Schedule Change for 3/27

Hey everyone,

I got a call from Trent at Cap Ice with some bad news yesterday. Cap Ice has to bring down Rink A due to some ice quality concerns. It will be back for games on April 3. That means we (myself and the Board) have had to scramble to come up with a plan for this week. We realize that there is no plan that will be good for everyone so, please know, that we’re doing our best to make this as fair as possible.

Let me outline the plan below first. I’ll then outline the reasoning behind our decisions. There are some things we need from you and I’ll outline those in RED below. Please read those!

Here we go!


Sunday 3/27

3:50 PM – L2 – Yellow vs Red

5:00 PM – L1 – Green vs Black

6:10 PM – L2 – Black vs Light Blue

7:20 PM – L2 – White vs Purple

8:30 PM – L1 – Light Blue vs White

Monday 3/28

6:30 PM – L1 – Orange vs Red

7:40 PM – L1 – Purple vs Yellow


We only had a very short window to make these choices. Our decisions were made for the following reasons:

  • Our aim was minimal displacement even though our Sunday available ice went from 2 sheets to 1 sheet.
  • L1 games were placed on Monday night because we have more players in L1 and more sub potential to fill any slots of those who can’t make it.
  • L1 games were also placed on Monday because several of our L2 players are referees and have volunteered to officiate those games, meaning we don’t need to find refs.
  • The games that were moved to Monday were chosen because of their game times in proximity to the other games on the other sheet of ice to minimize disruption to those teams.
  • L2 Yellow vs Red was moved to 3:50 because the game was originally going to be at 4:30 and that was the smallest displacement out of all of that night’s original slots (40 minutes).
  • L2 Black vs Light Blue and L2 White vs Purple were pushed back 30 minutes, which is also a small displacement.
  • Keeping these game times allowed us to keep the referees in place that were already scheduled. We only need to solicit referees for the 3:50 PM game, now.
  • We prioritized having games over canceling games, even though that meant using ice time on a non-league day (Monday).
  • We considered scrimmages for L1 or L2, but we’ve done so many scrimmage nights so far this season that we didn’t want to do another when we had the option to avoid it. We also didn’t think it was fair to have one league play an extra game over the other.

I’m sure there were a few more. Please know that we understand that not everyone can make a Monday night game. We apologize for that. This was a really, really hard decision to make. We’re doing the best we can with the hand we’ve unfortunately been dealt. So again, we’re really sorry if you, now, cannot make your game due to these changes.


It’s going to be VERY IMPORTANT that we have lots of sub volunteers for this week, especially for the Monday night games. Please consider signing up to sub. The sub desk email will go out at its normal time on Sunday at noon.

  • SIGN UP TO SUB BEFORE SUNDAY AT 11 AM. DO THIS AT (Note: The teams and schedule page currently only lists Sunday’s games.)

If you previously marked yourself absent for a game on Sunday, please review the schedule and adjust your absence on the website. Also, if you cannot make your game now, please mark yourself as absent. The sub desk email will go out at noon on Sunday for all games, including Monday night’s.

  • MARK YOURSELF AS ABSENT (OR NOT ABSENT) BY SUNDAY AT 11 AM. DO THIS AT (Note: The teams and schedule page currently only lists Sunday’s games.)

We will need volunteers for two scorebox shifts. Please, please help us with this. The other shifts will be assigned.

Sunday’s on-duty shift will be Katy Werginz with some extra help filling in while Katy is playing her game. Monday’s on-duty shift will be covered by Gene Zadzilka. Should you have any problems while at the rink on those days, seek them out.

I think that’s it. Again, please know that this decision was a difficult one and we know that it’s not perfectly fair to everyone. Hopefully you can understand the decision we’ve made.

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email



(on behalf of myself and the Board)

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