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2018-2019 MGHA All the Way Award Winners

Here are this year’s winners and the nice things their teams had to say about them! Congrats to all the winners!

Madison Blues (Blue) Erika Hansen Her quiet encouragement and comments were welcome to the new players. She is a great teammate in the locker room and on the ice, always willing to help the newer players by providing encouragement and positive feedback. She is the embodiment of a MGHA player, great attitude, and always willing to lend a hand. It has been an absolute pleasure playing on a team with her and getting to know her as a person this season.

Arrrnge (Orange) Chris Swomley Avast!! Our self-appointed pirate flag-bearer, Chris Swomley, makes our time on and off the ice more fun, whether breaking out his dance moves before the puck drops, giving encouragement and constructive feedback to his teammates, or just being a friendly face making the league feel more welcoming and safe. Chris helps anchor this team by playing with consistent energy and skill, giving it his all, and working hard to set up plays and assists for the rest of us. He’s been a real asset to this team and and is definitely MGHA all the way!

Maroony Tunes (Maroon) Molly Costello “For her combination of high speed and skillful play on the ice, and her unflagging positivity and ever-present smile in the locker room and on the bench, the Marooney-Tunes All The Way Award goes to Molly Costello. Molly has been a standout on defense all season, but has excelled not only in preventing opposing scoring opportunities, but also in mentoring less experienced players.  On the ice Molly’s consistent and consistently unselfish and inclusive play has benefitted the entire Marooney-Tunes roster. In the locker room Molly is always upbeat and positive, regardless of the result of the game.  Through the entire season she’s contributed to keeping the Marooney-Tunes focussed on what’s important about Sunday night – playing hockey with our friends.

Nightfuries (Black) Gene Zadzilka Gene is a great teammate that always encourages everyone and has something positive to say every game! He is great at lifting the spirit of the entire team, consistently throughout the season. Gene spearheaded a lot of team bonding – multiple rounds of shirts, patches, hosting movies, decorating his goalie stick. He’s been supportive of the entire team on and off the ice and he makes each game day fun.

Red Delicious (Red) Paul Weber Paul is the embodiment of positivity, inclusivity, and the MGHA way. He has been a fan of the MGHA for many years, but this is his first year as a player. He gives 110% on and off of the ice. He is always striving to improve his own skills. His team spirit is unmatched. He is always cheering on his teammates with words of support and he constantly leads cheers from the bench. He keeps the attitude fun, positive, and exciting no matter what the score is. You couldn’t ask for a more supportive team mate.

Grayzly Bears (Gray) Greta Landis Greta embodies our Grayt Grayzly spirit and has made incredible progress throughout the year. She has developed her game by putting in extra time outside of Sunday games, asking questions and welcoming feedback by turning it into progress. Regardless of the outcome of a play, an opponent’s tactic, or the score, she elevates the game to a positive place with her supportive words, wide smile, and growing love of the game. She always elevates our team and the game to a positive place, she is the Graytest! She is MGHA All the Way!

Narwhals (Lt Blue) Matthew Dorris The Narwhals are proud to have selected Mathew Dorris for the MGHA All the Way Award. He always has a positive attitude and has a real love for the game. Matthew’s positive attitude has made him a delight to play with, and his dedication is displayed in his perfect game attendance this year – even when he couldn’t skate, he was still present on the bench to cheer and coach. He constantly shows up to games with more energy than anyone else, and you can see and hear that energy in the cheers he leads throughout games. He really does embody what the MGHA is all about. Congratulations Matthew!

Snow Witte and the 14 Dwarves (White) Anna Celaya We think Anna deserves this award for her completely unflappable attitude, grace, and charm. No matter what she is positive on the ice, bench, and in the locker room. She’s a very advanced player, but takes every opportunity for inclusive play with her team. She has made so many plays happen for our newer players and helps give advice whenever needed. She’s decorated many of our team’s awards, making dwarf pucks, and helmet stickers! She’s also incredibly modest and will probably deny that she should even have been considered for this award. It’s been a lot of fun playing with her and everyone in the league benefits from her being in it.

ABBA: Gold (Yellow) Bryan Zaramba Bryan has developed quickly and takes coaching well. He’s always in there fighting for the puck, even when going up against much more experienced players, and never gives up. He is full of insightful questions to broaden his hockey knowledge, as well as to understand how best to play and contribute. He always has compliments for his teammates and is a cheerful and energizing presence on the bench. Best of all, he embraces and embodies the MGHA Way both on and off the ice.

Dancing Greens (Green)   Andi Vertz The Dancing Greens have nominated Andi Vertz as our All the Way award winner! Andi laces up their skates each week with enthusiasm and brings a positivity to the locker room that cannot be ignored. Andi has shown week after week they are not afraid to challenge opponents and make a play on the puck. Their hard work was rewarded with their first MGHA goal! Congratulations Andi!!

Championship Night Details

Can you believe our season is almost over? Honestly I feel like we just started!

But before we move on to summer (and the Classic!!) we have our Championship Night at Cap Ice. Saving the best for last! 
We have a busy night that includes taking our on ice league photo and presenting the ‘MGHA All-The-Way’ Awards.

Here is the schedule of events for the night:

4:20pm – Rink B = MaroonyTunes VS Nightfuries
4:40pm – Rink A = Arrrnge VS Madison Blues
5:40pm – Rink B = Grayzly Bears VS Red Delicious
6:00pm – Rink A = Narwhals VS Snow Witte and the 14 Dwarfs
7:30pm – Rink A = Team photo! Please arrive at least 15 minutes early with your jersey
8:00pm – Rink A = ABBA: Gold VS Dancing Greens

Because of the alternating schedule. our current schedule for scorebox doesn’t really work. To solve this, we are asking for volunteers to work a shift instead. Please, PLEASE sign up for a shift here if you are able! Keep in mind when you are playing before signing up, especially for rink A.

Also, Cap Ice has graciously allowed us to still host our potluck at their rink. Please sign up for a dish to pass in the link below:
Potluck Sign Up

**IMPORTANT REMINDER: We are not allowed to bring in any of our own alcohol into the rink due to the Eagles Nest having a liquor license. Thank you for following their rules!***

Let us know if you have any questions!
See you Sunday!

March 31 / April 7 Schedule Changes

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re having a fantastic Saturday!

– New schedules and location for March 31 and April 7 on website and Google calendar
– Can’t sub in overlapping games, alert captains if already subbing for another team
– Scorebox shifts will be adjusted, standby for that email

Full Message:
We’re coming down the home stretch of the season and with Hartmeyer going down early this season, we’re shifting our play to Cap Ice, the same venue that’ll host our MGHA Classic.  This’ll be a chance to check it out before the tournament in about a month.
That said, we’ll have some changes to the schedule and we wanted to pass those changes along to you.


You’ll see the schedule above.  Since Cap Ice has two sheets, our night will be condensed and nobody will have a super-late game.  The games at 5:30, 6:40, and 7:50 PM will play on Rink A.  The 6:00 and 7:10 PM games will be on Rink B.  Rink A is to the left and Rink B is to the right when you enter Cap Ice.

We’re working on adjusting scorebox shifts, so stay tuned for an email about that.
Also notice in the picture that we’ve adjusted the subbing procedure to account for overlapping games.  Notice that I can’t sign up for the 6 PM game because I have a game at 5:30 PM.  I can, however, sign up for the others.  When you are asked to sub by a captain, please be careful not to volunteer to sub in overlapping games.  Let them know if you’re already subbing for another team that day.

Championship night is April 7th.  We’ll also be running on two rinks.  We’ll still have the potluck.  We’ll still have the team picture.  Standby for more information on all of this coming soon.  Here’s a look at the schedule.  This will be based on the season-ending team standings.

4:20 PMRink B9th10th
4:40 PMRink A7th8th
5:40 PMRink B5th6th
6:00 PMRink A3rd4th
7:30 PMRink ALeague Picture
8:00 PMRink A1st2nd

That’s it for now.  Although we’re sad about the season ending, we’re really excited for the next two weeks!
See you at the rink,Tim (on behalf of the Board)

MGHA Leagues Survey

Hello everyone!
This has come up in the past and resurfaced recently at the MGHA TownHall meeting as a discussion point. A committee has been formed to dig into the details and gauge interest in what the league as a whole feels about the concept. 
Regardless of your initial take on the concept of a Leagues structure, even indifference, please take the time to respond to the survey.  It has information regarding the currently proposed structure and the why behind it.
Please use the survey responses to give commentary on how you feel about it and any critiques for the proposal.

Survey URL:

If you have any issues with the link to the google document, the league proposal structure is also available on the website at this URL:

Thank you,
Eric Witte – Secretary

March 10, 2019 Challenge Games

Hey everyone! This week we’ll feature two challenge games and then some makeup games.

As usual, please sign up for a game where you can learn and play safely. While it’s good to challenge yourself, please only do so within your safe limits. We’re doing low and high intermediate because we feel like this is the best fit for the majority of our league.

You may sign up for one game right away. On Saturday, March 9th at 2 PM, you may sign up for a second game if there are spaces available.

The night will be scheduled as follows:

4:50 PM – High Intermediate Game
6:00 PM – Low Intermediate Game
League makeup games will follow in the normal 7:10, 8:20, and 9:30 PM timeslots.

March 10, 2019 Challenge Games

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See you on the ice!
-HOps (Tim, Brian, k8, Mark, Ashleigh, Sara, John)

Town Hall Rescheduled!

Town Hall rescheduled to February 20th, 6:30 PM at the Glass Nickel on Atwood.
Note we plan to go more quickly on the Board topics because of the state of the league summary email.

Previous post:
Hopefully this time we will now have our annual Town Hall meeting! The meeting will be in the basement of the Glass Nickel pizza as usual on Atwood. The meeting starts at 6:30 and we have the room until 10. There will be pizza of several varieties so come grab a slice and check in on how the MGHA is doing.
Please take a look at the agenda as we will be discussing some formatting changes (as part of the meeting we will explain them).

Brief board introduction and our acting roles
Presidential Address
Clarification of new forum for discussion
5 minutes to introduce your topic of discussion and present your arguments
10 minutes total discussion for the topic after introduced, then it becomes old business
Next meeting will have similar format to introduce old business again
Summary of agenda with brief explanation
Conduct form introduction – Maggie
HOps update – Tim
Survey results summary high level, positives and negatives – Witte
Actions taken in response
MGHA Classic Tournament
Cap Ice discussion
Recap of all topics mentioned
Open discussion

Hope to see you all there!

Secretary Witte

February 3, 2019 Challenge Games

Hey everyone! It’s that time again… challenge game time!

This month’s challenge games will take place on February 3rd. The times are a little different than normal due to a conflict at Hartmeyer.

As usual, please sign up for a game where you can learn and play safely. While it’s good to challenge yourself, please only do so within your safe limits. Remember that in the advanced games, skaters do not ‘play down’ in the same way they do during the regular season MGHA games. As always, HOps reserves the right to shift players if we feel you have signed up for an unsafe level.

You may sign up for one game right away. On Saturday, February 2nd at 2 PM, you may sign up for a second game if there are spaces available. We’re also looking for a few bench coaches for the beginner game. If you feel you have sound hockey knowledge and can help our beginners, feel free to sign up!

The night will be scheduled as follows:

5:45 PM – Advanced Game
6:55 PM – Beginner Game
8:05 PM – High Intermediate Game
9:15 PM – Low Intermediate Game

February 3, 2019 Challenge Games

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See you on the ice!
-HOps (Tim, Brian, k8, Mark, Ashleigh, Sara, John)

Tonight’s Town Hall – CANCELLED

We’re postponing the Town Hall tonight due to the possibility of slick roads, dangerous temperatures, and potential lack of attendance. A successful town hall meeting requires people and we’re worried we won’t have a good attendance. We’ll work to reschedule for later in February.

Thank you for your patience and stay warm!

Last three games tonight – CANCELLED

Based on the NWS Forecast (check the snow entry – blue bars) , 
We are cancelling the last three games tonight. The schedule tonight looks like:

Narwhals vs Dancing Greens at 4:50pm

Arrrnge vs Madison Blues at 6:00pm

Grayzly Bears vs Snow Witte – CANCELLED

Maroony Tunes vs Red Delicious – CANCELLED

ABBA: Gold vs Nightfuries – CANCELLED

This is reflected on the page We will make up those games the scrimmage week of March 10th. 

If you have scorebox for the 4:50pm or 6pm games, please still plan to show or get a replacement.

Sub Desk Inner Workings

One thing our mid-season survey reflected was a need for greater clarity regarding how our sub system works. 

  • Every Sunday we have league games, a script on the website runs at noon to check for players who have marked themselves absent as well as players who have volunteered to sub.
  • The script analyzes each absentee and volunteer and uses a combination of skill level, times subbed, and game time to determine sub suggestions. If there are no subs at the appropriate sub level for an absentee, a Potential Sub will be selected (someone of a similar skill level). Each sub is only suggested once per email. For more on this algorithm see here.
  • The script puts all this information plus pictures and contact info in an email (see pic below from Sunday’s email) and sends it to the captains.
  • The team captains then use this info to select a sub and contact them.
  • If the contacted player replies yes, all done! If the contacted player cannot sub that day and time, the captain contacts someone else until they find someone.

A note on last minute subs: yes, we still end up needing last minute subs. Life happens. Captains are instructed to make their best effort to match skill level and communicate with the opposing captains especially on last minute subs to address competitive balance.


  • PLEASE mark yourself absent if you know you’ll be absent for your game. You can do this weeks in advance if you know.
  • Please do it before noon on Sunday of the game you’ll miss.
  • Volunteer to sub by marking all the game you are able to sub on the website before noon on Sunday. 
  • Make sure your contact info is up to date!

Thank you and thank you Randi for all your hard work to make this system work!