Required Gear

MGHA rules require full hockey gear to play. Gear costs vary depending on if you get new or used equipment.

From toe-to-head, the gear you’ll need is:

  • Hockey skates
  • Good socks for your feet
  • Shin guards
  • Hockey pants (a.k.a. breezers)
  • Hockey socks (a.k.a. hockey stockings)
  • Garter belt or hockey shorts with velcro or clips to hold up your hockey socks
  • Cup (for people with dangly bits) or pelvic protector (for people who just need to protect the pubic bone). Hockey shorts with velcro or clips and a built-in cup or pelvic protector are an option.
  • Elbow pads
  • Shoulder pads
  • Gloves
  • Jersey: light and dark
  • Helmet. Must be HECC certified
  • FULL face mask (metal bird cage or plastic shield). Must be HECC certified.
  • Stick

Other items you will want to include:

  • Bag to carry it all (good gear bags include vents and pockets for small items)
  • Water bottle

Optional items:

  • Undershirt. Most players wear an undershirt of some kind below their pads. Long-sleeved “performance” shirts are available from several brands. You don’t need a name brand, as long as it is comfortable and “wicks” moisture away from your body.
  • Mouth guard (to protect against concussions)
  • Throat protector
  • Cloth tape for your stick
  • Skate guards
  • Spare laces
  • Rag for wiping skate blades after a game
  • Towel

Places you can get hockey gear:

Help buying gear: All new players are assigned mentors to help familiarize them with the MGHA and ease them into hockey if they’ve never played before. Mentors can answer any questions you may have about purchasing or sizing gear, and will accompany new players to make sure they get the right gear that fits.