MGHA News – January 2023

The Forward Theater Company is our MGHA January Sponsor – their first production of the year is Airness, opening 1/26. Check out their 2022-23 Season Show line up to coordinate a group / team outing today!

#SafetyFirstand always foremost reading for your hearts and heads this year.

In the MGHA, we commit to safety in the way we play and support one another’s growth through play in our community. Thanks to recently shared knowledge and individual feedback, we created a new home for important information and resources. 

Please read the new /Safety website page. It’s all about;

  • Rules about required equipment* – strap in your chin, wear real shoulder pads, protect your pelvis
  • Automated External Defibrillator AED – life-saving medical device in the lobby
  • Concussions – a real, ongoing concern in our sport

*The MGHA follows USA Hockey rules. If you notice an equipment issue or inconsistency, you may notify the skater or a leader to quickly resolve and prevent injury. If players refuse to adhere to the rules, they can be penalized by refs and/or benched by a captain. If a player doesn’t have the proper equipment, they should contact their mentor or league leader to request assistance.

New Safety website page:

And now, a couple reminders for tasks, based on your role in the league. 


  1. Fill out the midseason survey [in your email]
  2. Sign up to sub on the Schedule page. This doesn’t commit you to that game, rather captains will see your interest and have more flexibility to fill in roster spots on Sundays. You can sub/skate outside of your official level.
  3. If you use it, remove and re-install your calendar sync. We have a few schedule changes, and as the website calendar is updated, the sync needs a manual reset by you.
    • Specifically 2/26 – Jurassic Puck v Freshmakers is now at 5:00PM, Orange Crush + BSOD Practice is moved to 9:10PM.


  1. Attend midseason captains meeting [link to vote on time – doodle]. Agenda: operational reminders, coaching survey results, breakout discussion for levels of play and what captains can/should do for the remainder of the season.
  2. Organize (or delegate organizing) a team social or bonding event. Make a plan to use your stipend.


  1. If you’ve coached at all, fill out the midseason Coaches survey
  2. Attend coaches midseason meeting [link to vote on time – doodle]. Agenda: operational reminders, coaches survey results, discussion of what’s going well and adjustments for next year.


  1. [non MGHA] Sunday, January 15th Boardslide LGBTQ+ Pride Ride register by Monday Jan 9th, see email for details about snowboarding/skiing/tubing
  2. Thursday, January 19th – Badgers Women’s Basketball Pride night event – see upcoming email to help staff a table for the MGHA
  3. Friday, February 3rd – Fill the Bowl Social, Section 217, Kohl Center
  4. (non MGHA) Saturday at 11AM, February 11th – Tenney Park, see locker room email to sign up
  5. Friday, February 24th – Drag Turnabout Fundraiser for the MGHA Classic Tournament, see email for details

That’s all (for now) folks! You can reach out to the board individually via email at any time to make the next #News post.

Stay safe, and see you tonight!