2023 MGHA Preseason – Sept 17th Sign Up

Reminder: To sign up, you must have this year’s USA Hockey # on your profile. Learn how to register and update your profile on this here post.


4:00 PM Gear Up in the Locker Room

  • Mentors can join new skaters to support (their first!) proper gear fitting.

4:30 PM On-Ice Skills, Rink B, Leaders: Mark N, Ted J

  • All New-to-MGHA Players are welcome
  • These drills will train basic skills, designed for those new to skating or hockey.

5:40 PM On-Ice Skills, Rink B

  • These drills will train basic skills, regardless of your ice skating or hockey experience. 
  • Leaders: Mark N, Ted J

7:00 PM New Player Orientation (off-ice), Leaders: Amanda T, Kriona H, Mark N.

  • If you cannot attend either orientation (9/10 or 9/17), please check in with your mentor to get a recap.


Please only sign up for one session below. If there are empty slots 48 hours prior to the event, we will allow signing up for multiple sessions.

5:00 PM L2 Returning Player Scrimmage, Rink A

6:10 PM L2/L3 Small Space Drills, Rink A

  • Limited to 60 skaters and 8 goalies for coaching and space constraints
  • Example drill: turn net to corner, everyone is the goalie’s enemy (4 goalies, 4 nets, 7 on a side, 14 skaters in each corner)
  • Designed by: Gabby G
  • Leaders: Avery C, Emily F, and 1 TBD (contact Gabby to help)

6:50 PM L1 Returning Player Scrimmage, Rink B

7:20 PM L3 Returning Player Scrimmage, Rink A

Scrimmage Reminder: If you have 3 or 4 goalies sign up to scrimmage, please work together to share time in net equitably and safely.

Need help?

  • If you have issues with the signups, please contact the website@ email listserv.
  • If you have questions about which sessions to sign up for, check with your mentor, hockey operations (hops@) or the board (board@madisongayhockey.org).

Sign Up for 9/17 - Preseason

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