MGHA Sunday February 12th – Super Scrimmages, Skills, and Potluck Sign Up

Hey you – we don’t have regular games this weekend due to the super bowl, but we’ll have scrimmages, skills time and a potluck at the rink! 

Scrimmages: Sign up for one scrimmage at the level of play where you are most comfortable. We intentionally have two scrimmages blending levels of play – if you are in L1 and want to try L2, or in L2 and want to try L3, we recommend signing up for the blended scrimmage. Higher level players are expected to actively support all player development. Use these mixers to learn how others skate and adjust your play to include everyone.

Small Space Skills: This is free-form time, but coaches may sign up and lead small space skills and drills. Goalies may also assemble some drills and ask skaters for support. We will let you know if more structure is added :).

Super Sunday Schedule – Sign Up Sheet Here:

  • Rink A – 5PM – L1/L2 Scrimmage
  • Rink B – 5:30PM – Intermediate Scrimmage
  • Rink A – 6:10PM – Small Space Skills
  • Rink A – 7:20PM – L2/L3 Scrimmage
  • Rink A – 8:30PM – Overflow Ice – if enough people sign up for this, we’ll pay for the ice and hold an intermediate scrimmage or open ice time to practice and record skills.

Potluck sign up here!

Let us know if you have questions. See you on the ice soon! 

Libs, MGHA Secretary