16 Jane Schneider

Current Team
The Citrus Special, Squirtle Squad
Minneapolis, MN
Other Teams
Madison Freeze Green 2008-2010
So, this is the 17th year of the MGHA, the 16th playing season of the MGHA, my 15th year associated with the MGHA, and my 14th season actually playing. Where has the time gone?!?

I’m looking forward to meeting the new players...welcome!
For players returning to the league, welcome back!

For those of you new to skating and/or hockey, please be patient with yourself. Hockey is a very humbling sport to learn as an adult, but very much worth the effort. Welcome to the wonderful adventure that is ice hockey!

My hockey story: I grew up in Minnesota where hockey is almost a religion and started skating when I was three. I was a huge fan of the Minnesota North Stars NHL hockey team, until they moved to Dallas (Dallas?!? Really?!?). Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to play organized hockey while growing up. I skated regularly through middle school and then took a very long break. Enter the MGHA many years later and all the wonderful people who helped me relearn how to skate...thanks to all of you!

Joining the MGHA was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am grateful for the opportunities the MGHA has given me to learn and play hockey and meet so many wonderful people.

Madison Gay Hockey Association

SeasonTeamGoalsAssistsPenalty MinutesP
2022-2023Squirtle Squad0100
2021-2022End of the Rainbow0100
2019-2020Avalanche Avengers0100
2018-2019Maroony Tunes0000
2017-2018Basic Bees0200
2016-2017House of Blues0100
2015-2016Grey’s Anatomy0000
2014-2015Queens of Heart0200
2013-2014Green Gay Puckers0100
2011-2012White Riot0100
2009-2010The Blue Bombers021.51
2008-2009Chili Verde
2007-2008Gang Green

MGHA Classic Tournament