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2023 MGHA Membership Voting

The following people have applied for membership in the MGHA. Please click on their name to see each person’s application. Once you’ve read the applications you can click on the boxes to the side of their names to vote; voting “Yes” means you are voting for this person to become a member, while voting “No” means that you are voting against their becoming a member.

Voting will be open from now until end of day Tuesday, May 23rd. You may change your votes at any time until voting closes.

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Spring 2023 MGHA News and Reminders

Happy Spring, MGHA!

Please read through our latest news and reminders to keep up with all aspects of our organization. We are active all year round and we love your support and involvement throughout the warm months <3.

  1. The MGHA Classic Tournament starts today!
    • Details and instructions are on the website here and in your email.
    • There are a few volunteer shifts left, sign up here to fill the last spots.
    • Have fun, be safe, and enjoy showing off our MGHA Ways in skating with alumni and old/new friends in the queer hockey community.
  2. Summer hockey update
    • We plan to offer a limited series of clinics and scrimmages this summer.
    • While ice cost details are firming up, you can contact Avery to share your general interest or coaching support.
  3. Recruiting reminder – our player application is always open, we usually fill up by August, and…
    1. Active recruiting for next season begins in June – more details will come over email. You can support by attending Pride and social events to recruit for next season.
    2. Contact to volunteer for recruiting operations assistance to communicate with and onboard new players.
  4. Apply by Saturday, May 20th to be an MGHA Member.
    1. Any MGHA Player or Volunteer active for one year can apply to become a Member.
    2. Each year, Members elect the Board of Directors and vote on referendums for league-wide changes like rink location and multiple play levels.
  5. MGHA 2023 Membership Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 24th at 6:30PM.
    • Elections and referendum voting will happen virtually.
    • MEMBER REMINDER: Nominate an MGHA Member to the Board of Directors, we value your ability to encourage creating a diverse board of leaders for our nonprofit organization!
    • We are working to locate a venue to have this be a hybrid event – as our members were split on an in person versus virtual meeting :). If you have venue suggestions or low-cost access to communal spaces, please contact
  6. Finally, a special thank you to Jacob Ela, our stats magician.
    • Each week, Jacob manages all website statistics, which often involves tracking down missing scoresheets. If you’re a captain or ever emailed, you’ve worked with Jacob!

Thanks for reading, now go play some hockey!

~~The 2022-2023 MGHA Board~~

July News: Members vote to support three levels of play; Returning player deposits due by August 1st

July MGHA News

  1. 76% (37/49) of MGHA Members voted to support a move to three levels of play this year and implement a coaching program. A few notes…. if we do not recruit enough skaters to have teams for each level, then we will fall back to two levels as outlined in the proposal. We have assigned Board member Gabby Grandin to work closely with previous Commissioner Tim Tender to be this season’s co-Commissioners, responsible to implement operational hockey changes.
  2. Returning players: Pay your deposit by August 1st to secure your spot. We have many new recruits ready to join, and a number who already have deposits in. The sooner you commit, the easier it is for us to coordinate this season.

Next in August, we will make full payment / registration available, and ask you to note your preferred level(s). We will also send an interest / nomination form for the various roles and responsibilities for the season; i.e. coach, captain, social hockey operations, fundraising, recruiting, etc. You can always send us a note with your interest, a nomination, recommendation or feedback to

As we experience every year, it takes a village to do this. We appreciate all y’all do to keep us playing and growing as a community.

<3 2022-2023 Board-O’s <3 Avery, Gene, Christina, Bront, Laur, Nat, Gabby

#OverheardattheBoardMeeting “Ah the locker room. Pungent, but beautiful”

2022-2023 League Deposit Open

Hello Loves,

You can make a deposit of $100, same as last year, will secure you a spot with us next season. Click the link below to go to the payment page.

Please note, our members are currently voting on our league structure for next year – if the referendum passes, we will have three levels of play – if it doesn’t pass, we will continue with two levels of play. The vote results and further info will be shared in late July, when we will request your preferred level when paying for full dues. If the vote’s outcome doesn’t matter to you, we hope you will consider paying your deposit early!

Full Dues / Cost: Ice time is increasing $10/hour this season – once we know how many levels and skaters, will will announce the full dues cost. We expect a slight increase but will do all we can to keep costs transparent and accessible. As always, full dues are required to get onto the ice and financial aid will be available.

COVID: We will be following all USA Hockey Player Safety and Capitol Ice Arena guidelines for COVID at minimum, and may add more safety requirements. Currently, for summer scrimmages masks are optional on ice and required off ice in common spaces like the locker room.

MGHA Calendar: Check it / sync it for all important dates, social events, etc. – you can submit an event by contacting us or email the locker room listserv to promote it and request someone add it for you.

Thanks for reading, stay strong — <3 MGHA Board

MGHA May 2022 News

MGHA Members elect 7 to MGHA Board of Directors for 2022-2023 season

The new board met in May to select their roles and focuses for the 2022-2023 season. Read more about the board and our individual responsibilities on the MGHA Board of Directors page. Contact us at any time –

Avery Cordingley, President

Leads the board of directors to implement programs that align with the league’s mission to sustain and grow the MGHA. Highest escalation point. Special focus on hockey operations, skills development and coaching.

Brett (Bront) Rojec, Registrawr

Manages USA hockey registrations, assists gear program and website development.

Christina Libs. [web]Secretary

Manages league-wide communication and documentation using the website, email, and meeting notes. Special focus to support hockey operations and coaching program development.

Gabby Grandin. HOPs Program Manager

Manages captains, coaches, mentorship programs, within Hockey Operations.

Gene Zadzilka, Treasurer 

Manages yearly budget, oversees Grant & Financial Aid Programs, bookkeeping, and sponsorships.

Laur Rivera, Conductor

Manages league-wide conduct standards, goalie operations, and recruiting.

Nat Carlston, Pro Socialite

Manages social communications, social media accounts, and recruiting.

New player applications are open

We recruit many players by word of mouth, so send your friends and fam to our Player Application Page at any time throughout the season. As always, the sooner the better – having accurate numbers help us budget and balance play as we grow.

Returning players will be able to reserve their spot for next season starting in June. Stay tuned here on our website and on email for more news and all the details for next season.

What Gay Hockey Means to Me” Essays released and winner announcement

This year we received four new essay responses – our players’ stories – in response to our yearly call to reflect on “What Gay Hockey Means to Me”. We encourage everyone to read each essay as they represent a unique blend of our community’s stories, and help us connect to each other off the ice.

Breanne Cyr’s Essay

Dexter Lane’s Essay

Leif Backus’ Story

Maggie Stack’s Essay

Join us in congratulating this year’s winner – Dexter Lane! Dex’s MGHA dues will be covered next year, and he’ll have a photo shoot to accompany his essay being featured in Our Lives Magazine.


Thanks for reading – we hope to see you out(side) in June! ☀

League Referendum May 2020

The Board moves to implement a two league Association for the foreseeable future, until the structure no longer serves the Association and at which time, a new proposal shall be made, and the members will vote on the new restructure. The two league Association structure will include “L1” and “L2” as two skill based leagues, details below as it worked in the 2019-2020 season.

Restructure of the MGHA into two skills-based leagues, L1 & L2.

  1. L1 will provide a safe and inclusive place to play and coach ice skating and hockey fundamentals. Anyone can skate in this league.
  2. L2 will provide a safe and inclusive game of competitive hockey. Players should skate in control of their body while handling the puck and seek to avoid collision with others.
  3. All skaters are expected to play the MGHA Way – safety, fun, skills and strategy development over showboating and winning. This is not, and never will be, a “beer league”.
  4. Cross-league subbing for skaters is encouraged assuming subbing guidelines are followed and players are able to safely compete and follow league guidelines.
  5. All Skaters will be evaluated and can self-select their League, but the Board and HOPs reserves the right to appeal self-selection.
  6. Yearly evaluations of Goalies will determine which league they will be placed. Same-league subbing will take priority over cross-league in order to maintain skill balance. If no other options are available, upon evaluation from HOPS and/or the Board, a similarly-skilled Goalie will sub in for the absent Goalie. 
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Membership Vote September 2019

The following people have applied for membership in the MGHA. Please click on their name to see each person’s application. Once you’ve read the applications you can click on the boxes to the side of their names to vote; voting “Yes” means you are voting for this person to become a member, while voting “No” means that you are voting against their becoming a member.

Voting will be open from now until September 30th. You may change your votes at any time until voting closes.

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