(W) vs (L)


Date Time League Season
April 10, 2022 6:50 pm Madison Gay Hockey Association 2021-2022


Black Holes5Win
The Red Flags3Loss

Black Holes

# Skater Goals Assists Penalty Minutes Penalties
3Robin Flick0000
5Joe Walsh1000
6Greta Landis1000
7Eric Witte0000
8David “Scrappy” Hafner0100
10Mollie McQuillan0200
12Christina Libs2000
14Hannah Golay0100
20Sherry Holly0000
66Bill Norman0000
77Anna Celaya0200
99Alanna Friscino1000
23Gaston LeGume0100
# Goalie Goals Against Saves
39Katy “Wergy” Werginz319

The Red Flags

# Skater Goals Assists Penalty Minutes Penalties
00Justin Sukup1000
2Ryan “RZ” Ziltner0000
3Anna Johnson0000
10Ben Zartman011.51
11Leah Rudin0000
17Suzanne Doody0000
22Brittany Raczek0000
47Brenda Swenson0000
57Jeff Horvath0000
99Leif Backus1000
18Maddy McKeown0000
36Max Stillings0000
48Avery Cordingley1000
69Bri “Fitzie” Fitzgerald0000
# Goalie Goals Against Saves
1Gene Zadzilka524


Capitol Ice Arena - Rink B
2616 N Pleasant View Rd, Middleton, WI 53562