July Board Meeting Minutes

July Board Meeting 

ByLaws modification

  • Gender neutral they from he/she. Unanimously accepted

Review from Pride Prep Committee

  • Banner
    • Amanda is ordering this
  • Getting parade members
    • Witte to send out recruitment for parade and booth after
  • Other considerations, such as timing, location in parade, getting in the parade
    • Amanda and Zach to
  • Fliers may be constructed to handout

Recruitment follow-ups

  • We have enough goalies! 
  • We are nearing capacity for players, rest expected to be filled soon

Apparel / Jerseys / Socks

  • Amanda is looking into jersey pricing
  • Socks and hoodies to be ordered as well

Ice location

  • Another arena offered to host us. Board determined it was too late in the pre-season planning to switch for this season, but may be considered next year. Many factors to discuss

HOps season schedule updates

  • Schedule has a first draft. Season will be as long as last year with one additional week.
  • 5 Challenge games
  • Championship early April
  • Season starts early september
  • Financial Aid form is available on the site now!

Treasury Update

  • Quickbooks will be used henceforth.
  • Other financial updates and considerations for upcoming season


  • Mentor program, currently selecting mentors. Recruitment email with code of conduct to follow. Thanks to Logan for assisting with this
  • Notarized statement needed to register official lawyer status
  • Orientation on the league
    • Discuss with K8
  • Gear Swap
    • Andi to work with Chris/Dani to organize
  • Maggie to follow up with social committee organization and work with Zach on the Blades Against Aids organization
  • Andi is tracking Hockey registration numbers and when fees are opened up, number should go to Andi.
  • Next meeting will be at Andi’s August 16th