March 10, 2019 Challenge Games

Hey everyone! This week we’ll feature two challenge games and then some makeup games.

As usual, please sign up for a game where you can learn and play safely. While it’s good to challenge yourself, please only do so within your safe limits. We’re doing low and high intermediate because we feel like this is the best fit for the majority of our league.

You may sign up for one game right away. On Saturday, March 9th at 2 PM, you may sign up for a second game if there are spaces available.

The night will be scheduled as follows:

4:50 PM – High Intermediate Game
6:00 PM – Low Intermediate Game
League makeup games will follow in the normal 7:10, 8:20, and 9:30 PM timeslots.

March 10, 2019 Challenge Games

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See you on the ice!
-HOps (Tim, Brian, k8, Mark, Ashleigh, Sara, John)