New player social, t-shirt designs, play-with requests, and other hockey logistics!

Hey y’all! Great to see so many of you on the ice as we gear up for the season! We have a few more (yes, more) announcements to help us kick off the MGHA season. Links to polls and pages for your input are highlighted in yellow.

First, the fun stuff! 

New player social

We’re excited to get to know each other on the ice and off, so we’ll be scheduling a new player social at I/O Arcade Bar in early October. We need your help to pick a date! Fill out this poll by next Wednesday, Sept. 27 and we’ll get it on the calendar! All players welcome, but we’ll prioritize the time that works best for new-to-the-MGHA folks. 

Rinkside social time during the season

We’re also looking for a few volunteers interested in coordinating regular meetups at Cap Ice on Sundays as the season gets going (think board games, crafts, or other low-key activities upstairs in the Eagle’s Nest between ice time). If you’re interested in helping with this, reach out to the Board or me (Greta).

T-shirt designs!

All MGHA players get a comfy, colorful t-shirt as part of your participation in the league, and this year we’re opening up the design process to you! If you’re interested in volunteering a little hockey-related art, submit your design using the guidelines on this form by Friday, October 8. This league runs on volunteer labor—it means a lot that you’re willing to share your design skills! We’ll open the designs up to league-wide voting the week of October 11, and share the winning design at team reveal night on October 15, and we’ll credit the winning designer for this year with an announcement on our website and in your player profile. Contact Gene or Gabby if you have questions about t-shirts.

And now, some gentle reminders and logistics!

‘Play with’ requests for forming teams

We’ll be doing evaluations over the next 3 weekends to help us create balanced teams, but we also take input from you! If you have a carpool buddy or someone you don’t feel safe playing with this year, this is how you let us know. We’ll do our best to honor these requests during the team creation process. There are three options: must play with, would like to play with, and would not feel safe playing with. All of this is detailed when you log in to your account at the link here. You do not have to fill this form out if you do not have any requests.

Update your profile with a photo and your USA hockey registration number

With 270 of us, adding photos to our player profiles helps us build community and recognize each other when we’re out of our hockey gear. You can edit your profile to add a photo and your USA Hockey registration number

League Fees

To pay the ice time bills, we need to collect league fees. The MGHA is committed to making hockey accessible to all members of the LGBTQIA+ community, and funds are available to provide financial assistance to players in need. To request financial assistance to help cover the cost of your league fees or gear, please complete our financial assistance form. If you have any questions, please contact Gene, our treasurer. 

Ok that’s it for now! Happy hockey!