Author: Alan Silver

November 2020 League Update

Looking at the growth in cases over the last few months together with Dane County Order 10 and the spike in cases that prompted it, we will be postponing our 2020-2021 season indefinitely and suspending on-ice activities until the attached Return to Play Guidelines and conditions can be met in Dane County. Thank you for your support and patience with this process as we try to find what is best for the league, the health and safety of our hockey family is our top priority. 

While this may feel like crap news, it is with hopeful hearts that we publish this document in that it presents a path to getting back on the ice together safely in the future. The most recent hint of baseline conditions (19 or fewer daily cases) was this past June, so it is not impossible! We will play again!

Please see our Covid Updates page for more information.

MGHA Season Postponed to January

First, we’d like to thank you for filling out the survey, coming to our town hall, and sending us feedback as we work through what has been one of the hardest decisions to make as an organization. In coming to a decision as to whether to have a season start in September, we evaluated survey feedback, town hall feedback, Dane County metrics and USA Hockey guidelines, and, as always, our mission of being an inclusive, intersectional, and community-driven organization.

We are postponing any form of games until, at minimum, January. We are exploring the possibility for some level of on-ice, socially distant activities starting in November, and will be providing you with an update by October 1st if these activities will occur.

We know that this decision likely comes with a mixture of feelings – sadness for the season being postponed, anger that the coronavirus has taken our hockey time away from us, and relief that we can make sure we keep our community safe in the midst of this pandemic. We feel many of these things with you, and are here to support you along with the rest of our hockey community. 

This league has always been more than just playing hockey; our goal from the start has been to create an intersectional community in support of our shared, common identities to bring us all together. Although hockey may not be happening, we are staying true to our mission. In the coming weeks, we will be creating a format for you to create virtual events to share with the whole league, titled “Living Room Lives.” Anyone can host these events, and we’re hoping to kick off a grand unveiling by the middle of August. Interested in being a part of the social squad? We need your help! Reply to this email, and we’ll be in touch.

We know there has been much interest for socially-distant dryland events. For the safety of those in our league, we are only sanctioning virtual events as an organization for the foreseeable future. Of course, this does not prevent you from meeting up as individuals to do socially-distant activities. For all social events, including our “Living Room Live” events, we will ask that you have a virtual format that is accessible to those in the league.

Although this decision has been tough, we have been truly inspired by the passion in our league and the thought and interest the community has had for our favorite sport. Please be well, check in on your hockey family, and stay healthy.

In solidarity,
The MGHA Board

June 30, 2020 Board Minutes

Date: June 30, 2020
Attendees: Amanda Thornton, Alan Silver, Halley Pucker, Gene Zadzilka, Ian Leach, Avery Cordingley
Location: google meet

Meeting with Summer league updates/Fall league plans

  • Plan is to not have hockey in the summer with rising cases
  • Keeping in mind our mission:
    • Safety first!
    • Make a fun and inclusive environment for hockey
    • Bring people who have never played hockey before to our league and get them to love it like we do!
  • Fall league next steps:
    • Cases are rising; how do we come up with benchmarks?
      • July 26th – MGHA Forum on COVID with a pre-survey
      • Breakout rooms with one board member each
      • Survey will be allowed to be anonymous as well
      • Al and Amanda to produce the survey
    • Once we have the information from our MGHAGo/No go dates for next season:
      • August 23rd for season decide whether we start in September vs November
      • Oct 15th decide November vs. January
      • Regardless, we’ll need to add social component for new recruits
        • Ian and Halley to take point on this
      • Potentially leverage Mid-week practices/instructions for newbies to catch up the season/get the newbies integrated into the league

June 24, 2020 Board Minutes

Date: June 24, 2020
Attendees: Amanda Thornton, Alan Silver, Halley Pucker, Gene Zadzilka, Ian Leach, Avery Cordingley
Location: google meet

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Al to make a “goalie” product that goalies can pay
  • Al to review the lists from the survey and put them together for folks to start reaching out to these different committees
  • Avery to put together a survey to poll the league on interest with details listed
    • 75 responses
      • 45 said yes to Oregon
      • 43 said yes to Hartmeyer
    • Plan is to send out a survey to formally sign up and include people are signing up at their own risk and would need to organize their own carpools and that we’re planning on continuing the league in spite of cases
    • Avery to take a look at if they can refund or not and then put language if we don’t have to continue paying the ice we will/won’t refund them
    • Avery to talk through w/ K8 on the utility of masks
  • Avery to reach out to Tim for HOps
    • Send out a survey to all HOps people to see if they’re interested in staying in HOps
  • Gene to follow up on where the donations for Team Trans went
    • Gene to take a look at this!
  • Gene to reach out to peeps who haven’t paid dues this weekend
    • Amanda and Gene to follow up with reconciling the spreadsheet with Paypal
    • Ian to look at language from Gene
  • Halley and Ian to meet and discuss next steps in sponsorship
  • Ian to ask the question on who has the comms group 
  • Ian to wordsmith some language on the donation piece
    • Make sure to include it be a separate link

Committee Updates

  • HOPS (Avery)
    • Spoke with Tim – got some updates and planning is underway
  • Recruiting (Halley and Al)
    • Halley learned how to use Trello! Woo!
    • Meeting on the 29th regarding recruiting
  • Apparel (Amanda)
    • Still have sweatshirts that we can sell! Will plan to sell them going forward
  • Gear (Avery)
    • No updates 
      • Avery to reach out to Simon to get additional info on gear.
  • Social  (Ian and Halley)
    • No updates
  • Communications
    • No updates
  • Treasurer (Gene)
    • Funds are ok for right now – currently financially solvent but will need to raise funds going forward since we ran negative last year
    • Reminder to send bills to
  • Sponsor (Ian and Halley)
    • No updates
  • Website (Alan)
    • Meeting on Friday night to go over how to improve the website
  • Education
    • Halley to reach out to Grayson re: disability education
    • Amanda to do some investigation for finding someone to employ for racial justice education
    • Friendly plug to provide an asynchronous option for training!
    • Will also need to find a deaf interpreter/captioner
    • Alan to reach out to Black Girls Hockey to see if they do consulting work

Discussion Items

League-wide meetings?

  • Ian and Halley  to think through a social way to connect (potentially with Libs)

June 11, 2020 Board Minutes

Date: June 11, 2020
Attendees: Amanda Thornton, Alan Silver, Halley Pucker, Gene Zadzilka, Ian Leach, Avery Cordingley
Location: google meet

Agenda and notes


  • Secretary?
    • Ian will take over the notetaking/distilling the info
    • Alan will publish on the web and email out
      • Ian nominated Alan to be official secretary
      • Seconded by Avery
      • Motion carries
  • Registrar
    • Halley will take over the registration piece for USA hockey

Website overview for Halley and Ian
Reviewed high level overview for how to add announcements to the website

Committee Updates

  • Recruiting – Halley and Al
    • Application
      • Removed question about “Do you identify as a woman?”
      • Are you a person of color
      • Hockey experience level
      • Are you LGBTQ
    • Call for volunteers/add volunteers from member meeting
      • Recruiting committees next steps is to put together a list of members and start understanding Trello (MGHA robot that moves people forward through the application process i.e. applicant → deposit paid → player → lifetime member[one day!]) 
    • Plan is one last email blast for previous applicants then purge lists?
    • We’ll need to identify a goalie specialist within recruiting
      • Make sure to reach out to Gene to get some additional context!
    • Plan is to start recruiting by July 1
  • HOps – Avery
    • Hasn’t gotten started with things yet!
    • Get a meeting together with Tim to figure out what next steps are
    • Avery to reach out to Tim!
  • Social – Halley and Ian
    • No updates, but plan to meet to discuss summer events during COVID.
  • Sponsorships
    • Got an e-mail from Maggie this morning on past sponsors
    • Halley and Ian to meet and discuss next steps in sponsorship
    • Halley to get together with her “strategic partnership officer” friend!
    • Donation of Services vs. money
      • Advertising and websites
    • Do we send thank you letters?
      • Have not done this, but we should do it going forward.
      • Have printed thank you cards already
      • Always a good reminder that there is no such thing as an insignificant donation
  • Gear – Avery
    • No updates
  • Apparel
    • Sweatshirts sitting and waiting
    • T-shirt color?
    • Lauren G will be helping out
    • We have a box of tshirts with a tester color
    • Plan is that we’re going to do one color next year 
  • Treasurer – most handoffs done, some paperwork left to do
    • Gene has volunteered to be treasurer for this year. 
      • Everyone votes in favor
    • Most details knocked out with Jake
    • Took a field trip to PO Box and cashed checks from there
    • Last item is to add to the UW Credit union account, which requires some paperwork
    • We ran negative last year due to increased ice fees, more financial aid and gear assistance
    • We need to talk to HOPs next year about shortening season and raising dues to $300
    • We should track on the Team Trans donations
      • There are donations for this
      • Gene to follow up on where the donations for Team Trans went
    • $7,500 in uncollected dues
      • We can change players to “alumni” if they have unpaid dues until we speak to them. Of course, first step is just to reach out and figure out the best approach
    • What does it take to run a whole season? 
      • Roughly $10k a month if you include financial assistance and gear assistance for all 7 months of hockey. We also don’t know what Cap Ice when they open is going to look like
    • Gene to reach out to peeps who haven’t paid dues this weekend
  • Registration
    • Should we bar registration for non-payment for 2019 dues?
    • How can we clearly list out that a donor is an option
      • $7,000 in donations!
      • Ian to wordsmith some language on the donation piece
    • Al to make a “goalie” product that goalies can pay
    • We’ll wait to send an e-mail out until Gene reaches out this weekend

Al to review the lists from the survey and put them together for folks to start reaching out to these different committees

Discussion Items

Ice options for Summer

  • Avery putting together documents regarding USA Hockey recommendations
    • We obviously will need to limit the amount of players on the ice at any given time
    • Should we require a mask
    • Avery to put together a survey to poll the league on interest with details listed
    • Get the options together of what it will cost and where and when
    • “6 week session at x amount with x number of players” or “4 week sessions at x amount with x drill” 


  • Fb, twitter, instagram….
  • Who is doing this? Haha
  • Ian to ask the question on who has the comms group

League Referendum May 2020

The Board moves to implement a two league Association for the foreseeable future, until the structure no longer serves the Association and at which time, a new proposal shall be made, and the members will vote on the new restructure. The two league Association structure will include “L1” and “L2” as two skill based leagues, details below as it worked in the 2019-2020 season.

Restructure of the MGHA into two skills-based leagues, L1 & L2.

  1. L1 will provide a safe and inclusive place to play and coach ice skating and hockey fundamentals. Anyone can skate in this league.
  2. L2 will provide a safe and inclusive game of competitive hockey. Players should skate in control of their body while handling the puck and seek to avoid collision with others.
  3. All skaters are expected to play the MGHA Way – safety, fun, skills and strategy development over showboating and winning. This is not, and never will be, a “beer league”.
  4. Cross-league subbing for skaters is encouraged assuming subbing guidelines are followed and players are able to safely compete and follow league guidelines.
  5. All Skaters will be evaluated and can self-select their League, but the Board and HOPs reserves the right to appeal self-selection.
  6. Yearly evaluations of Goalies will determine which league they will be placed. Same-league subbing will take priority over cross-league in order to maintain skill balance. If no other options are available, upon evaluation from HOPS and/or the Board, a similarly-skilled Goalie will sub in for the absent Goalie. 
You must log in to vote.

Town Hall Meeting 2/20/20


  • Introductions
    • Brief board introduction and our acting roles
  • Presidential Address
    • spotless/flawless/fabulous  


  • Clarification of forum for discussion 
    • 5 minutes to introduce your topic of discussion and present your arguments
    • 10 minutes total discussion for the topic after introduced, then it becomes old business
  • Summary of agenda with brief explanation
  • Conduct process review 
  • HOps update 
  • L1/L2 Split Review 
  • Survey results summary about 78 responses for the meeting with several positive answers and a few negative. Social interaction seemed to be one of the larger barriers this year.
  • Comments and suggestions from the attendees:
    • Witte- Asked for the planning to be more intentional for challenge weeks. 
    • Parter- Create a new committee for challenge/non-game weeks activities.
    • Sukup- Have a conversation with captains to be more open and outgoing themselves or to find a social ambassador on the team to help with branching out to other folx in the association. 
    • Alpha- Set up game areas, board or cards, in the common areas upstairs.
  • MGHA Classic Tournament
    • Ryan Ziltner- Put social committee together for the Classic to help mingle locals and visitors playing in the tournament (he volunteered to help this year).
  • Recap of all topics mentioned
  • Open discussion
    • Sukup- What safety concerns do people have with the on-ice safety or rink location
    • Safety concern was on-ice with different levels not playing down, players trying too hard and putting themselves and puck handler at risk of injury.
  • Geoffrey- Asked about the demographics of new players and if they had breakdown of gender specific answers in regards to gay folks vs straight and if we are still recruting gay men. 
  • Sarah Pisula – How are we holding skill levels 5 and 6 accountable for their promise to play down to the L1 level. Are they helping to create a safe environment for the the newer skaters?
  • Alpha- Maybe there’s an issue with the players ranked 3 and 4 playing down and inclusively, not just those who rank 5 or 6. 
  • Witte- Felt the play was pretty great in the leagues. Feels the social aspect is lacking and finding the sponsor that stays open past 9:30 on Sundays. There’s still a barrier between L1 and L2 leagues commingling
  • Ryan Z- Again volunteered to help with the social squad, is loving the league and scheduling life on Sundays around hockey. He asked if we can we get our sponsors to possibly cater food in the eagle’s nest to facilitate socialization. 
  • Witte- Should we be telling the sponsors we are from MGHA? 
    • Yes tell hosts you are MGHA.
  • Patrick F- How much aid did we award this year, do we expect this much every year? What’s the forecast with our funds and being able to sustain in the future?
    • Amanda- Waiting on numbers from Jake.
  • Sukup- There were a lot of new player socials at the beginning of the year, how did they go? Were they successful?
    • Ryan Z-personally didn’t talk to a lot of people, but was fine
    • Laur- Interacted with a lot of players till 1-2am at the bonfire.
    • Tim- L1’s have been hanging out a lot together, especially the new hockey players.
  • Chuck-whats the goal for next year in regards to adding more teams?
    • Amanda- Waiting till the end of the year survey to see what folks thought of the season. The L1 league is larger than initially anticipated.
  • Ryan-do we need to keep recruiting new players?
    • Patrick/Amanda- Yes, it’s always good to have players waiting to enter the league as there are players who move away or don’t want to play in the up-coming year. 
  • Sarah P- Loving the restructure as L1 has given her more time to think while playing and learn at the right speed with those who are similar in skills with her.
  • Alpha- Echoes what Sarah said and has enjoyed learning to play goalie in the L1 league and broadening his skills.
  • Ryan-are we staying at Cap Ice for next year?
    • Amanda-we have a price guarantee for ice. The super bowl debacle won’t happen again. Overall, the ice is better than Hartmeyer’s ice. We have faced some challenges with the Capitals home games forcing us to adjust game times, but are working on better communication with the rink management (they’ve had some turnover).
  • Sukup- Loved the super bowl color bowl games.
  • Amanda T- Little blurb about membership and their roles/responsibilities.
  • Matthew- Are there new proposals for this year?
    • Amanda- Not at this time.
  • Patrick- Plug for essays and their impacts on new skaters. How they impact and act as a blueprint for other leagues to follow.
    • Tim- Writing his essay helped him take a look at his life; where he came from and what he had learned about different groups of people.
  • Patrick- Let’s do outreach to help teams get together and travel to other league tournaments.
    • Katy- She would love to see more advertising/encouraging of league members to put together teams and travel.
  • Alpha- Team trans event is coming up!
  • Chuck- What are some things we could do to help others feel less excluded and more included in the MGHA?
    • Amanda- Keep an open spot when talking in a group to allow someone to join. Assist captains with finding a social ambassador from the team to help with motivating others to interact and plan social events. 
  • Matt- A way to encourage socializing could be pre-game activities in the locker room, like jamming out to a song and this could lead to conversations amongst players and pump up the team. Also, maybe set up a week night get-together to participate in trivia or play other games.
  • Laur- Suggested teammates and other team players stretch together pre-game.
    • Maggie- Great idea! Folx could use the lobby or locker room. 
  • Sarah- Enjoyed the goalie curious clinics and found out she really enjoys the position. She would like to see more folx encouraging new people to try different positions.
  • Geoffrey- Enjoyed the color games during the super bowl, too.
  • Chuck- Will there still be summer scrimmages?
    • Tim- Yes, assuming Cap Ice is available to us. We will possibly continue Sunday night scrimmages if there is enough interest  from folx. 

Team Reveal Night Schedule

Before we start playing games, however, we need some teams and we’re going to announce the 2019-2020 MGHA teams on Sunday!

Here’s the schedule for the night (sorry for the delay but we were confirming expanded ice times)…

Rink A:
5:00 PM – Lawn Dart All Stars vs Book Hockey
6:10 PM – Pop Magic vs Penalty Killaz
7:20 PM – Open Skate
8:00 PM – Team Reveal
8:50 PM – Rainbow Sprinkles vs Purgatory Peacemakers (Championship)

Rink B:
4:30 PM – Track One Scrimmage
5:40 PM – Track Two Scrimmage
6:50 PM – The Real Rink Rats of Madison vs Die Tarantel des Torontos

Once the second tournament game is over on Rink A, we’ll open the ice up to those who want to skate around. Let’s keep this to just skating without sticks and pucks since we only have thirty minutes or so.

We’re aiming to have everyone in the stands in Rink A right around 8 PM for the big reveal. In addition to revealing teams, we’ll also have some wonderful desserts to partake in while we hang out with our new teams and watch the championship tournament game!

Please try to be there Sunday to meet your team. If you can’t be there, that’s okay. We’ll post teams on the website on Monday or Tuesday (it takes a little time to get everything plugged in).

September 11, 2019 Board Minutes

Date: September 11, 2019

Attendees: Amanda Thornton, Tim Tender, Alan Silver, Amanda “Simon” Steimle, Maggie Augustin, Jake Wagner

Absent: Katy Werginz



  • Currently sitting at ~ 116 players for L1  (14-15/team) 
  • Currently sitting at ~ 80 players for  L2 (13-14/team)
    • Looking to get a few more L2 if possible


  • Working on schedule
    • Times for ice set. Need to move games and such around in slots
  • Preseason
    • Waiting for goalie evals to be conducted
    • Goalies 
  • Lost a goalie, so need a 14th goalie
  • Possibly split with Suzanne + another
    • Maybe Ames
  • Have an outside person (Badger goalie coach) to evaluate all our goalies to help decide which goalie gets put into which league.
  • This evaluation will take place on 9/29 at 7:20 
  • Email will be sent to goalies very soon about his arrangement.
  • Tournament jerseys? MGHA will provide light and dark. Schedule will dictate which team is which. 
  • Season start button on website
    • Need to back up db before we hit the big button
    • Will start the season as soon as that is done.
  • Refs for preseason 
    • Using internal folx as volunteers
    • One ref per game
  • Regular season refs
    • Need to be assigned 
    • Will get this information to Jane
  • Captains 
    • Almost set in stone


  • All ordered and sitting at printer.


  • Gear swap happened.
  • Lots of people attended. No number given. 
  • Simon will be the new keeper of any extra gear
  • Will we have a fundraiser / donation drive for more gear
    • Put on back burner. Not needed right now. 
  • Issues with used gear collected
    • Old helmets might be an issue, depending on the date and we don’t know if the helmet was involved in any incidents making them unsafe. Will defer not to take used helmets. 
    • Old skates that were broken
    • Would like a bare bones criteria of what we accept. Simon will draft a new policy


  • New player cookout is set for September 27th 


  • 78 people still need to pay the $200 final payment 
    • Jake will start poking people for their fees
  • Need to set up invoices for payment plans
  • Need to set up bank account. Alan will need to give Amanda these meeting notes in order to process the bank account. 


  • List and logo files sent to Amanda
  • Dexters and GNP not sponsoring us this year. 



  • Alan is working through the details with CGHA, CGHA has the ice, so figuring out how we can share.

La Bahn

  • Need to get back to Emily to see if we can use LaBahn during the year. She was a little busy right now. 

Blades update

  • We need to finalize the date. Would really love to get LaBahn. 
  • Will wait till 10/7 to hear from LaBahn before moving on to other options. 



  • Info is getting lost on the website. It is hard to find some info.
  • Alan will be looking for peeps to help out and act as content manager and help with content design.   
  • Planning to send out a Nov 9 feedback form for new people to weigh in on the website. What is working, what is not? A new fresh set of eyes will be helpful. 
  • Nudge on Dec 15th for backend technical support of the site. This will involve Randi and a few others who were willing to help. 

New membership 

  • A few membership entries were lost in last go around. Make sure to ask those few people to resubmit their membership. 
  • New member nominations Ends 9/15
  • Open voting to members on 9/16
  • Will have 2 weeks to vote on new members.


  • 110 USA hockey numbers have been entered/submitted. 
  • 40 players still waiting for data entry
  • Meaning, we are still missing people. We will send targeted emails to those that are missing. 

Orientation recap & Make-up session

  • Orientation for new players went dandy. Will  do another one this week after beginner clinics
  • John Stephany will acquaint us with an “the MGHA way” crash course in the locker rooms during the first week of spirit tournament 

Ride share program

  • Thank you David Hafner for making this a thing! 
  • Can we improve on the spreadsheet and make it dynamic

MGE Sponsorship

  • No conversations yet, but some to come……

Donate button

  • Need a button on the website for people to be able to donate.
  • No discussions  yet.


  • Figure out what we need in terms of volunteer efforts
  • And a way to ask for help
  • Bring back next time to board for discussion. 

Skills and drills

  • Huge kudos Libs and Chuck for the time, and recording of drills and skills that we can use for the upcoming season (and longer)  
  • Need to figure out where and how to publish it (most likely on the website)


Board Vote!

The board voted on switching our finances to UW Credit Union

  • Yea – 6 
  • No – 0 

Motion has been adopted and funds will be moved to UWCU as Alan gets a signed copy to Amanda. 

Next Board Meeting 

  • October 3, 2019

Preseason Schedule 9/22 – 10/13

Here’s the schedule for 9/22:

Rink A:
Spirit Tournament (entire schedule here)
5:00 PM: Spirit Tournament – The Real Rink Rats of Madison v Lawn Dart All Stars
6:10 PM: Spirit Tournament – Rainbow Sprinkles v Pop Magic
7:20 PM: Spirit Tournament – Book Hockey v Die Tarantel des Torontos
8:30 PM: Spirit Tournament – Purgatory’s Peacemakers v Penalty Killaz

Rink B:
Clinics and Intro Scrimmages
4:30 PM: Beginner Clinic – Had Never Skated(Track 1)
5:40 PM: Beginner Clinic – Had Skated (Track 1)
6:50 PM: Intro Scrimmage (Track 2)

Here’s the schedule for 9/29: 

Rink A:
Spirit Tournament and Goalie Evaluation (entire schedule here)
5:00 PM: Spirit Tournament – Book Hockey v Purgatory’s Peacemakers
6:10 PM: Spirit Tournament – The Real Rink Rats of Madison v Rainbow Sprinkles
7:20 PM: Goalie Evaluation
8:30 PM: Spirit Tournament – Lawn Dart All Stars v Pop Magic

Rink B:
Intro Scrimmages and an Spirit Tournament Game
4:30 PM: Intro Scrimmage (All Track 1 Skaters)
5:40 PM: Intro Scrimmage (Track 2)
6:50 PM: Spirit Tournament – Die Tarantel des Torontos v Penalty Killaz

Here’s the schedule for 10/6:

Rink A:
Spirit Tournament (entire schedule here)
5:00 PM: Spirit Tournament – Die Tarantel des Torontos v Purgatory’s Peacemakers
6:10 PM: Spirit Tournament – Book Hockey v Penalty Killaz
7:20 PM: Spirit Tournament – Lawn Dart All Stars v Rainbow Sprinkles
8:30 PM: Spirit Tournament – The Real Rink Rats of Madison v Pop Magic

Rink B:
Clinics and Intro Scrimmages
4:30 PM: Intro Scrimmage (All Track 1 Skaters)
5:40 PM: Intro Scrimmage (Track 2)
6:50 PM: Extra Ice for Evaluations (if necessary)

Here’s the schedule for 10/13:

Team Reveal! – Time/ Format TBD
Rink A:
Spirit Tournament Playoffs
5:00 PM: Spirit Tournament East 4 v West 4
6:10 PM: Spirit Tournament East 3 v West 3
7:20 PM: Spirit Tournament East 2 v West 2
8:30 PM: Spirit Tournament East 1 v West 1

Rink B:
Clinics and Intro Scrimmages
4:30 PM: Scrimmage (Track 1 – Beginner)
5:40 PM: Scrimmage (Track 2 – Intermediate)
6:50 PM: To Be Determined