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2019-2020 “What Gay Hockey Means to Me” Essays Published and Winner Announced

Every year, the MGHA asks our community to reflect on their experience and prompts everyone to write an essay on “What gay hockey means to me”. This year we had 9 people respond and as always, these essays reflect the beauty and diversity of meaningful experiences.

Check out these essay previews and click the links below each picture to read the full essay.

Thanks to everyone who participated this year – you mean the world to us!

Avery’s Essay and Profile
Avery’s 2019-2020 essay won this year and will be featured in Our Lives Magazine.
Alpha’s Essay and Profile

Martha’s Essay and Profile
Bryam’s Essay and Profile
Grayson’s Essay and Profile
Ian’s Essay and Profile
Julie’s Essay and Profile
Karoliina’s Essay and Profile
Nat’s Essay and Profile

CANCELLED – Remainder of the 2019-2020 MGHA Season

Due to the Mayor and Dane county officials’ announcement today banning gatherings over 50 people due to COVID-19 and our wish for the safety of our hockey family, we are going to cancel the remainder of our season (3/22, 3/29, and 4/5). It’s a disappointing end to our season, for sure, and it is the best decision we can make to help keep folx healthy and safe.

We don’t want anyone to have to decide between their own health and their hockey team. Lots of us (including myself) view hockey as family and would do most anything to keep from feeling like we’re letting that family down. This cancellation is so you don’t have to make that call.

What we did manage to do this season!

6 weeks of clinics including a 4 week spirit tournament

2 weeks of team practices

2 challenge weeks

14 weeks of league games

(That’s a total 24 weeks of hockey we squeezed in!!)

14 fantastic teams and team names (and like a bazillion clever jersey names)

Taught over 40 people how to play hockey (whaaat?!?)

Grew to the largest gay hockey league IN THE WORLD with 196 players (take that, Toronto!)

Participated in Hockey is for Everyone events with the Capitols, Milwaukee Admirals, and Chicago Blackhawks

Raised a bunch of money for Vivent at our Blades Against Aids fundraiser

Three new league sponsors

Made new friends/connections/teammates

Countless actions big and small by a TON of people that made this season happen, thank you all

What’s coming up?

Essay entries and winner announcement soon (you might cry, sorrynotsorry)

More rainbow sweatshirts available soon (I hope, haven’t heard from the printer, but they were in process a week ago) – shipping options will be available

Lots of practice time at home (we’ll add a page of resources and your recommendations)

Maybe some virtual hangouts (researching now if folx have ideas?)

A super fun party/championship night at some point

Summer scrimmages (as soon as we get the all clear, we will get those scheduled)

What’s also delayed/on hold?

Classic Tournabout show will be postponed to a later date (TBD)

TeamTrans Friendship Series will also be postponed until a later date (TBD)

Classic Tournament is cancelled, hoping to reschedule. Refunds will be issued as soon as we can.

Other stuff

Membership applications are still open. We will discuss the logistics of the end of season member meeting (where the board gets voted on) at our upcoming virtual board meeting this week.

What we will be looking forward to, when the infection curve is sufficiently flattened and manageable for health care workers and facilities, is renting ice on an upcoming Sunday (TBD) and hopefully having our championship night complete with potluck and league picture. We realize the later into the year that we push, we will be bumping against other sports leagues, long awaited travel, and other fun things. Subbing and such will all still be in place.

To the health care and sanitation workers, medical researchers, daycare workers, Epic folx, and everyone else in our family that continues to work to keep things running, thank you for putting yourselves in harm’s way to help others. To the rest of us that can stay home, thank you for doing what you can to lower infection rates and keep the load on those other folx as manageable as possible.

With gratitude for a successful (yet somewhat abbreviated) season,


on behalf of the Board

Town Hall Meeting 2/20/20


  • Introductions
    • Brief board introduction and our acting roles
  • Presidential Address
    • spotless/flawless/fabulous  


  • Clarification of forum for discussion 
    • 5 minutes to introduce your topic of discussion and present your arguments
    • 10 minutes total discussion for the topic after introduced, then it becomes old business
  • Summary of agenda with brief explanation
  • Conduct process review 
  • HOps update 
  • L1/L2 Split Review 
  • Survey results summary about 78 responses for the meeting with several positive answers and a few negative. Social interaction seemed to be one of the larger barriers this year.
  • Comments and suggestions from the attendees:
    • Witte- Asked for the planning to be more intentional for challenge weeks. 
    • Parter- Create a new committee for challenge/non-game weeks activities.
    • Sukup- Have a conversation with captains to be more open and outgoing themselves or to find a social ambassador on the team to help with branching out to other folx in the association. 
    • Alpha- Set up game areas, board or cards, in the common areas upstairs.
  • MGHA Classic Tournament
    • Ryan Ziltner- Put social committee together for the Classic to help mingle locals and visitors playing in the tournament (he volunteered to help this year).
  • Recap of all topics mentioned
  • Open discussion
    • Sukup- What safety concerns do people have with the on-ice safety or rink location
    • Safety concern was on-ice with different levels not playing down, players trying too hard and putting themselves and puck handler at risk of injury.
  • Geoffrey- Asked about the demographics of new players and if they had breakdown of gender specific answers in regards to gay folks vs straight and if we are still recruting gay men. 
  • Sarah Pisula – How are we holding skill levels 5 and 6 accountable for their promise to play down to the L1 level. Are they helping to create a safe environment for the the newer skaters?
  • Alpha- Maybe there’s an issue with the players ranked 3 and 4 playing down and inclusively, not just those who rank 5 or 6. 
  • Witte- Felt the play was pretty great in the leagues. Feels the social aspect is lacking and finding the sponsor that stays open past 9:30 on Sundays. There’s still a barrier between L1 and L2 leagues commingling
  • Ryan Z- Again volunteered to help with the social squad, is loving the league and scheduling life on Sundays around hockey. He asked if we can we get our sponsors to possibly cater food in the eagle’s nest to facilitate socialization. 
  • Witte- Should we be telling the sponsors we are from MGHA? 
    • Yes tell hosts you are MGHA.
  • Patrick F- How much aid did we award this year, do we expect this much every year? What’s the forecast with our funds and being able to sustain in the future?
    • Amanda- Waiting on numbers from Jake.
  • Sukup- There were a lot of new player socials at the beginning of the year, how did they go? Were they successful?
    • Ryan Z-personally didn’t talk to a lot of people, but was fine
    • Laur- Interacted with a lot of players till 1-2am at the bonfire.
    • Tim- L1’s have been hanging out a lot together, especially the new hockey players.
  • Chuck-whats the goal for next year in regards to adding more teams?
    • Amanda- Waiting till the end of the year survey to see what folks thought of the season. The L1 league is larger than initially anticipated.
  • Ryan-do we need to keep recruiting new players?
    • Patrick/Amanda- Yes, it’s always good to have players waiting to enter the league as there are players who move away or don’t want to play in the up-coming year. 
  • Sarah P- Loving the restructure as L1 has given her more time to think while playing and learn at the right speed with those who are similar in skills with her.
  • Alpha- Echoes what Sarah said and has enjoyed learning to play goalie in the L1 league and broadening his skills.
  • Ryan-are we staying at Cap Ice for next year?
    • Amanda-we have a price guarantee for ice. The super bowl debacle won’t happen again. Overall, the ice is better than Hartmeyer’s ice. We have faced some challenges with the Capitals home games forcing us to adjust game times, but are working on better communication with the rink management (they’ve had some turnover).
  • Sukup- Loved the super bowl color bowl games.
  • Amanda T- Little blurb about membership and their roles/responsibilities.
  • Matthew- Are there new proposals for this year?
    • Amanda- Not at this time.
  • Patrick- Plug for essays and their impacts on new skaters. How they impact and act as a blueprint for other leagues to follow.
    • Tim- Writing his essay helped him take a look at his life; where he came from and what he had learned about different groups of people.
  • Patrick- Let’s do outreach to help teams get together and travel to other league tournaments.
    • Katy- She would love to see more advertising/encouraging of league members to put together teams and travel.
  • Alpha- Team trans event is coming up!
  • Chuck- What are some things we could do to help others feel less excluded and more included in the MGHA?
    • Amanda- Keep an open spot when talking in a group to allow someone to join. Assist captains with finding a social ambassador from the team to help with motivating others to interact and plan social events. 
  • Matt- A way to encourage socializing could be pre-game activities in the locker room, like jamming out to a song and this could lead to conversations amongst players and pump up the team. Also, maybe set up a week night get-together to participate in trivia or play other games.
  • Laur- Suggested teammates and other team players stretch together pre-game.
    • Maggie- Great idea! Folx could use the lobby or locker room. 
  • Sarah- Enjoyed the goalie curious clinics and found out she really enjoys the position. She would like to see more folx encouraging new people to try different positions.
  • Geoffrey- Enjoyed the color games during the super bowl, too.
  • Chuck- Will there still be summer scrimmages?
    • Tim- Yes, assuming Cap Ice is available to us. We will possibly continue Sunday night scrimmages if there is enough interest  from folx. 

2019-2020 Essays: What Madison Gay Hockey Means to Me

As the season enters the home stretch and we’re all a little sad thinking about hockey ending and not see our teams and friends on the regular, it’s time to reflect on what hockey has meant to us as individuals. We all are changed in some way by being a part of this league and community. Writing and sharing our experiences helps others learn and grow and new players see a potential path for themselves. Our Lives Magazine runs an essay contest on this subject each season and the winner gets published in the magazine as well as their dues paid in full for next season.

All are encouraged to write an essay. All 2019-2020 league participants are eligible for this contest except previous winners.

More explanation of this as well as previous essays can be found here

Please send your essay submission to president [at] Essays will be read and voted on by members of the current board and captains who do not enter this year’s contest.

Deadline is Tuesday March 3nd!

MGHA Combined Color Games & Challenge Camps – 2/2/2020 Sign Ups

On Sunday February 2nd, we acknowledge *some* MGHAers may choose to spectate another unnamed sport over playing the best sport there ever was.


So, we are combining our level 1 and level 2 color teams into single MEGA teams for one night. The gameplay will still be the MGHA way – spirited, inclusive and safe!

Notes for signing yourself up

  1. All skaters can sign up for their color’s combined team AND/OR fill in elsewhere if a team doesn’t have enough players. This is a good time to meet MGHAers on other teams!
  2. Captains may recruit/make changes to keep balance, but should help keep the game focused on the MGHA-way… safe, fun, educational.
  3. Goalies first to sign up gets the slot, work with captains to set up a rotation if both goalies want to play.
  4. L2 Players – this is an opportunity to coach and practice playing inclusively and talk through strategy + skills while on the bench. Skate safely and with awareness of others’ abilities.
  5. L1 Players – this is an opportunity to experience slightly faster play and learn strategy in a different game setting. It may help you figure out what level you want to play in next year.
  6. Black Mirror and Avalanche Avengers – we’ve created 5 intermediate/advanced spots on your teams. Recruit folks to join your squad if you want!

Rink B / Advanced Scrimmage

You must log in to sign up.

Rink B - Ugly Submarines vs. Cordon Monsters

You must log in to sign up.

Rink B - Dumpster Devils vs Sacre Moon!

You must log in to sign up.

Rink A / Avengers vs Mirrors

You must log in to sign up.

Rink A / Easy Juice vs Wild Republic

You must log in to sign up.

Rink A - Goalie Island, Uncle K8 +Smides + Shiny's Camp

You must log in to sign up.

Contact Christina or another board member if you need to adjust website signups.


Milwaukee Admirals Pride Night Feb 5th 7pm in MKE

The Milwaukee Admirals are having a Pride night February 5th, 2020 and we’re going! Anyone interested can purchase tickets through the link below (send to your friends if they would like to go as well) and a portion of the proceeds come back to the MGHA.

Two ticket options available $20 and $30 (includes a beanie)

We can buy more than 5 tickets but if you’d like to buy more the 5 AT ONCE, give Colton a call (contact info at the link). He set aside a few rows of 5 for us so we can sit together and if we need more, he’ll get it done.

If you plan to go, can you also please fill out this quick poll Hafner put together to see how many we’re sending, possible carpooling, and see if we can get anyone there for the high five tunnel as the players take the ice before the 7pm game (6:30pm-ish)?

If you’d like to go and need assistance with a ticket, email president [at] madisongayhockey [dot] org

Missing ice time? (Local info)

Of course you are!
We have a page on our website (#RandiIsMagic) that lists the open skates and open hockey around town that have an RSS feed.

Sun Prairie also has some stick and puck times that don’t show up in their public skate calendar (and therefore don’t get picked up by our page)

The Shell has some as well: link

Wondering what to do when you get there? Check out our Skills and Drills page from Libs and Chuck

Stick and Puck time usually requires helmet and gloves at minimum protection, full gear is also great. Most places require you bring your own puck as well. Please review the policies for the venue and session you plan to attend.

See you on the ice!

MGHA Challenge Camp Night Sign Ups – Sunday, December 1st

All MGHA skaters are welcome to sign up for any/all time slots. Maximum skaters are listed on each individual sign up.

December 1st, MGHA Queer Agenda + Facebook Event

All Night Thanksgiving Potluck, led by Rainbow Kate in the Eagle’s Nest. 

Sign up to bring something – friends & fam encouraged to enjoy food and fandom from the Eagle’s Nest & Cap Ice with our MGHA Community!

Rink B 5:00 PM = 1/2 Juicy Warm Ups, 1/2 Goalie Island

You must log in to sign up.

Leaders;Lord Bront, Libs, Laur

Rink B / 6:10 PM Advanced-Intermediate Scrimmage

You must log in to sign up.

Rink B / 7:20 PM Beginner-Intermediate Scrimmage

You must log in to sign up.

Rink B / 8:30 PM Intermediate Scrimmage

You must log in to sign up.

Rink A / 6:30 PM Up North Camp

You must log in to sign up.

Lead from afar; Shiny

Rink A / 7:40 PM Roller Camp

You must log in to sign up.

Leaders; Gabby, Molly


Rink A / 8:50 PM Spirit Camp

You must log in to sign up.

Leaders; Greta , Sars

Thank you to everyone who is helping make this possible! Special shout outs to Rainbow Kate, Amanda Thornton, Patrick Farabaugh, Alan Silver, the camp leaders, and all of you who share the MGHA love this season.

Want to help teach hockey? Volunteer to bench coach!

New to MGHA this year, we will begin allowing bench coach volunteers to help coach players from the bench. Wild cool!

Read on for how to request to bench coach and other details of the program, outlined by your role.

All Players – we expect all bench coaches to have read the page below. If you think something is off, you can make a quick correction by giving feedback to the bench coach. Gentle reminders can come from anyone. And as always, code of conduct violations should be reported.

***You can always decline offers for advice and can talk with your captain or another league leader if you feel uncomfortable.***

Captains – read the page below as you may be contacted by a potential bench coach. You can always decline a bench coach’s offer. You can recruit bench coaches at any time.

Wannabe Bench Coaches – you must read and understand the page below before you offer to bench coach. If you have questions, please reach out and always work with captains on how to best assist their teams.


Scorebox subbing and scoresheets, oh my!

{this info was copied and pasted from an email Randi sent in a previous season. The info is still good, relevant, and necessary. I am not the author but I will accept your questions so Randi doesn’t have to! – amanda}

TL;DR: Check the website for your scorebox shifts and your game times BEFORE Sunday and sign up to sub where you can no matter your skill level! Links below.

Hi folks!

If you haven’t yet, take a quick look at the Teams & Schedule page on the website (make sure you’re logged in).  It’s got a list of all of the scheduled games, team practices, and challenge games for this season.  Last week’s info will be shown first (good for double-checking who won that game last week), with older stuff hidden behind a link.  I wanted to talk briefly about some things the website will be doing this year.
How To Report Absences
When you’re logged in, the website can tell what team you’re on.  It will show you a checkbox with “I am attending” beneath your team’s games.  If you’re going to miss a game, email your captain to let them know, and uncheck that checkbox.  That’ll let the website know it needs to find a sub for you.

Please do this before noon on the Sunday of your game!

How To Sub In A Game
If you want to sub for a game, you’ll tell the website this on the Teams & Schedule page. Pick which games you want to sub for and click the “I want to sub” checkbox underneath. The website will not let you sign up to sub in a game that overlaps with yours. That said, if a captain contacts you about subbing, please check/double check the game time and rink so you don’t accidentally double book!

Please do this by noon on the Sunday of the game you want to sub for!  Hockey Ops will email captains about missing players and potential subs shortly after noon, so if you’re late, you won’t be included in that email.  Captains will text/email you asking you to sub in their game.

The website will prioritize recommendations to captains.  You can read through all of the decisions it makes, but the most important one is skill level.  If your skill level is too different from the absent player, the website won’t recommend you to sub.  Everything else is just icing on the cake to make things nicer – the skill level filter is to make sure games are balanced.  You might sign up for a game… but if there aren’t any players of your skill level missing, you won’t get recommended to sub.

New folks – this means it’s OK for you to try to sub for games!!!  You will replace someone of the same skill level as you, so the games will remain fair.  🙂

How to do this has been summarized on the website, too, in case you’re ever curious in the future and don’t want to dig up this email.

If you’ve been poking around on the Teams & Schedule page, you’ll notice that you have scorebox assignments, too.  If you’ve never done the scorebox before, the scorebox documentation should help you out.

I created a utility that will help you track goalie saves on your phone, which some of you might prefer over paper.  You can get to it through the scorebox documentation linked above, or through the game off of the Teams & Schedule page (where it will be pre-populated with the appropriate teams).

Your Calendar
If you go to your team’s page, scroll down to the bottom (where upcoming games are displayed).  A link underneath will let you add all of the games to your calendar!

Your friendly hockey viking princess,
Pronouns: she/her/hers