Board Transition Meeting Minutes 6-11-

MGHA Board Transition Meeting

Date: June 11th, 2018

Location: Witte’s House


  • Website Orientation with Randi, The Hockey Viking Princess
  • Required positions discussion and general selection of duties
  • General Education from the Old Board
    • Expected upcoming issues
    • Unexpected things that came up last year
  • Must dos in the near future
    • Ice time discussion
    • Recruiting and signups
  • Next board meeting time and location
  • Follow-Ups & Miscellaneous

Website Summary with Randi:

Went over basics of website tools and new responsibilities. General message, familiarize yourself with the website tools and be cognizant of what buttons you are clicking on as some are a lot harder to undo.

Update email lists and access for new board/old board

Positions Discussion:

Required positions are President, Treasurer, & Secretary. Vice President has responsibilities according to the ByLaws and should be a position as well.

Positions were discussed and they are as follows:


Zach Nelson-Houstin has been officially nominated and accepted the role of Treasurer. He will assume responsibilities from Shelly Kennedy.


Eric Witte has been officially nominated and accepted the role of Secretary.

He will assume the role from Sara Colopy.


Amanda Thornton and Tim Tender were both considered for President. Amanda was nominated and accepted the role of President. She will be taking over from K8 Walton.

Vice President & Hockey Ops Director

Tim Tender was nominated as Vice President and accepted the role. Tim will be assuming responsibility from Matthew Dorris. Included in this role will be running and directing the Hockey Ops committee and the responsibilities that entails.

Cool Whip

Andi Vertz discussed a position of making the board stay on task and to make sure that league tasks are accomplished. The proposed titles of this position are as follows:

“Board Whip, Cool Whip, Minority Whip, Task Master, THE Cool Whip.” The tentatively accepted title is “Cool Whip” with Andi having the option to retitle as they see fit. One primary task is to prevent Amanda from overdoing it.

Member Relations Liaison

Maggie Augustin was nominated for a role involving managing efficiency with league members, complaints and maintaining a smoothly operating league. Maggie will come up with an alternate title of her choosing but tentatively proposed titles were Internal and External Relations Manager, Social Liaison with Business and the temporarily selected “Member Relations Liaison” with the option to be renamed by Maggie as she sees fit.  Tasks to include making sure people are aware of the social sponsor, fielding complaints from members and players alike on league issues and interpersonal (with assistance if needed of course). To reach out to sponsors, own Facebook page responses from businesses and forward on questions as appropriate..

General Education from the Old Board

Sage wisdom was passed on by departing members of the board warning of foreseen issues, some unforeseen circumstances and an awareness of the level of responsibility board members possess.  Full documentation in extended notes for board members.

Primary concerns were maintaining the objective of the MGHA and also not getting in trouble with the government, mainly through managing finances properly to maintain non-profit status and filing taxes as appropriate.

League recruiting policy was discussed as well as increasing size and ice time of the league. Limitations of goalies discussed and availability of ice time and keeping the league cohesive.

Must Dos:

Reserve Ice time (Done prior to meeting)

Send recruiting email with information about 5 dollar registration increase to cover last few years of ice and ref cost increases. (Done 6-12)

HOps committee to begin discussing ice schedule for upcoming season

Emails and such to be updated by Randi and other board members

Gear box discussion, Dani and Chris have kindly offered to store gear. May host gear swap. TBD and possible totes needed to assist in transport

Conduct Board to be formed to formalize complaint policy and concerns over interpersonal issues with ability to redress by accused.

Next Meeting Time and Location:

Next meeting shall be held in mid July as determined by doodle poll. Likely location at Tim’s place.

Follow Ups:

  • Registrar needed, determine how to gather USAHockey numbers more efficiently
  • Familiarize yourself with the website
  • Gear Swap organization
  • Gear Inventory (speak with Dani and Chris)
  • Form a Conduct Board and formalize review process for incidents
  • Consult website timelines to make sure nothing is forgotten
  • Add donation option to website

Amanda (President):

Send out recruiting email (Done 6-12)

Andi (Cool Whip):

Organize or help Amanda get new Pride Banner ordered, work with Maggie on this too

Maggie (Member Relations):

Contact social group about Organizing for Parade. Inform board if we need anything before July meeting Parade related

Randi (Hockey Viking Princess):

  • Get access to the google account to everyone. K8 may have done this actually.
  • Assist in general website issues (such as email assignments etc as Randi always does)
  • Encourage/remind us to improve the scorebox assignment algorithm

Tim (Vice President and HOps director):

  • Gather minions (hockey Ops committee)
  • Begin considering season schedule to be discussed further at July meeting

Witte (Secretary):

  • Publish meeting minutes 
  • Send out doodle poll for next meeting in July

Zach (Treasurer):

  • Transfer account and PO Box access from Shelly and K8
  • Follow up on Blades Against Aids committee in prep for season start