March 31 / April 7 Schedule Changes

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re having a fantastic Saturday!

– New schedules and location for March 31 and April 7 on website and Google calendar
– Can’t sub in overlapping games, alert captains if already subbing for another team
– Scorebox shifts will be adjusted, standby for that email

Full Message:
We’re coming down the home stretch of the season and with Hartmeyer going down early this season, we’re shifting our play to Cap Ice, the same venue that’ll host our MGHA Classic.  This’ll be a chance to check it out before the tournament in about a month.
That said, we’ll have some changes to the schedule and we wanted to pass those changes along to you.


You’ll see the schedule above.  Since Cap Ice has two sheets, our night will be condensed and nobody will have a super-late game.  The games at 5:30, 6:40, and 7:50 PM will play on Rink A.  The 6:00 and 7:10 PM games will be on Rink B.  Rink A is to the left and Rink B is to the right when you enter Cap Ice.

We’re working on adjusting scorebox shifts, so stay tuned for an email about that.
Also notice in the picture that we’ve adjusted the subbing procedure to account for overlapping games.  Notice that I can’t sign up for the 6 PM game because I have a game at 5:30 PM.  I can, however, sign up for the others.  When you are asked to sub by a captain, please be careful not to volunteer to sub in overlapping games.  Let them know if you’re already subbing for another team that day.

Championship night is April 7th.  We’ll also be running on two rinks.  We’ll still have the potluck.  We’ll still have the team picture.  Standby for more information on all of this coming soon.  Here’s a look at the schedule.  This will be based on the season-ending team standings.

4:20 PMRink B9th10th
4:40 PMRink A7th8th
5:40 PMRink B5th6th
6:00 PMRink A3rd4th
7:30 PMRink ALeague Picture
8:00 PMRink A1st2nd

That’s it for now.  Although we’re sad about the season ending, we’re really excited for the next two weeks!
See you at the rink,Tim (on behalf of the Board)