2019-2020 League Deposit

Player deposit for next season is now available. The deposit is $80 dollars and due by the end of the business day on Monday, July 17th. After that, returning players will be treated as new recruits. If you are unable to pay the deposit by July 9th but intend to play with us next year, please contact Jake (treasurer@madisongayhockey.org) or Amanda (president@madisongayhockey.org).

Registration includes a question about which skill based league you would prefer to play in including the option for both. This does not guarantee you will able to play in both leagues, we have some details to work out there as well as priority given to getting as many players as possible into the league. Playing in both leagues will incur extra dues. Subbing across leagues will be possible. You will also be able to update this field in your user profile, login, then go to your account info https://www.madisongayhockey.org/account/ and scroll to the bottom.

As a reminder, we will be maintaining 10 teams at least (perhaps grow). We will need as much information to plan for this season as possible so we appreciate you getting your deposit in asap. In following with our mission statement, in recruiting and in accepting new players, we will prioritize members of the LGBTQ+ community and other groups with historically limited access to hockey.

We will be sending announcements for when we have 100 players, 125 players, and a full roster.

Looking forward to next season with y’all,

-Recruitment team and MGHA board