Schedule Change (10/27 Practices and 11/3 Games)

Hey everyone!

The league that the Caps play in has mandated that all Sunday games start at 3 PM instead of 2 PM (unless ok’d by the visiting team).  This only impacts a few of our weeks, but there may be a few schedule changes throughout the season.  We’ll update you as we learn about them.  Aside from these two, the next Sunday home Caps game isn’t until December 1st.
As of now, here’s the schedule for this week’s practices and the first week of games (the 11/3 games may change if the visiting team approves of the 2 PM time)…

Sunday 10/27 (Practices)

Rink A

6:30 PM: Orange and Green (L2)

7:40 PM: Light Blue and Yellow (L2)

8:50 PM: Red and Blue (L2)

Rink B

5:00 PM: Black and Green (L1)

6:10 PM: Red and Orange (L1)

7:20 PM: Light Blue and Yellow (L1)

8:30 PM: Blue and White (L1)

Sunday 11/3 (Games)

Rink A

6:30 PM: Orange and Yellow (L2)

7:40 PM: Red and Light Blue (L2)

8:50 PM: Green and Blue (L2)

Rink B

5:00 PM: Light Blue and Red (L1)

6:10 PM: Black and Blue (L1)

7:20 PM: Yellow and Green (L1)

8:30 PM: Orange and White (L1) Couple of reminders:

  • Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to make sure you’re dressed in time to get on the ice.
  • While on the ice, helmets MUST stay on at all times for safety and insurance reasons.
  • Please mark yourself absent on the website if you’re going to miss.

Thank you all for your patience as we work through these growing pains. Can’t wait to see you all on the ice!
Tim(on behalf of HOps and the Board)