MGHA Classic Tournament Rules

  1. All games will be played according to USA Hockey Adult No-Check rules unless otherwise specified
    • Regular Icing rules (Center-ice red line). Players CAN change after an icing (unlike in the NHL and some adult leagues).
    • Note: Slapshots ARE ALLOWED in all divisions, but play safe! Don’t take a hard shot with vulnerable players between you and the net.
    • Helmets are required. Full face masks are encouraged, but not required. MGHA equipment rules are NOT in effect
  2. All players must be over age 18, and registered with USA Hockey
  3. Game format:
    • 4 minute warm-up
    • 12 minute stop-time periods
    • 1:30 minor penalties
    • 3:00 major penalties
    • 6:00 misconduct penalties
    • 1 timeout per team, per game
  4. Round-Robin games (Friday and Saturday):
    • 2 points for winning the game (1 point per team for a tie game)
    • 2 points for winning a period (1 point per team for a tie period)
    • Round-robin standing tie-breakers:
      1. Head to head game results
      2. Number of games won
      3. Least Goals against
      4. +/- Differential
      5. Most Goals for
  5. Finals games (Sunday):
    • Regular game scoring (no points for period results)
    • Championship games: if tied at the end of regulation:
      1. 5 minute sudden-death overtime
      2. 3-person shoot-out
        Note: players with unexpired penalty time remained at the end of overtime may not participate until all other players have taken a shot
      3. sudden-death shootout
        All players must shoot once before a player can take a second shot (including the 3-person shoot-out)
  6. Players may only play for one team, except for goalies who may substitute in one game with approval of the tournament Directors.
  7. Players must play at least two round-robin games to be eligible for the finals unless approved by the tournament Directors.
  8. Substitute players (if necessary) will be arranged by the tournament Directors.
  9. The decision of the on-ice officials is final
  10. Players receiving a game misconduct penalty or other inappropriate actions on or off the ice may be suspended by the tournament Directors.

Reminder to all:

Our tournament is sanctioned by USA Hockey.  A “sanctioned event or activity” is one which: is authorized by a USA Hockey organization; is played under the Playing Rules of USA Hockey; has all members (players and coaches) properly registered; and is officiated by properly registered and certified USA Hockey officials.

All properly registered players (or coaches and officials) are covered while participating in a USA Hockey “sanctioned event” or activity, which includes USA Hockey tournaments. 

As we are a sanctioned tournament, we need everyone participating to be registered with USA Hockey (see above).  If you registered with USA Hockey last year, AFTER April 1st, your registration is still valid. If you need to register, we suggest you wait until AFTER April 1st to do so.  Then it will be in effect for all of next season, including the MGHA Classic.