July 10, 2019 Board Minutes

Date: July 10, 2019

Attendees: Amanda Thornton, Tim Tender, Alan Silver, Katy Werginz, Amanda “Simon” Steimle, Maggie Augustin, Jake Wagner

Absent: None

Big welcome to Jake who missed the inaugural 2019-2020 board meeting. 

Board mantra of the month
Can’t outrun a cheetah… the cheetah’s gonna get ya

Action Items from June meeting

Went through Action Items which was tantamount for committee chairs to get their groups formed.

unt for committee chairs to get their groups formed.

  • Tim – HOPS
  • Simon/Katy – Gear Squad
  • Amanda – Apparel Squad
  • Amanda/Maggie – Recruitment Squad
  • Maggie – Social squad
  • Maggie – Sponsorship Squad

Handoff of duties:

  • Zach handed off treasury duties to Jake
  • Zach handed off Blades Against AIDS duties to Simon
  • Witte handed off secretary duties to Alan 

Registration opened for next season. 

  • Current players and new players have been paying deposits. As of the meeting, 108 people were registered for the next season.


  • Only a small amount of work was done to increase performance with the website. We were looking to accomplish more, but…. Resources were lacking. 



Will hold first meeting 7/15. Currently have 9-10 members including some fresh blood with some diversity of beginner skaters and advanced. There were some options we thought HOPS should discuss.

  • Videos for drills and skills on our website (Chuck McCain to take the lead)
  • How to organize clinics for new players
  • Possible ways to organize scrimmages for L1 and L2. Should we mix them up?
  • Should we use clinics to help place people in L1 and L2?
  • Any optional gear requirements (shoulder pads) for L2?


  • Glass Nickel Pizza, Dexters, Bear and Bottle know that we are moving to the Middleton rink. Haven’t heard back from them yet


  • Nothing to report

Gear Squad

  • Want to plan an earlier swap especially for new players (in August maybe)
  • Possibly use parking lot of Pure Hockey
  • Speak with Pure hockey about having a discount day the same day for MGHA players

Apparel Squad

  • Team hasn’t formed yet.
  • Have a super secret color picked out for T-shirts
  • Have been in contact with the company we will use. 

Rink – Cap Ice

  • No schedule yet. We will need to wait till August 1 for scheduling ice. 
  • Can go forward and change our P.O. Box to Cap Ice now


Recruitment Team

  • Amanda Thornton, Maggie Augustin, Gene Zadzilka, Nick Raffa, Patrick Farabaugh, Randi Hagen, Katy Werginz, Lauren Perucco, Quinton Crossley, Bryan Zaramba, Heather Dzick, Alan Silver
  • We had 1st meeting June 22nd
  • 2nd meeting scheduled for 7/13
  • Started reaching out to new recruits on 7/1

Current Players

  • After 7/17, any current players who have not paid their deposit will go back into the waitlist 

Financial  Aid will be handled by Amanda and Jake

Simon will be handling USA hockey registration



  • Simon has us registered.
  • We are waiting to hear back from Angie with further information

Blades Against AIDS

Trying to determine when and where to hold it. Nothing is planned yet. But the feeling was fall was a better time of year. Cap Ice and Oregon were put forth as option rinks. We need to double check skate rental options at Cap Ice. 

Act Ride 

  • To be held on July 28th at Lake Farm Park
  • We are looking for MGHA to staff a table for closing ceremony from lunch till late afternoon. The route closes at 3:00 
  • An email will be sent to mgha-announce for volunteers

League Play Queries 

Discussed several challenges with having two leagues and they are ongoing and will be open to discussions with HOPS

  • How to handle goalies with respect to L1 and L2 
  • Should L1 and L2 be sibling teams
  • Will players be able to sub between leagues 
  • Written recommendation from HOPS about what skills are needed to play in L2. 
  • Seek out captains (both leagues) and bench coaches (L1)
  • How scrimmages and clinics will work before the season starts. Will they be helpful to give a player insight into which league(s) they should play in?
  • Determine what to replace challenge games with
  • Should 2 goal limit stay in place for L2 and L1
  • Should any higher level players playing in L1 be capped at 1 goal
  • Forming a conduct committee for each league compromised of the captains from that league and a board member to help facilitate. 
  • Looking for new names for L1 and L2 since that is confusing as well
  • Look into possibility to play a game or two or three at LaBahn


  • Send email to league asking for nominations of those eligible for membership (must be in the league for a year to be considered)
  • Set up voting for said membership
  • No date for vote scheduled yet.

Next Board meeting

July 30th at 6:30 PM