Author: Eric Witte

Board Meeting Minutes May 2019

Last official 2018-2019 MGHA Board meeting!

All members present

Discussion points were as follows:

Get Agenda ready for the meeting

looks like :member welcome, presidential address, board nominations/acceptances/introductions, 5 minutes max per person

Voting, intermission, introduce new board, proposals introduction. first for location, second for leagues discussion, finish up with summer scrimmages and committee signup

People get the floor for 3 minutes max, cap the topics at an announced time.

Get Food ordered

Figure out summer scrimmages ice location/cost/time

Get surveys for Captains and players for end of season

Print agenda

Print Ballots

Print committees signup sheet for meeting

Get website working for voting

Make sure we have time allotments for all the discussion

MGHA essays

MGHA 2019-2020 Board Nominees!

Hello Everyone!
After collecting nominations from members, we informed all those nominated and gave them a chance to write a blurb about why they would like to be on the MGHA board.

Please take a look at what they have to say. At the membership meeting, there will be brief introductions of those present, and voting for the board will take place physically at the meeting as required by the by-laws.


Amanda Thornton –
I have learned valuable lessons and gained important insights this year as president and would like to continue to serve the league on the board this season. I’d like to see through some of the initiatives that are in process such as the conduct reporting and handling process and improved advanced player guidance. I’d also like to help guide the new board to a successful season that emphasizes fun, safety, and inclusion. I believe in this league and its mission and I’m grateful for the opportunity to devote my time and energy to its success and ultimately to the community we create together.

Jacob Wagner –
My name is Jake Wagner, I have been nominated and would be honored to fill the position of Treasurer of the MGHA for the next term.   There are a few reasons I have decided to run, but the most relevant is that I have significant experience in the field of accounting and bookkeeping.  I worked in the accounting field both while in school, and for the entirety of my time post graduation.  I have experience keeping the books for a variety of smaller companies, as well as working in a larger accounting department of a public company.  I believe my experience will allow me to accurately and professionally keep the books of the association, as well as to address any financial issues that may arise during my time as Treasurer.  Secondly, I have a desire to give back to this league that means so much to so many people, I believe one of the best ways I can do that is by sharing my experience and skills.  Finally, at the end of 2018 I quit my full-time position to assume the role of full time stay at home parent to our daughter.  This leaves me with a bit of extra time, as well as a desire to give back and to keep my skills sharp, both things that would be accomplished in this position.  Thank you for your consideration, Jake.

Maggie Augustin

Greetings, hockey people!  I have been fortunate enough to be nominated for a board position again and I am overjoyed to accept it! Here’s a bit of my backstory:

I have been a part of the MGHA for 3 years and enjoy every moment of it! Our league is so unique in that we provide a place for people from all walks of life and varying skill sets to learn hockey and be a part of a greater community. Before MGHA, I had never played hockey and I had not been a part of an LGBTQA+ organization that embodied fair and inclusive play in the way MGHA does. After my first year, I mentored a few new players (that was a blast) and last year, I co-captained for a Classic team and I had a lot of fun in that role as well and wanted to be able to give back to the league by serving on the board. Throughout this past year on the board, I was able to oversee our social squad, work with our wonderful and generous sponsors, be a part of recruiting new hopefuls and returning veterans alike, and reviewed any member relations and conduct issues we received; not to mention all of the behind-the-scenes work! It has been an absolute pleasure serving you all and I would love to do it again for the up-coming season.

If I am able to be a part of the Board for 2019-20, I endeavor to give back to the league in the same manner I have been for the past year; fair leadership with a dash of zest, humor, and 110% effort! There are always areas in which we can improve and I would like to help facilitate growth and change within our league that will be positive and benefit the majority of folx in our league. As most of you know, this is not always an easy task, but I will do everything I can to advocate for all players and make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time playing hockey.

Tim Tender –

Hey everyone!  I’m Tim Tender and I’ve been in the league now for 4 years.  Next year will be my landmark 5th with the MGHA!  So far, I’ve seen so many success stories with this league and I really want to help to foster more of those stories for next year as part of the board again.  I’ve been on the board now for 3 seasons and while it’s quite challenging at times, it’s incredibly rewarding, too.  I think my experience both with this league and with running an adult hockey tournament and league in the past will help with the challenges we might face this coming year with the possibility of expanding the league into two leagues and potentially moving to a different rink.  Both of these will present their own challenges and I am eager to help us navigate these new waters (if that’s the direction that’s chosen). 
Other than that, I really just love this league.  I love the people in it and I care deeply about having a place where we can all gather and enjoy a game that I’ve been playing for about 20 years (wow, I now feel old).  I wear my heart on my sleeve and I take things hard but overall, I think that just means I really do care and want everyone to be happy.  Should I be elected, my main goal for the coming year would be to strive to make sure that our new players feel safe.  This needs to be a developmental league, first and foremost, and I think we can definitely improve in this department.
Like I mentioned, I want this league to be an awesome place for all of us and I’m running for the board because I think I have some of the necessary skills to keep the league running.

2019 Membership Voting

The following people have applied for membership in the MGHA. Please click on their name to see each person’s application. Once you’ve read the applications you can click on the boxes to the side of their names to vote; voting “Yes” means you are voting for this person to become a member, while voting “No” means that you are voting against their becoming a member.

Voting will be open from now until April 21st, in order to allow time to notify applicants prior to the Annual Member Meeting and allow for board nomination participation (as membership is required). You may change your votes at any time until voting closes.

You must log in to vote.

As a reminder, the Annual Member Meeting will be held on Thursday, May 16th at Kavanaugh’s. More details on agenda and time will be posted elsewhere.

MGHA Leagues Survey

Hello everyone!
This has come up in the past and resurfaced recently at the MGHA TownHall meeting as a discussion point. A committee has been formed to dig into the details and gauge interest in what the league as a whole feels about the concept. 
Regardless of your initial take on the concept of a Leagues structure, even indifference, please take the time to respond to the survey.  It has information regarding the currently proposed structure and the why behind it.
Please use the survey responses to give commentary on how you feel about it and any critiques for the proposal.

Survey URL:

If you have any issues with the link to the google document, the league proposal structure is also available on the website at this URL:

Thank you,
Eric Witte – Secretary

League Structure Proposal

MGHA Member Proposal –  last updated 3/10/2019                             Two Skills-based Leagues + Partner Teams


MGHA Member Proposal –  updated 3/10/2019                     Two Skills-based Leagues + Partner Teams 1

Proposal & Goal 1

Details [numbers, teams, cost, captains/coaches, subbing, social impact, MGHA Way, and Implementation] 1

Player Path Examples 2

Sunday Night Lineup Examples 3

FAQs’ 4

Background 5

Proposal & Goal

Restructure the MGHA into 2 skills-based leagues, within the broader MGHA organization, as a way to grow in size and provide better hockey opportunities for all without losing out on the social/community cohesion we’ve established.

Details [numbers, teams, cost, captains/coaches, subbing, social impact, MGHA Way, and Implementation]

Numbers: 6 teams in 2 leagues “L1” & “L2”, 12 total teams, 15 players on each team = 180 total

Partner Teams: 6 colors, 1 team in each league for each color.

Cost: If any player skates in both leagues, they will pay two league fees.

Captains/Coaches: two per team, ideally one for social and people management, another for hockey strategy and skills. Include option for L2 player to captain/coach L1 from the bench or as an active skater.

Subbing: no major change within league subbing. If cross-league subbing is necessary, give preference to partner teammates to increase social ties.

Social Impact: with partner teams, we increase a skater’s connection from 15 teammates to a broader group of 30 across both teams, i.e. L1/L2 Black team coordinates social events together, attends/cheers for each others’ games (scheduled back-to-back), practice together, have same jerseys / same names(?).

MGHA Way: must persist in both leagues

  • L1 emphasis on puck touches, hockey fundamentals, bench/active coaching to advance skills.
  • L2 emphasis on safe, inclusive, fun, competitive play. In that order.
  • Game pace should feel roughly feel like low intermediate (L1) and high intermediate (L2)
  • L1 shouldn’t be branded as “beginner”, as skaters of all levels will be competing and growing at a pace that works best for themselves and others in L1.
  • L2 shouldn’t be branded “advanced”, as skaters with intermediate abilities will be competing and should be played with and not expected to skate at an advanced level.
  • Skills required to apply for L2 will be defined by the Board & HOPs, but should be inclusive of intermediate players wishing to gain skills through experiencing a faster L2 game; i.e….
    • Skates in control of own body and can redirect or stop quickly to avoid collision
    • Centered balance on skates with and without the puck, and when de/accelerating
    • Can hold/deke puck while skating forward and turning
    • Can look up to make a pass or take a shot


  • This is a one year trial to see what works/doesn’t work. Surveys should be sent throughout season to get feedback and make changes as necessary.
  • Christina & Gabby (thus far) are willing to play in L2 and coach/skate for an L1 team.

Player Path Examples

Sunday Night Lineup Examples

Player, SkillPathNotes
Andy new to hockey / new to skating, 1-2Play in L1.
Andy can take opportunities to be coached, increase practice, etc. to gain skills to access L2 in a future year.
Don’t change the goodness of the new player experience we have established.
Increase coaching/practice opportunities through extra ice time and mentoring.
Benintermediate 3-4Ben has some or all skills necessary for L2, and can apply for either league as they’re comfortable.
HOPs/Board reserves the right to place the player in a league for safety reasons (same as challenge games) or discuss specific/sensitive situations needing compromise.
For this trial year, this should be a personalized process. Ask for preferences and brainstorm skills necessary to play in L2.
Give a path for these players to grow while playing in L1, and clear opportunities to work on the skills they need to acquire to play in L2.
Chris upper intermediate/advanced player 4,5,6Can select to play in either or both leagues.
Chris can coach one league, skate in another, or coach & skate in both.
Chris’ growth is important for the MGHA to expand our knowledge/leadership/hockey experiences offered. These skaters should help create a team-focused atmosphere and develop strategies to learn how to play good hockey, not be a showboat or skate faster than is safe for those around them.
Seek 6-12 player/leaders from this group that will dually support the L1 teams as coaches and/or skaters for both partner teams, as it is critical to set a tone of cross-league collaboration and accessibility to advanced players know-how.
Devin & Ern want to play togetherDevin has skills to skate in L2, but Ern does not and would be safer in L1.
Devin can choose to skate in both leagues, or skate in L2 & coach L1, or skate in L1.
Ern can skate up into L2 with approval from HOps.
Devin & Ern should be placed on the same partner/color team for convenience and social reasons.
Devin understands that L1 is designed as a beginner/intermediate developmental league and they should anticipate using their expertise to teach the game as well as play inclusively with lower experienced players.

PREFERRED Hartmeyer x 5 slots

Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
L1 Black vs. L1 GreenL2 Black vs. L2 GreenBlue & Red Bye Options-mixer scrimmage w/ Blue & Red players-clinic for any/allL1 White vs. L1 OrangeL2 White vs. L2 Orange
  • 18 game nights per season
  • 6-game cycles = 5 games vs. league opponents + 1 bye week
  • 2 off nights / challenge game nights on thanksgiving & super bowl

Hartmeyer x 6 slots

Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5Game 6
L1 Black vs. L1 GreenL2 Black vs. L2 GreenL1 White vs. L1 OrangeL2 White vs. L2 OrangeL1 Blue vs. L1 RedL2 Blue vs. L2 Red
  • Inadvisable, as we’d likely have to add an even later game at Hartmeyer

PREFERRED Cap Ice, 2 rinks

Rink 1, Game 1Rink 1, Game 2Rink 1, Game 3Rink 1, Game 4
L1 Black vs. L1 GreenL2 Black vs. L2 GreenL1 Blue vs. L1 RedL2 Blue vs. L2 Red
Optional ice rentalRink 2, Game 1Rink 2, Game 2Optional ice rental
L1 White vs. L1 OrangeL2 White vs. L2 Orange
  • 15 or 20 game nights per season
  • 3 or 4 5-game cycles = 5 games vs. league opponents
  • Optional 5 “other” nights for challenge games, skills clinics, scrimmages, etc fun

Cap Ice 2 rinks, 3 games/rink

Rink 1, Game 1Rink 1, Game 2Rink 1, Game 3
L1 Black vs. L1 GreenL2 Black vs. L2 GreenL1 Blue vs. L1 Red
Rink 2, Game 1Rink 2, Game 2Rink 2, Game 3
L1 White vs. L1 OrangeL2 White vs. L2 OrangeL2 Blue vs. L2 Red
  • If anyone skates with both teams, would have to choose a team 1/3rd of the time


  • Q: What happens if a lot of L1 players grow into L2 and the balance of 6 teams/league doesn’t work?
    • A: good question, but we don’t know yet if we will have that problem. This is why we need this trial format. We should discuss player growth on an individual basis if we become top-heavy.
  • Q: What about goalies? What if they all want to play in one league or another?
    • A: We should offer the same double-play option to goalies. One goalie can play in both leagues for the same color team. If they don’t want to play twice as much, we could fill each league as first-come, first-serve. THIS IS NOT FINAL – we know we need input from current goalies to understand paths forward that fit best for them. Please submit your feedback/ideas to Christina, Eric Witte, or Tim.
  • Q: I have feedback on this, who do I go to?
    • A: If you have suggestions or want to add an FAQ or detail to this proposal, contact; Christina (, Eric (, or Tim ( Note: This committee’s goal is to facilitate discussion and submit the proposal to membership for a vote. Committee membership does not necessarily equal endorsement.
    • A: Anyone! We want everyone to think and talk about this with one another to understand each other’s perspectives and goals for the league. Friends, captains, new players, old players, etc. we encourage everyone to talk about the future of the MGHA through this process.


From Christina Libs – “I’m still not sure I can grow in this league. I like coaching/captaining, but I see a lot of everyday stressors on individual’s growth considering the wide level of experiences on the ice. I do not wish to divide this league. This proposal is intended for hockey and community growth, as we have a strong foundation and funnel for introductory players yet we see advanced player churn continue. And personally, as I evaluate if this is the right league for (people like) me who have grown into good hockey players that can play elsewhere, but still want to play and grow with the MGHA. I believe we can expand our reach and extend the values of a safe & competitive hockey game that we’ve so passionately developed.“


Feb 2019 MGHA Board Meeting Minutes


  • MGHA Classic Beneficiaries
  • Taxes
  • Discuss post Townhall feedback
  • Reschedule of Missed games
  • Membership meeting
  • End of Season plans
  • Cap Ice handling
  • Recent Conduct report issues
  • Website issues

MGHA Classic Beneficiaries

Last year this was Briarpatch and Trans law.

This year we agreed to support Meriter’s Children’s Pscyhological Support program and Trans law.


We are nearly in the clear, we generated payment forms for the refs, and will be using an online program rather than a CPA this year to file our organizations taxes

Townhall feedback

Lots of great discussion

Follow ups will include discussion at the captain’s meeting the second week of march.

Divisions came up and Libs had a lot of thought put into a proposal. Tim and Witte will be assisting her in following up with the league on overall considerations.

Ice location for next year will be discussed at following members meeting with some data gathering beforehand

Cap Ice For end of season

We will be playing our last games at Cap Ice this year as Hartmeyer is taking out their ice. We will be finalizing schedule with them to confirm both sheets and how we want to overlap games. We will send follow up information as soon as we have it so people can be aware of the change.

Make Up Games

Make up games are scheduled for march 10th at the original january 27th times. We will have 2 challenge games beforehand low and high intermediate which should span as much as possible of the league.

End of Season Meeting

Lot of things to do before this.

Collect Membership nominations

Collect Board nominations

Collect acceptances

Collect Blurbs about board positions

Send out season surveys to players and captains

Plan agenda

Reserve Glass Nickel for Sunday tentatively May 5th

Conduct Issues

No further reports, continue to monitor, share feedback at captain’s meeting about issues and options.

Website Issues

Website has been atrociously slow. Latest wordpress update broke the site. Issues with new accounts for the classic. All of these combined we should potentially consider alternatives.

Town Hall Rescheduled!

Town Hall rescheduled to February 20th, 6:30 PM at the Glass Nickel on Atwood.
Note we plan to go more quickly on the Board topics because of the state of the league summary email.

Previous post:
Hopefully this time we will now have our annual Town Hall meeting! The meeting will be in the basement of the Glass Nickel pizza as usual on Atwood. The meeting starts at 6:30 and we have the room until 10. There will be pizza of several varieties so come grab a slice and check in on how the MGHA is doing.
Please take a look at the agenda as we will be discussing some formatting changes (as part of the meeting we will explain them).

Brief board introduction and our acting roles
Presidential Address
Clarification of new forum for discussion
5 minutes to introduce your topic of discussion and present your arguments
10 minutes total discussion for the topic after introduced, then it becomes old business
Next meeting will have similar format to introduce old business again
Summary of agenda with brief explanation
Conduct form introduction – Maggie
HOps update – Tim
Survey results summary high level, positives and negatives – Witte
Actions taken in response
MGHA Classic Tournament
Cap Ice discussion
Recap of all topics mentioned
Open discussion

Hope to see you all there!

Secretary Witte

Town Hall

It’s that time of year for our annual Town Hall meeting! The meeting will be in the basement of the Glass Nickel pizza as usual on Atwood. The meeting will be January 28th starting at 6:30 and we have the room until 10.  There will be pizza of several varieties so come grab a slice and check in on how the MGHA is doing.
Please take a look at the agenda as we will be discussing some formatting changes (as part of the meeting we will explain them).

  • Introductions
    • Brief board introduction and our acting roles
  • Presidential Address 


  • Clarification of new forum for discussion 
  • 5 minutes to introduce your topic of discussion and present your arguments
  • 10 minutes total discussion for the topic after introduced, then it becomes old business
  • Next meeting will have similar format to introduce old business again
  • Summary of agenda with brief explanation
  • Conduct form introduction  – Maggie
  • HOps update – Tim
  • Survey results summary high level, positives and negatives – Witte
  • Actions taken in response 
  • MGHA Classic Tournament
  • Cap Ice discussion 
  • Recap of all topics mentioned
  • Open discussion

Hope to see you all there!
Cheers,Secretary Witte

January Board Meeting Minutes

January 7th, 2019:

Recap of Surveys:

  • Overall positive
  • Several reiterated issues about speed and safety
  • Some interpersonal concerns
  • Inclusivity and coaching opportunities for new members
  • Captains need to make sure everyone on the team is engaged
  • Town Hall upcoming to discuss in further depth

Conduct Form exists and will be posted with a few minor tweaks

  • This will be used for official incident reports of misconduct
  • Outline of the process to be followed
  • Will be revealed in full at Town Hall

Town Hall reservation in progress with agenda and announcement to come soon

Lawyer will be ad hoc

Discussion of player difficulties and options

Challenge Games:

  • Goalie curious session was well attended as well as general lessons

Next meeting will be the full Town Hall

Roughly Mid Season Survey

Happy New Year all!

Hope everyone’s had a solid break for the last few weeks.

In case you missed the email or the facebook post, the board is trying to get a feel on how the season is going. We have two surveys for you all.

One for general league play information, and the second to gather your feedback in a more open response format on how the league is running. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Board if you have any questions. Note your responses are anonymous unless you place information in them that makes it otherwise.

Please complete both by January 10th!
Survey 1:

Survey 2:

Thank you all and see you back on the ice soon! 
Secretary Witte