Team Reveal Night Schedule

Before we start playing games, however, we need some teams and we’re going to announce the 2019-2020 MGHA teams on Sunday!

Here’s the schedule for the night (sorry for the delay but we were confirming expanded ice times)…

Rink A:
5:00 PM – Lawn Dart All Stars vs Book Hockey
6:10 PM – Pop Magic vs Penalty Killaz
7:20 PM – Open Skate
8:00 PM – Team Reveal
8:50 PM – Rainbow Sprinkles vs Purgatory Peacemakers (Championship)

Rink B:
4:30 PM – Track One Scrimmage
5:40 PM – Track Two Scrimmage
6:50 PM – The Real Rink Rats of Madison vs Die Tarantel des Torontos

Once the second tournament game is over on Rink A, we’ll open the ice up to those who want to skate around. Let’s keep this to just skating without sticks and pucks since we only have thirty minutes or so.

We’re aiming to have everyone in the stands in Rink A right around 8 PM for the big reveal. In addition to revealing teams, we’ll also have some wonderful desserts to partake in while we hang out with our new teams and watch the championship tournament game!

Please try to be there Sunday to meet your team. If you can’t be there, that’s okay. We’ll post teams on the website on Monday or Tuesday (it takes a little time to get everything plugged in).