Championship Night Details

Can you believe our season is almost over? Honestly I feel like we just started!

But before we move on to summer (and the Classic!!) we have our Championship Night at Cap Ice. Saving the best for last! 
We have a busy night that includes taking our on ice league photo and presenting the ‘MGHA All-The-Way’ Awards.

Here is the schedule of events for the night:

4:20pm – Rink B = MaroonyTunes VS Nightfuries
4:40pm – Rink A = Arrrnge VS Madison Blues
5:40pm – Rink B = Grayzly Bears VS Red Delicious
6:00pm – Rink A = Narwhals VS Snow Witte and the 14 Dwarfs
7:30pm – Rink A = Team photo! Please arrive at least 15 minutes early with your jersey
8:00pm – Rink A = ABBA: Gold VS Dancing Greens

Because of the alternating schedule. our current schedule for scorebox doesn’t really work. To solve this, we are asking for volunteers to work a shift instead. Please, PLEASE sign up for a shift here if you are able! Keep in mind when you are playing before signing up, especially for rink A.

Also, Cap Ice has graciously allowed us to still host our potluck at their rink. Please sign up for a dish to pass in the link below:
Potluck Sign Up

**IMPORTANT REMINDER: We are not allowed to bring in any of our own alcohol into the rink due to the Eagles Nest having a liquor license. Thank you for following their rules!***

Let us know if you have any questions!
See you Sunday!