Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the tournament rules.

You can also learn more about the Madison Gay Hockey Association.

Do I need to be USA Hockey registered?

Current USA Hockey membership is required to play in the MGHA Classic Tournament.

USA Hockey player registration opens April 3rd and covers April 1st through the entire next season. If you registered with USA Hockey for the tournament last year, or if you played in the MGHA this last season, you already have a membership.

If you do not already have a USA Hockey registration number, wait until April 3rd to register. This will cover your registration for the MGHA Classic Tournament and will be valid for the entire next season.

What is the tournament schedule?

Every team plays four games: Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday.

Friday games may start as early as 4PM. Sunday championship games may end as late as 5PM. We want to keep the schedeule as reasonable as possible for everyone, but have to fit in all the games. The final schedule will be available a few weeks before the tournament.

What if I can’t make all games?

You have a life? What the heck! But seriously, we have encountered this in the past and have a sub list set up for just such an occasion. Just let your captain know of your absence and they will consult the sub list. However, this really works best if you are only going to miss 1 game. More than that and you may want to be one of our subs instead. Note that you must play in at least two round-robin games to be eligible for the Championship game.

Can I sub?

Of course you can! Heck, we encourage it! We know not everyone can take time off from life for a long weekend of hockey and we want to include as many people in the fun as possible. Just email and you will be directed to the sign-up. Know that we will need a bit of info from you – name, phone #, email, level of play, dates available. Note that you must play in at least two round-robin games to be eligible for the Championship game.

Can I split a registration with someone?

So you’re sharing the hockey love? Good for you! Ideally your buddy is of a similar skill level. If you are not close in abilities, you should both register, or get on the sub list. But if you are ready to split the fun, we can make this happen. Just email and we will coordinate which one of you will register, what notes to note, and how we can make this happen seamlessly. Note that you must play in at least two round-robin games to be eligible for the Championship game.

How do I play with my friend?

You have friends? Lucky! When you register, there’s a place for “Play With Request”. Just put your awesome friend’s name there and we will match you up* during the team creation process.


  1. Play-with requests are limited to 1 mutually-requested awesome friend (sorry but we can’t do a daisy chain of requests, it doesn’t make for even teams)
  2. We will do our very best to put you and your friend on the same team but, sometimes we need you to put you on separate teams for the greater good of the tournament (also, this will introduce you to fabulous new friends!)

WE LOVE YOU!!!! Just email and we will let you know what sponsorships are still available/how we can make the best package for you to present your message to our awesome community of players.

The MGHA has been following CDC and PHMDC (Public Health of Madison and Dane County) guidance and has developed a policy for the safety of our players. All participants must follow current MGHA and Dane County mandates regarding Covid. More information can be found on our Covid-19 page. If you are not a current MGHA member, please reach out to the tournament organizers before registering.