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The Gear Up Event is Sept 2nd from Noon-1pm in Hartmeyer Parking Lot!

Hi Everybody! We are having our pre-season gear up event Sunday Sept 2nd from 12pm-1pm in the Hartmeyer parking lot

New players who need gear: we will have people on hand to help players get fitted and kitted up. Mentors can also help with this if they are able to attend! Gear will go on a first come first served basis so get there as close to noon as possible. Looking forward to meeting you! Here is an equipment guide if you need it. Note shoulder pads are NOT optional in our league
People who have extra gear to donate: bring it to the event, drop it off. Amanda will be there a little early. If that day is out altogether, please contact Amanda or Andi before Sept 2nd. We’ve had some donations already, thank you!
People who would like to help out/socialize and have an hour to spare on Sunday the 2nd: We would be very happy to have your help/company and assistance getting people fitted. There might even be cookies.
The countdown begins! Two weeks until ice time!!

2018-2019 League Fees and USA Hockey Registration Reminders

It’s almost September!! With the 2018-2019 season just a few weeks away, we are now accepting league fee payments for all non-goalie players. After the deposit, league fees are $200 and they are due by September 9 when pre-season clinics begin.
We offer two options for paying your league fees:
2) Click here to request a payment plan (or email Players who request this option will be emailed a monthly PayPal invoice for $50 over four months (September, October, November, and December).
Secondly, all players must register with USA Hockey prior to the stepping on the ice at an MGHA skills clinic, practice, or game. Detailed instructions about how to complete this registration can be found on our website. Registration costs $45, includes insurance benefits to individual players, and is valid for one year. Once you have registered with USA Hockey, please be sure to send your registration confirmation to Andi at
Please also know that the MGHA is committed to making hockey accessible to all members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and funds are available to provide financial assistance to players in need. To request financial assistance to help cover the cost of your league fees and/or gear, please complete our financial assistance form.
Questions? Please email

Recruiting Update – We’re Full!

A couple of quick recruiting announcements, along with some TODOs for you.

Recruiting Updates

  1. We’ve filled up our 10 teams for the season! We’ve got a waiting list.
  2. There will be a gear event, a new player orientation, and new player social. We are just finalizing dates and locations for those.

The Season Begins…

The first skills clinic is Sunday, September 9th at 7pm at Hartmeyer.  Ironman is that weekend, so be aware of downtown traffic.  Expect another email from Hockey Ops with more details soon!

Things For You To Do:

  1. You can pay your league fees, now!  The fees are $280 dollars total and are due September 30th.  Your $80 deposit counts toward your league fees.
  2. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to register for USA Hockey.
  3. Make sure your profile lists your pronouns.
  4. Make sure your profile lists your emergency contact information.
  5. While we’re on the subject of your profile… take a moment to update your bio and upload a pic if you don’t have one!

2018-2019 Board Duties

Hey all!

The board members have selected their titles and duties. If you are curious as to what those might be, please mosey on over to “About the Board”

Hope you all are enjoying the weather, and if you are in need of a hockey fix, don’t forget about summer scrimmages! Subbing opens on 7/8.

If you are hankering to play again this season, make sure to pay your dues or contact Zach, our Treasurer at

Apologies for the belated announcement on this, the Cool Whip will most likely have words for the Secretary.


Witte, the Secretary.

2018-2019 League Deposit

Player deposit for next season is now available. The deposit is $80 dollars and due by the end of the business day on Monday, July 9th. After that, returning players will be treated as new recruits. If you are unable to pay the deposit by July 9th but intend to play with us next year, please contact Zach (

As a reminder, we will be maintaining 10 teams and expect to fill up. In following with our mission statement, in recruiting and in accepting new players, we will prioritize members of the LGBTQ+ community and other groups with historically limited access to hockey.

As a reminder, we will be sending announcements for when we have 100 players, 125 players, and a full roster.

Looking forward to next season with y’all,

-Recruitment team and MGHA board

2018 Membership Voting

The following people have applied for membership in the MGHA. Please click on their name to see each person’s application. Once you’ve read the applications you can click on the boxes to the side of their names to vote; voting “Yes” means you are voting for this person to become a member, while voting “No” means that you are voting against their becoming a member.

Voting will be open from now until Friday, May 18th, in order to allow time to notify applicants prior to the Annual Member Meeting. You may change your votes at any time until voting closes.

You must log in to vote.

As a reminder, the Annual Member Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 23rd at 7pm at Glass Nickel East.

2018 Summer Scrimmages

The summer scrimmages for 2018 are ready!  The scrimmages are split into the early session and the late session, and you’ll need to sign up for each individually (you can pay for them at the same time, though).  Each session costs $70 for skaters, and is free for goalies.  Signup is available to both current MGHA players and alum, and is capped at 24 players for each session (first come, first served!).  If you are a goalie, reach out to the board to sign up.  Scrimmages are played the MGHA way, so players of all skill levels are welcome to participate.

You need to be registered with USA Hockey in order to skate with us.  If you registered with USA Hockey for the 2017-2018 season, your registration is valid through August 31st of this year.  If you played with us in the previous season or in the MGHA Classic Tournament, we have your USA Hockey registration on file.  If you didn’t, please reach out to!

You have the option to sub for a particular scrimmage if there are absences.  Sub signups open 3 days before the scrimmage at 9am – because all scrimmages are on Wednesday this year, that means signups open on Sunday at 9am.  If you want to sub or are going to be absent from a scrimmage, use the home page of the MGHA website to indicate your attendance.

Also note – the first two scrimmages are at MIA and at odd times – after that, things settle down at Hartmeyer at a consistent time.  From the calendar link, you’ll be able to add the scrimmages to your calendar if that helps you remember the times.

Early session (skater signup) (calendar):

  • Wed, May 30th – 8:00 PM (MIA-Main)
  • Wed, June 6th – 6:45 PM (MIA-Main)
  • Wed, June 13th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, June 20th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, June 27th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, July 11th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)

Late session (skater signup) (calendar):

  • Wed, July 18th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, July 25th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, August 1st – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, August 8th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, August 15th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, August 22nd – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)

On behalf of your 2017-18 Board (Matthew, Shelly, Sara, Tim, k8, Amanda and myself),
Your friendly local hockey Viking princess,


2018 Annual Member Meeting

Annual Member Meeting
Wednesday May 23rd
Glass Nickel East
2916 Atwood Avenue

The 2018 Annual Member Meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 23rd at 7pm at Glass Nickel East. This meeting is for members of the league; the primary purpose of this meeting is for the election of a new board of directors. 

If you are not a member but would like to be one: New applicants may go to the Membership page and fill out an application by Sunday, April 29th. In order to become a member, you must have played at least one year with the league, be aligned with the MGHA mission, and have sponsorship from a current member. We also ask for a commitment to serve the league, either formally or informally. Membership is your way to be involved in making decisions for the league. 

If you would like to run for the Board of Directors or nominate someone to run: Please email with an email stating your intention to run or your nomination. You may choose to declare your intentions any time between now and the start of the meeting; nominees will have until the start of the meeting to accept or decline a nomination, but may do so at any time. Per the Bylaws, voting for the Board of Directors must be done in person at the Annual Member Meeting–in other words, you must be present to vote. 

A formal agenda will be sent to members prior to the meeting. If you have anything you would like to see discussed, please email the Board or President. 

On behalf of your 2017-18 Board (Matthew, Shelly, Sara, Tim, Randi, Amanda and myself),
-k8, President