Spring 2023 MGHA News and Reminders

Happy Spring, MGHA!

Please read through our latest news and reminders to keep up with all aspects of our organization. We are active all year round and we love your support and involvement throughout the warm months <3.

  1. The MGHA Classic Tournament starts today!
    • Details and instructions are on the website here and in your email.
    • There are a few volunteer shifts left, sign up here to fill the last spots.
    • Have fun, be safe, and enjoy showing off our MGHA Ways in skating with alumni and old/new friends in the queer hockey community.
  2. Summer hockey update
    • We plan to offer a limited series of clinics and scrimmages this summer.
    • While ice cost details are firming up, you can contact Avery to share your general interest or coaching support.
  3. Recruiting reminder – our player application is always open, we usually fill up by August, and…
    1. Active recruiting for next season begins in June – more details will come over email. You can support by attending Pride and social events to recruit for next season.
    2. Contact recruiting@madisongayhockey.org to volunteer for recruiting operations assistance to communicate with and onboard new players.
  4. Apply by Saturday, May 20th to be an MGHA Member.
    1. Any MGHA Player or Volunteer active for one year can apply to become a Member.
    2. Each year, Members elect the Board of Directors and vote on referendums for league-wide changes like rink location and multiple play levels.
  5. MGHA 2023 Membership Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 24th at 6:30PM.
    • Elections and referendum voting will happen virtually.
    • MEMBER REMINDER: Nominate an MGHA Member to the Board of Directors, we value your ability to encourage creating a diverse board of leaders for our nonprofit organization!
    • We are working to locate a venue to have this be a hybrid event – as our members were split on an in person versus virtual meeting :). If you have venue suggestions or low-cost access to communal spaces, please contact board@madisongayhockey.org.
  6. Finally, a special thank you to Jacob Ela, our stats magician.
    • Each week, Jacob manages all website statistics, which often involves tracking down missing scoresheets. If you’re a captain or ever emailed stats@madisongayhockey.org, you’ve worked with Jacob!

Thanks for reading, now go play some hockey!

~~The 2022-2023 MGHA Board~~