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Pittsburgh, PA
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Hi. My name is Tim. Pleasure to meet you! The paragraphs below give you some highlights about me. I hope you enjoy.

Hockey first... I started playing hockey in 1999/2000 with my high school's JV team. I played some adult league hockey and worked at a rink from 1999 until I moved to Johnstown in 2005. I played sporadically from then until I moved to Madison in 2011. I took a year or so off just because I didn't know where to play here and I traveled a lot for work. Now, I'm finally able to join a league because I don't travel anymore. I've been with the MGHA since 2015 and have served on the Board for several of those years. I've also been a captain since 2016.

More stuff... In addition to hockey, I enjoy TV, alternative music, and being outdoors. I play soccer, as well. I also used to host a music trivia / pop culture trivia / game show type-thing at a bar back home. Since moving to Madison, I now just host it for friends in my house every couple of months. My dream job is to be a game show host!

Work... As far as work goes, I work for Advarra as a software tester. I've also freelanced on WMTV here in Madison. I used to work at a TV station in Johnstown, PA where I did weekend weather and produced weather graphics. It was fun, but it's nice to have a 9-5 job without having to work holidays.

That's it for now. If you have any questions, find me on Twitter! I'm (at) TT_7.

Player Statistics

SeasonTeamGoalsAssistsPenalty MinutesP
2022-2023Assembly Required4400
2021-2022Green Eggs and WHAM!2300
2019-2020Blue Moon2300
2018-2019Red Delicious2300
2017-2018Basic Bees2100
2016-2017House of Blues0000
2015-2016Agent Orange4200