Duties in the Scorebox

The following roles must be filled in order to run the scorebox:

  1. Get pucks on the ice for warmups, and collect them afterwards. Keep 3-4 pucks out for the refs to use during the game.
  2. Run the scoreboard (see below).
  3. Track saves for each goalie. A save is any shot that would have gone into the net had the goalie not been there to stop it.
    • Try out this utility on your smartphone.
    • You can also do this on paper.
  4. Record subs, goals, assists, and penalties on the score sheet.
    • Hockey Ops will print out the score sheets before the games and put them in the scorekeepers’ bench. Subs should check in with the scorekeepers during warmups so their numbers can be recorded.
  5. Play music during intermission / stoppages of play.
  6. Open and close the penalty box doors to let players in and out if there are penalties.
  7. Finalize the score sheet.
    • Write down saves for each goalie.
    • Get the refs to sign the score sheet when the game is over.
    • Take a picture of the score sheet and email it to Hockey Ops.  The score sheet will contain instructions on how to do this.

Running the Scoreboard

The scoreboard is run by a console located in the scorekeepers’ bench.  The following questions describe what needs to happen for common events in hockey.  You may also view a PDF version of the scorebox directions – a printed copy of this PDF will be available in the scorekeepers’ bench.

How do I set up the score board for the first game?

  • Push and hold “ON”
  • Choose “scoreboard” #, hit enter
  • “Use last setup?” No, enter
  • Select sport: Hockey, 1 enter
  • “Change game setup” Yes, Yes/No button top center, enter
  • “Brightness” Enter
  • “Period” 12:00 min., on keyboard push 1-2- 0-0 then enter
  • “Periods” 3, enter
  • “Timeouts” 1 minute, Enter
  • 1 allowed, enter
  • Minor penalty 1:30, 1-3- 0 enter
  • Major penalty 5:00, 5-0- 0 enter
  • Autohorn: Yes, enter
  • Last minute tenths, yes, enter
  • Time of day, skip
  • Set as default: Yes
  • Hit “reset time” for period time to change to 12:00

How do I start the pre-game warm up period?

  • Use the “Intermission” button, enter 0-4- 0-0 for a 4 minute warm-up.
  • Start the clock when teams take the ice.

How do I switch from the pre-game warm up period to the 1st period?

  • Hit “reset” for beginning of game.
  • Make sure periods and scores are zeroed out.
    • “+” period until reads zero
    • “-” score until zero

How do I switch from the 1st period to intermission?

  • Key “Intermission”, top center, key in 0-1-0-0- enter, then run clock.  This will start a 1 minute intermission.
  • The horn will blow automatically.

How do I switch from intermission to the 2nd period?

  • Hit “reset time” to return to period time.
  • Hit Period + 1

How do I pause / resume the clock?

  • Use “Start/Stop” button bottom right corner to operate the clock.
  • A green light comes on in the upper right when the clock running.

What do I do when a player receives a penalty?

  • Hit the “penalty” button on the team it’s against; Home or Guest.
  • Enter the player’s number, then enter.
    • For example: #5, type 0-5, enter.
  • Key Major or Minor, then enter.
    • Almost all penalties in the MGHA are minor.  You’ll know if it’s a major penalty; the official will tell you.
    • The penalty time will be automatically added to the score board.
  • If the opposing team scores a goal during the penalty, cancel the penalty.
    • Key “Delete” next to “penalty”.  It will ask which one; choose, select “yes” top center, and hit enter.
  • At the end of the penalty, open (and close) the door for the player.

What do I do when someone scores a goal?

  • Hit.Goals +1 for either Home or Guest.

What do I do when the game ends?

  • .Make sure periods and scores are zeroed out.
    • “+” period until reads zero
    • “-” score until zero

What do I do if the officials want to edit the time left in the period?

  • Key “edit”
  • Enter the new time
    • For example, to set the time to 1:20, key in 0-1- 2-0, enter.

Your Shifts

Your shifts will be listed on the Teams & Schedule page.  When you are logged in, the text “My scorebox shift” will appear under the game in which you have scorebox duty.

Trading Shifts

You may trade scorebox shifts with other players.  To do so, the player who wants to take you shift should navigate to the page for the game.  They can find the game by visiting the Teams & Schedule page, then clicking on the date/time of the game.  The player can then click the “take a shift” link in the top right corner of the scorebox section, followed by the “Claim” button next to your name.