June 11, 2020 Board Minutes

Date: June 11, 2020
Attendees: Amanda Thornton, Alan Silver, Halley Pucker, Gene Zadzilka, Ian Leach, Avery Cordingley
Location: google meet

Agenda and notes


  • Secretary?
    • Ian will take over the notetaking/distilling the info
    • Alan will publish on the web and email out
      • Ian nominated Alan to be official secretary
      • Seconded by Avery
      • Motion carries
  • Registrar
    • Halley will take over the registration piece for USA hockey

Website overview for Halley and Ian
Reviewed high level overview for how to add announcements to the website

Committee Updates

  • Recruiting – Halley and Al
    • Application
      • Removed question about “Do you identify as a woman?”
      • Are you a person of color
      • Hockey experience level
      • Are you LGBTQ
    • Call for volunteers/add volunteers from member meeting
      • Recruiting committees next steps is to put together a list of members and start understanding Trello (MGHA robot that moves people forward through the application process i.e. applicant → deposit paid → player → lifetime member[one day!]) 
    • Plan is one last email blast for previous applicants then purge lists?
    • We’ll need to identify a goalie specialist within recruiting
      • Make sure to reach out to Gene to get some additional context!
    • Plan is to start recruiting by July 1
  • HOps – Avery
    • Hasn’t gotten started with things yet!
    • Get a meeting together with Tim to figure out what next steps are
    • Avery to reach out to Tim!
  • Social – Halley and Ian
    • No updates, but plan to meet to discuss summer events during COVID.
  • Sponsorships
    • Got an e-mail from Maggie this morning on past sponsors
    • Halley and Ian to meet and discuss next steps in sponsorship
    • Halley to get together with her “strategic partnership officer” friend!
    • Donation of Services vs. money
      • Advertising and websites
    • Do we send thank you letters?
      • Have not done this, but we should do it going forward.
      • Have printed thank you cards already
      • Always a good reminder that there is no such thing as an insignificant donation
  • Gear – Avery
    • No updates
  • Apparel
    • Sweatshirts sitting and waiting
    • T-shirt color?
    • Lauren G will be helping out
    • We have a box of tshirts with a tester color
    • Plan is that we’re going to do one color next year 
  • Treasurer – most handoffs done, some paperwork left to do
    • Gene has volunteered to be treasurer for this year. 
      • Everyone votes in favor
    • Most details knocked out with Jake
    • Took a field trip to PO Box and cashed checks from there
    • Last item is to add to the UW Credit union account, which requires some paperwork
    • We ran negative last year due to increased ice fees, more financial aid and gear assistance
    • We need to talk to HOPs next year about shortening season and raising dues to $300
    • We should track on the Team Trans donations
      • There are donations for this
      • Gene to follow up on where the donations for Team Trans went
    • $7,500 in uncollected dues
      • We can change players to “alumni” if they have unpaid dues until we speak to them. Of course, first step is just to reach out and figure out the best approach
    • What does it take to run a whole season? 
      • Roughly $10k a month if you include financial assistance and gear assistance for all 7 months of hockey. We also don’t know what Cap Ice when they open is going to look like
    • Gene to reach out to peeps who haven’t paid dues this weekend
  • Registration
    • Should we bar registration for non-payment for 2019 dues?
    • How can we clearly list out that a donor is an option
      • $7,000 in donations!
      • Ian to wordsmith some language on the donation piece
    • Al to make a “goalie” product that goalies can pay
    • We’ll wait to send an e-mail out until Gene reaches out this weekend

Al to review the lists from the survey and put them together for folks to start reaching out to these different committees

Discussion Items

Ice options for Summer

  • Avery putting together documents regarding USA Hockey recommendations
    • We obviously will need to limit the amount of players on the ice at any given time
    • Should we require a mask
    • Avery to put together a survey to poll the league on interest with details listed
    • Get the options together of what it will cost and where and when
    • “6 week session at x amount with x number of players” or “4 week sessions at x amount with x drill” 


  • Fb, twitter, instagram….
  • Who is doing this? Haha
  • Ian to ask the question on who has the comms group