August 22, 2019 Board Minutes

Date: August 22, 2019

Attendees: Amanda Thornton, Tim Tender, Alan Silver, Amanda “Simon” Steimle, Maggie Augustin

Absent: Katy Werginz, Jake Wagner



  • Looking to fill spots in L2. Recruiting is taking LGBT peeps as well as straight people that can be vouched for by other MGHA peeps.
  • Mentor mailing list needs to get updated (Amanda and Alan)


  • Next meeting is last week of August
  • Schedule, almost not 100% finalized
  • 3 tracks
    • Clinics, 1 intro scrimmage 
    • Couple of clinics, couple scrimmages 
    • Libs is running a spirit “tournament
  • Need signup sheet (Tim)
  • Captains update 
    • Almost have all


  • Colors have been chosen and will be kept secret


  • Simon will figure out a date tomorrow for the gear swap
  • Should we do a fundraiser – to donate for assistance for gear
    • And where to put the fundraiser – do it on MGHA  public fb page ?


  • Group has met
  • New player party TBD – Libs’ house
  • Other events in pipelines 
  • Planning to schedule once a month . through December for now


  • Money is dandy
  • Dues due date – unknown?


  • 2 new sponsor
    • Delta beerlab 
    • Rose pest control
  • Rraine will reach out to some as well


  • People can register with USA Hockey , but they are having issues with their processing system. 
  • I’m sure they will get that figured out soon since it affects ALL US  hockey players


Chicago Wolves

  • 18 people signed up 
  • 17 skaters 
  • Need to email them and ask if Chicago Gay Hockey Legaue and see if they will be joining us and plan how we will do this together


  • Reach out to Libs Emily Engel 
  • Maybe for Blades Against AIDS.
  • Maybe league games as well


  • Still waiting to touch base with LaBahn


  • It Happened and was amazing
  • It generated interest 
  • We received one new applicant directly
  • We met one person wanting to donate gear
  • And one person possibly donating money



  • Create announcement to add new members 
  • Do that now


  • Looking to HOPS for some guidance. WIll be discussed at next HOPS meeting

Ride Share signup?

  • Hafner suggestion
  • Get Hafner to run with the idea 
  • Possible exemption from scoreboard duty if you are driving others. 

MG&E Sponsorship proposal for next season

  • Amanda and Patrick will be finessing this relationship 
  • Sounds like a good idea

Donate button on website

  • Need to do this. 
  • Ask Randi… Should have Gene do possibly. 

Next Meeting

  • Doodle poll being sent out
  • Probably week of Sept 9