Thanksgiving Weekend 2017 Challenge Games

Our challenge games are coming up this weekend. Since it’s early in the season we have some reminders.  PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP FOR ONE GAME until noon on Saturday, November 25th. Please sign up for a game where you can learn and play safely.  We’ll have two intermediate games, a game for beginners, and a game for advanced players.  It’s a good idea to challenge yourself as the season progresses, but only within your limits.  In the advanced games, skaters do not “play down” in some of the ways that they try to do in our regular season games.  More advanced players who sign up for a scrimmage below their skill level should facilitate game play for players who fit well in that skill level.  Inclusive play is exceptionally important in such a situation.  For safety, HOps reserves the right to shift players if we feel you have signed up for a level that doesn’t match your skill.

The games will be scheduled as follows:

5:15 PM – Intermediate Game 1
6:30 PM – Advanced Game
7:45 PM – Beginner Game
9:00 PM – Intermediate Game 2

See you on the ice!
-HOps (Tim, Matthew, Amanda, Mark, Courtney, John, Brian)

26Nov2017 Challenge Games

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