MGHA Hockey Gear Swap – Tuesday, Sept 14th – 6pm at Delta

It’s time! This upcoming Tuesday, September 14th, 6pm is our MGHA annual gear swap on the Delta Beer Lab Patio! Bring gear to swap, donate, or browse the collection before getting on the ice this year.

New Players & Mentors – this is the perfect time to get fitted out! If you can’t make it, there will be plenty of mentors around to meet new players and help them try things on.

COVID19 protocol – masks on while indoors, gear should be cleaned and sanitized, only for trying on over clothes. We’ll have extra wipes and hand sanitizer.

BONUS – See Gene to buy a $5 hockey helmet mask! Limit one per person, because this is subsidized. If there’s great demand, we can place another order, but we’re unlikely to get the same discount, so I’d expect a higher price.  Cash/check or PayPal right now, as Venmo doesn’t do non-profits yet.

Delta is a league sponsor this year, so let’s show them some MGHA love! Show up, share photos, buy swag/drinks, etc. You can bring food into Delta… I’m informally encouraging baked goods and darts competition for the evening.

See you there!

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