(L) vs Snow Witte and the 14 Dwarves (W)


Date Time League Season
November 11, 2018 9:30 pm Madison Gay Hockey Association 2018-2019


Maroony Tunes

# Skater Goals Assists Penalty Minutes Penalties
3Molly Costello0100
11NA NA0000
13Mark Nessel0000
16Jane Schneider0000
17Sean “L Sean” Hubbard0000
21Rob Kalejta0000
23Elena C0000
36Max Stillings0000
41McKenzie Zeiss0000
43Chris Rusthoven0000
71Wyatt Carlston1000
33Jason Northouse0000
# Goalie Goals Against Saves
39Katy “Wergy” Werginz514

Snow Witte and the 14 Dwarfs

# Skater Goals Assists Penalty Minutes Penalties
5Stephanie Cook0000
7Geoffrey Gyrisco0000
8Yu Zhou2100
9Skye Zitkus0000
12James Parens0000
13Ren Drewes0000
14David Parter0000
15Eric Witte1100
20Sherry Holly0000
25Anna Celaya1000
42Kellen “KJ” Dzick0000
59Todd Streicher0100
61Reed Gardner1000
# Goalie Goals Against Saves
11Leah Rudin111


Hartmeyer Ice Arena
1834 Commercial Ave, Madison, WI 53704, USA