Recruiting Update – We’re Full!

A couple of quick recruiting announcements, along with some TODOs for you.

Recruiting Updates

  1. We’ve filled up our 10 teams for the season! We’ve got a waiting list.
  2. There will be a gear event, a new player orientation, and new player social. We are just finalizing dates and locations for those.

The Season Begins…

The first skills clinic is Sunday, September 9th at 7pm at Hartmeyer.  Ironman is that weekend, so be aware of downtown traffic.  Expect another email from Hockey Ops with more details soon!

Things For You To Do:

  1. You can pay your league fees, now!  The fees are $280 dollars total and are due September 30th.  Your $80 deposit counts toward your league fees.
  2. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to register for USA Hockey.
  3. Make sure your profile lists your pronouns.
  4. Make sure your profile lists your emergency contact information.
  5. While we’re on the subject of your profile… take a moment to update your bio and upload a pic if you don’t have one!