League Referendum May 2020

The Board moves to implement a two league Association for the foreseeable future, until the structure no longer serves the Association and at which time, a new proposal shall be made, and the members will vote on the new restructure. The two league Association structure will include “L1” and “L2” as two skill based leagues, details below as it worked in the 2019-2020 season.

Restructure of the MGHA into two skills-based leagues, L1 & L2.

  1. L1 will provide a safe and inclusive place to play and coach ice skating and hockey fundamentals. Anyone can skate in this league.
  2. L2 will provide a safe and inclusive game of competitive hockey. Players should skate in control of their body while handling the puck and seek to avoid collision with others.
  3. All skaters are expected to play the MGHA Way – safety, fun, skills and strategy development over showboating and winning. This is not, and never will be, a “beer league”.
  4. Cross-league subbing for skaters is encouraged assuming subbing guidelines are followed and players are able to safely compete and follow league guidelines.
  5. All Skaters will be evaluated and can self-select their League, but the Board and HOPs reserves the right to appeal self-selection.
  6. Yearly evaluations of Goalies will determine which league they will be placed. Same-league subbing will take priority over cross-league in order to maintain skill balance. If no other options are available, upon evaluation from HOPS and/or the Board, a similarly-skilled Goalie will sub in for the absent Goalie. 
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