoping to reschedule. Refunds will be issued as soon as we can.

Other stuff

Membership applications are still open. We will discuss the logistics of the end of season member meeting (where the board gets voted on) at our upcoming virtual board meeting this week.

What we will be looking forward to, when the infection curve is sufficiently flattened and manageable for health care workers and facilities, is renting ice on an upcoming Sunday (TBD) and hopefully having our championship night complete with potluck and league picture. We realize the later into the year that we push, we will be bumping against other sports leagues, long awaited travel, and other fun things. Subbing and such will all still be in place.

To the health care and sanitation workers, medical researchers, daycare workers, Epic folx, and everyone else in our family that continues to work to keep things running, thank you for putting yourselves in harm’s way to help others. To the rest of us that can stay home, thank you for doing what you can to lower infection rates and keep the load on those other folx as manageable as possible.

With gratitude for a successful (yet somewhat abbreviated) season,


on behalf of the Board