2021-2022 MGHA All the Way Award Winners

Here are your 2021-2022 MGHA All the Way Award Winners and the nice things their teams had to say about them.

End of the Rainbow: Sonny Graves
Watching Sonny’s debut as a goalie has been lots of fun and impressive. They always have an upbeat, positive attitude and their attitude is contagious. Sonny embodies what the MGHA is all about: the pure joy of playing the game of hockey in a friendly, positive, and supportive environment. They inspire me every week to be and do better. It’s a pleasure to be Sonny’s teammate this year!

The Necromancers: Mar Gosselar
Mar has been a phenomenal presence on the team, promoting team unity, compassion, and excitement. They’ve made our text chat a wholesome place and promoted a culture of caring for your teammates.

Skyfall: Peter Jones
Peter is our team cheerleader.  He always makes everyone feel like they have done their best. Peter has a positive, teamwork attitude that just makes people feel good! Whether from his kind words in the locker room, his silly “Get ‘em!” yells from the bench, or his screams & giggles on the ice when he wipes out, he is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! Peter makes hockey fun and the overall MGHA experience special and memorable!

Green Eggs and WHAM!  Christy Churchill
Special message from Abby – I can’t think of anyone more well-suited for this award than my sibling, Christy. Their upbeat and positive attitude, even after a loss, was a critical fixture on our team. Throughout the season, they went out of their way to provide positive feedback to many members of our team after each game – they managed to observe individual players while in net AND make some wicked saves. In addition, their tremendous improvement over the season was inspiring to us all. Congrats, Christy, you deserve it!

Slippery When Wet: Bri “Fitzie” Fitzgerald
Fitzie always brings positive energy to games. From their willingness to play whatever position, to their friendliness to every teammate and sub who entered our locker room, to their attitude of “I feel like I have to sample the stick breaking in my next song” after a stick-breaking injury, Fitzie is the embodiment of positivity, and well deserving of the all-the-way award.

The Harvey Milks: Shiny!
Shiny is always a friendly and positive presence in the locker room and on the ice. He makes everyone feel welcomed on and off the ice. Shiny helped lead our practices and always has encouraging words for other players. He keeps a positive attitude on the ice and always looks for assists. He plays inclusively, supports his teammates, and always encourages folks to join him for post-game beverages!

The Fanta-Sticks! Sarah Johnson-Mehrkens
Sarah jumped in to play defense for the first time while learning new skills each week, and has continued to support the team from the bench!
Sarah has been an amazing asset to The Fanta-Sticks! showing flexibility, team spirit, and commitment to growth and learning.  When she was injured and it was clear that her season was over,  she put on a helmet and joined us on the bench,  providing coaching, encouragement, and cheers.  Even though she’s not physically with us on the ice,  she’s still with us 100% and we couldn’t be happier.  Sarah is totally MGHA All the Way!

The Abominable Snowpeeps: Alex Krajek
As a new player this year, Alex has fully immersed himself in the MGHA. He subs for multiple games, plays hard each week, and takes to heart any advice offered. His growth this year is absolutely amazing!

Caution! Trisha Adamus
Tricia exemplifies team spirit. She’s our team mom, always bringing snacks and making sure everyone feels comfortable. Trisha has an infectious enthusiasm for the game and for the league. She’s always inclusive, always modeling good sportsmanship, and she’s just a joy to play hockey with – exemplifying the MGHA way!

Sauce: Ames Barker
Ames has done an amazing job this season of leading by example, both on and off the ice.
Ames joined our team and immediately stepped into the role of mentor and took the time each week to help players learn. They are unselfish with the puck and have made it their goal of the season to try to be the supporting player and go for the assist first and foremost so as to get new players their first goal(s). Numerous times they have taken on tasks for the team and been an absolute support. They embody the league’s definition of the MGHA way. Our team is that much better whenever Ames is there to go All The Way!

The Red Flags: Gene Zadzilka
Gene is our team’s biggest cheerleader. He’s always willing to help, offering advice, and volunteering his time. His passion for the sport, the team, and this league is awesome!

Black Holes: Christina Libs
Captain Christina brought the encouragement, organization, and dance energy that made this season extra good—she went above and beyond to manage the challenges of balancing teams in L2, provided great feedback from the bench and recognized growth in teammates of all skill levels, and was calm and caring as we navigated the great unknowns of the pandemic (and deep space). Her organization of the super fun pond hockey tournament was top notch. She’s the holiest of the Black Holes!

Magic School Bus: Alanna Friscino
Alanna is always positive, promoting and accepting individuality. Alanna has been a wonderful teammate during her first season with MGHA. She is always excited to be on the ice and supports her teammates and captains with thoughtful advice and enthusiasm!

Violet Villains: Erica Fry
Erica has been an exemplary player on the Violet Villains all season. She always has wise and calming words for other players, both one on one and between periods to the team. She’s a smart player, level headed, and makes any line she’s on that much stronger.