September 11, 2019 Board Minutes

Date: September 11, 2019

Attendees: Amanda Thornton, Tim Tender, Alan Silver, Amanda “Simon” Steimle, Maggie Augustin, Jake Wagner

Absent: Katy Werginz



  • Currently sitting at ~ 116 players for L1  (14-15/team) 
  • Currently sitting at ~ 80 players for  L2 (13-14/team)
    • Looking to get a few more L2 if possible


  • Working on schedule
    • Times for ice set. Need to move games and such around in slots
  • Preseason
    • Waiting for goalie evals to be conducted
    • Goalies 
  • Lost a goalie, so need a 14th goalie
  • Possibly split with Suzanne + another
    • Maybe Ames
  • Have an outside person (Badger goalie coach) to evaluate all our goalies to help decide which goalie gets put into which league.
  • This evaluation will take place on 9/29 at 7:20 
  • Email will be sent to goalies very soon about his arrangement.
  • Tournament jerseys? MGHA will provide light and dark. Schedule will dictate which team is which. 
  • Season start button on website
    • Need to back up db before we hit the big button
    • Will start the season as soon as that is done.
  • Refs for preseason 
    • Using internal folx as volunteers
    • One ref per game
  • Regular season refs
    • Need to be assigned 
    • Will get this information to Jane
  • Captains 
    • Almost set in stone


  • All ordered and sitting at printer.


  • Gear swap happened.
  • Lots of people attended. No number given. 
  • Simon will be the new keeper of any extra gear
  • Will we have a fundraiser / donation drive for more gear
    • Put on back burner. Not needed right now. 
  • Issues with used gear collected
    • Old helmets might be an issue, depending on the date and we don’t know if the helmet was involved in any incidents making them unsafe. Will defer not to take used helmets. 
    • Old skates that were broken
    • Would like a bare bones criteria of what we accept. Simon will draft a new policy


  • New player cookout is set for September 27th 


  • 78 people still need to pay the $200 final payment 
    • Jake will start poking people for their fees
  • Need to set up invoices for payment plans
  • Need to set up bank account. Alan will need to give Amanda these meeting notes in order to process the bank account. 


  • List and logo files sent to Amanda
  • Dexters and GNP not sponsoring us this year. 



  • Alan is working through the details with CGHA, CGHA has the ice, so figuring out how we can share.

La Bahn

  • Need to get back to Emily to see if we can use LaBahn during the year. She was a little busy right now. 

Blades update

  • We need to finalize the date. Would really love to get LaBahn. 
  • Will wait till 10/7 to hear from LaBahn before moving on to other options. 



  • Info is getting lost on the website. It is hard to find some info.
  • Alan will be looking for peeps to help out and act as content manager and help with content design.   
  • Planning to send out a Nov 9 feedback form for new people to weigh in on the website. What is working, what is not? A new fresh set of eyes will be helpful. 
  • Nudge on Dec 15th for backend technical support of the site. This will involve Randi and a few others who were willing to help. 

New membership 

  • A few membership entries were lost in last go around. Make sure to ask those few people to resubmit their membership. 
  • New member nominations Ends 9/15
  • Open voting to members on 9/16
  • Will have 2 weeks to vote on new members.


  • 110 USA hockey numbers have been entered/submitted. 
  • 40 players still waiting for data entry
  • Meaning, we are still missing people. We will send targeted emails to those that are missing. 

Orientation recap & Make-up session

  • Orientation for new players went dandy. Will  do another one this week after beginner clinics
  • John Stephany will acquaint us with an “the MGHA way” crash course in the locker rooms during the first week of spirit tournament 

Ride share program

  • Thank you David Hafner for making this a thing! 
  • Can we improve on the spreadsheet and make it dynamic

MGE Sponsorship

  • No conversations yet, but some to come……

Donate button

  • Need a button on the website for people to be able to donate.
  • No discussions  yet.


  • Figure out what we need in terms of volunteer efforts
  • And a way to ask for help
  • Bring back next time to board for discussion. 

Skills and drills

  • Huge kudos Libs and Chuck for the time, and recording of drills and skills that we can use for the upcoming season (and longer)  
  • Need to figure out where and how to publish it (most likely on the website)


Board Vote!

The board voted on switching our finances to UW Credit Union

  • Yea – 6 
  • No – 0 

Motion has been adopted and funds will be moved to UWCU as Alan gets a signed copy to Amanda. 

Next Board Meeting 

  • October 3, 2019