MGHA Classic Tournament Rules

  1. All games will be played according to USA Hockey Adult No-Check rules unless otherwise specified
    • Regular Icing rules (Center-ice red line)
  2. All players must be over age 18, and registered with USA Hockey
  3. Game format:
    • 4 minute warm-up
    • 12 minute stop-time periods
    • 1:30 minor penalties
    • 3:00 major penalties
    • 6:00 misconduct penalties
    • 1 timeout per team, per game
  4. Round-Robin games (Friday and Saturday):
    • 2 points for winning the game (1 point per team for a tie game)
    • 2 points for winning a period (1 point per team for a tie period)
    • Round-robin standing tie-breakers:
      1. Head to head game results
      2. Number of games won
      3. Least Goals against
      4. +/- Differential
      5. Most Goals for
  5. Finals games (Sunday):
    • Regular game scoring (no points for period results)
    • Championship games: if tied at the end of regulation:
      1. 5 minute sudden-death overtime
      2. 3-person shoot-out
        Note: players with unexpired penalty time remained at the end of overtime may not participate until all other players have taken a shot
      3. sudden-death shootout
        All players must shoot once before a player can take a second shot (including the 3-person shoot-out)
  6. Players may only play for one team, except for goalies who may substitute in one game with approval of the tournament Directors.
  7. Players must play at least two round-robin games to be eligible for the finals unless approved by the tournament Directors.
  8. The decision of the on-ice officials is final
  9. Players receiving a game misconduct penalty or other inappropriate actions on or off the ice may be suspended by the tournament Directors.