Help Hockey Happen! Please update your Account.

REQUIRED ACTION – Update your /account page with which volunteer option(s) you want to participate in for the 2023-2024 season.

Note: Your selections are not publicly visible and what you click does NOT automatically mean you will be asked to take on the role. Your input will be used by operations folks to get roles filled more quickly.

But, why?

Each year, MGHA puts on a large-scale, volunteer-operated season.

“Large” means we’ve budgeted for 199 ice times, 130 games and over 250 players. We need 40 captains, 40 coaches and 520 scorebox shifts.

With more MGHAing to do than ever before, we’re asking all players how they want to help hockey happen. Kindly read through each hockey-oriented role’s key responsibilities and reminders to decide how you can to help our MGHA mission and community thrive!

CAPTAINS. We want to recruit 40, we must have 2 per team.

Captain Responsibilities:

  1. Select subs to balance gameplay by filling roster gaps.
  2. Lead team communication during pre- and post- game locker room time, period breaks, team emails/chat groups, and regular pass-down info from league-wide announcements.
  3. Set lines and strategy, requesting support from coaches as needed.
  4. Request support from, and raise issues to, league leadership (i.e. Board, HOps, Mentors).
  5. Be the main contact to give and receive feedback from players, coaches, opponent captains, and referees.

Reminder: If you can offer leadership with your communication OR hockey capabilities, you can request a captain who has complementary skills.

COACHES. We want to recruit 40, we must have 4 for each L1 team.

In addition to assigned coaches in L1, we will start a Coaching Pool for captains and players to connect directly with coaches.

Coach Expectations:

  • Coach to team- and player-specific goals by observing play, noticing patterns, and celebrating small and big wins that demonstrate progress.
  • Share hockey knowledge and be able to explain position-based strategy. Explain and show techniques, lead with why it matters.
  • Communicate with Captains and be a second set of eyes so they can be present as skaters. As requested, share tips/tricks/notes at period breaks and in the locker room. Converse with players on the bench and be open to questions.
  • Reminder: Coaching isn’t simply pointing out negative outcomes. Being overly reactive to situations can further hurt players who just had a negative experience on the ice.

OTHER Hockey Operations Roles

These roles require ZERO hockey skill. If you didn’t sign up for one above, please select at least one of these when filling out your /account page.

  • Evaluations Helper (need 75 shifts) : Work a shift at evaluations to stand (on skates) at a station, instruct players on what skill to perform, hold a clipboard and write down the result. That’s it!
  • Scorebox Leader: Use your years of experience with scorebox and stats tasks to educate others with less experience.
  • Scorebox Supporter: Show up to the scorebox to learn and perform hands-on tasks; keep time, update score, track shots on goal, play music, get pucks where they need to be, submit stats to website.

Thanks and we’ll see you SO SOON!

<3 Hockey Operations: Christina L, Tim T, Gabby G <3