Feb 2019 MGHA Board Meeting Minutes


  • MGHA Classic Beneficiaries
  • Taxes
  • Discuss post Townhall feedback
  • Reschedule of Missed games
  • Membership meeting
  • End of Season plans
  • Cap Ice handling
  • Recent Conduct report issues
  • Website issues

MGHA Classic Beneficiaries

Last year this was Briarpatch and Trans law.

This year we agreed to support Meriter’s Children’s Pscyhological Support program and Trans law.


We are nearly in the clear, we generated payment forms for the refs, and will be using an online program rather than a CPA this year to file our organizations taxes

Townhall feedback

Lots of great discussion

Follow ups will include discussion at the captain’s meeting the second week of march.

Divisions came up and Libs had a lot of thought put into a proposal. Tim and Witte will be assisting her in following up with the league on overall considerations.

Ice location for next year will be discussed at following members meeting with some data gathering beforehand

Cap Ice For end of season

We will be playing our last games at Cap Ice this year as Hartmeyer is taking out their ice. We will be finalizing schedule with them to confirm both sheets and how we want to overlap games. We will send follow up information as soon as we have it so people can be aware of the change.

Make Up Games

Make up games are scheduled for march 10th at the original january 27th times. We will have 2 challenge games beforehand low and high intermediate which should span as much as possible of the league.

End of Season Meeting

Lot of things to do before this.

Collect Membership nominations

Collect Board nominations

Collect acceptances

Collect Blurbs about board positions

Send out season surveys to players and captains

Plan agenda

Reserve Glass Nickel for Sunday tentatively May 5th

Conduct Issues

No further reports, continue to monitor, share feedback at captain’s meeting about issues and options.

Website Issues

Website has been atrociously slow. Latest wordpress update broke the site. Issues with new accounts for the classic. All of these combined we should potentially consider alternatives.