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Preseason Schedule 9/22 – 10/13

Here’s the schedule for 9/22:

Rink A:
Spirit Tournament (entire schedule here)
5:00 PM: Spirit Tournament – The Real Rink Rats of Madison v Lawn Dart All Stars
6:10 PM: Spirit Tournament – Rainbow Sprinkles v Pop Magic
7:20 PM: Spirit Tournament – Book Hockey v Die Tarantel des Torontos
8:30 PM: Spirit Tournament – Purgatory’s Peacemakers v Penalty Killaz

Rink B:
Clinics and Intro Scrimmages
4:30 PM: Beginner Clinic – Had Never Skated(Track 1)
5:40 PM: Beginner Clinic – Had Skated (Track 1)
6:50 PM: Intro Scrimmage (Track 2)

Here’s the schedule for 9/29: 

Rink A:
Spirit Tournament and Goalie Evaluation (entire schedule here)
5:00 PM: Spirit Tournament – Book Hockey v Purgatory’s Peacemakers
6:10 PM: Spirit Tournament – The Real Rink Rats of Madison v Rainbow Sprinkles
7:20 PM: Goalie Evaluation
8:30 PM: Spirit Tournament – Lawn Dart All Stars v Pop Magic

Rink B:
Intro Scrimmages and an Spirit Tournament Game
4:30 PM: Intro Scrimmage (All Track 1 Skaters)
5:40 PM: Intro Scrimmage (Track 2)
6:50 PM: Spirit Tournament – Die Tarantel des Torontos v Penalty Killaz

Here’s the schedule for 10/6:

Rink A:
Spirit Tournament (entire schedule here)
5:00 PM: Spirit Tournament – Die Tarantel des Torontos v Purgatory’s Peacemakers
6:10 PM: Spirit Tournament – Book Hockey v Penalty Killaz
7:20 PM: Spirit Tournament – Lawn Dart All Stars v Rainbow Sprinkles
8:30 PM: Spirit Tournament – The Real Rink Rats of Madison v Pop Magic

Rink B:
Clinics and Intro Scrimmages
4:30 PM: Intro Scrimmage (All Track 1 Skaters)
5:40 PM: Intro Scrimmage (Track 2)
6:50 PM: Extra Ice for Evaluations (if necessary)

Here’s the schedule for 10/13:

Team Reveal! – Time/ Format TBD
Rink A:
Spirit Tournament Playoffs
5:00 PM: Spirit Tournament East 4 v West 4
6:10 PM: Spirit Tournament East 3 v West 3
7:20 PM: Spirit Tournament East 2 v West 2
8:30 PM: Spirit Tournament East 1 v West 1

Rink B:
Clinics and Intro Scrimmages
4:30 PM: Scrimmage (Track 1 – Beginner)
5:40 PM: Scrimmage (Track 2 – Intermediate)
6:50 PM: To Be Determined

Membership Vote September 2019

The following people have applied for membership in the MGHA. Please click on their name to see each person’s application. Once you’ve read the applications you can click on the boxes to the side of their names to vote; voting “Yes” means you are voting for this person to become a member, while voting “No” means that you are voting against their becoming a member.

Voting will be open from now until September 30th. You may change your votes at any time until voting closes.

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Biggest Gay Hockey League in the World!

We have officially surpassed Toronto as the largest gay hockey league in the world! 14 teams, over 190 players, and still growing!

We are going to need a LOT of gear for our new players this season so clean out your closets and use this as an excuse to treat yourself to new elbow pads, shins, shoulders, etc and donate the old ones to a new player! Details of our gear up event will be posted asap.

2019-2020 League Deposit

Player deposit for next season is now available. The deposit is $80 dollars and due by the end of the business day on Monday, July 17th. After that, returning players will be treated as new recruits. If you are unable to pay the deposit by July 9th but intend to play with us next year, please contact Jake ( or Amanda (

Registration includes a question about which skill based league you would prefer to play in including the option for both. This does not guarantee you will able to play in both leagues, we have some details to work out there as well as priority given to getting as many players as possible into the league. Playing in both leagues will incur extra dues. Subbing across leagues will be possible. You will also be able to update this field in your user profile, login, then go to your account info and scroll to the bottom.

As a reminder, we will be maintaining 10 teams at least (perhaps grow). We will need as much information to plan for this season as possible so we appreciate you getting your deposit in asap. In following with our mission statement, in recruiting and in accepting new players, we will prioritize members of the LGBTQ+ community and other groups with historically limited access to hockey.

We will be sending announcements for when we have 100 players, 125 players, and a full roster.

Looking forward to next season with y’all,

-Recruitment team and MGHA board

MGHA Voting Results – Location and League Restructure

Both proposals affecting the 2019-2020 season have passed. Thank you to all the MGHA members who voted and provided feedback.

What does this mean?

1. We will play at Cap Ice for the 2019-2020 season. (64% first choice)

2. We will restructure into two leagues under the Madison Gay Hockey Association. (81% yes) Please read the below info and share your thoughts/ideas with us here by June 11th.

Further details as of right now:

1. Cap Ice – we will try to balance which rinks teams play on as well as time slot. We will communicate on where people can hang out if they wish to watch games together (Eagle’s Nest, or a specific bleacher area, etc). We will adjust scorebox duty to accommodate the challenges on Rink A as well as subbing to accommodate overlapping games. 

2. League restructure will be hockey skill based with less experienced players in one league (L1)  and higher skilled players in the other (L2). Everyone will be able to choose where they play at sign up, though if it is a safety issue, HOps will counsel players on where they can play safely. First year players with little or no prior hockey experience will be placed in the L1 league. Leagues will roughly map to D=L1 and B/C=L2 league levels. The specifics of how this will happen will depend on a lot of moving parts, most importantly the skill levels of the players who sign up for the 2019-2020 season, and also includes number of players and which level folks choose to play.   

I would like to reiterate why we are trying this out this season:     

  • Player on-ice safety     
  • Greater opportunity to develop hockey skill at all levels     
  • Greater team skill balance     
  • More inclusive of advanced players 

Great things about this league we will not sacrifice in this restructure:     

  • Community     
  • Inclusivity and acceptance of everyone willing to follow our Code of Conduct     
  • Playing the MGHA Way – safe, inclusive, fun! 

Items to be decided:     

  • How subbing works     
  • Team distribution (how many teams in each league, how many people on a team, etc)     
  • Season schedule     
  • Skill distribution     
  • Lots and lots and lots of other things

This is a lot of change. We will be as clear and transparent as possible and will keep communications flowing. We will be asking for feedback a LOT on this so keep your eyes on your emails. This affects all of us and together we can find the best way forward.