August Board Meeting Minutes


  1. Parade
  2. Recruiting Updates
  3. Gear
  4. Mentees and New Skater Day
  5. HOps update
  6. Apparel
  7. Sponsors
  8. Conduct
  9. Misc


Parade :

Kate will be at the tent from 12 to 2 and Maggie has 2 to 4

12:10 is meeting standing time (70th) in line

Wear Jersey’s 

Ice for blades against aid is October 14th from 3-5 and there will be fliers to disperse about it

We discussed the police ban for the march

Recruiting Updates / Gear

Full up, working on getting gear for 18 folks

20 new recruits as compared to 10 last year

Gear swap on September 2nd

New skater day/Mentee/Mentors

Attend September second week (after the 9th). Held at Libs’ house

HOps Schedule updates

The 9th is the first skills clinic. This will be orientation and also how to put on your gear for a lot of folks.

16 games, 5 challenge, 3 skills, champ on 4/7

Captain Update

Captain Pairs selected

Evals will be looking for skate demoers so HOps can be in shoes on the ice instead of skates for the full duration.

Apparel Update

We have hoodies, the rest is ordered.


Two of our normal, Dexter’s And Glass Nickel

Aiming to get Bear and Bottle, and return Shamrock to the fold.

We need logos to put on the shirts


Maggie’s Whimsical Ethics committee (not the real name)

Maggie is working on establishing an official code of conduct and ways to handle infractions in the league so we have an official policy to point to.

Unsportsmanlike conduct etc.

Aiming to also standardize member and board elections for next year


Quick Books is apparently great.

Next Board Meet:

After first orientation/skills day