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MGHA Gear Swap – 8/29 at 6pm

The annual gear swap is scheduled for Tuesday, August 29th from 6-7:30pm at Capitol Ice Arena.

Are you a new player who needs gear? Bring your mentor, try on some gear, and take some new equipment home with you. If your mentor is busy, that’s OK! There will be plenty of folks around who can give advice.

Are you an existing player who has gear to donate? Bring it around 6pm and drop it off, or coordinate with someone you know who will be going to take it on your behalf.

Check out the Facebook invite.

Update your league preference

Friendly reminder to update your league preference for this season:

We’re looking to expand from 16 teams to 18 teams, and we need to know where everyone wants to play in order to determine where to put those 2 new teams. We’re thinking L1, but we need feedback from the league to make a call.

L1 is for beginners and low intermediate players. Expect to learn and practice basic ice skating, hockey rules and strategy at a slower pace. This level includes coaching and extra skills clinics throughout the season. Higher level players can play in this level and will have restrictions such as strict goal caps.

L2 is for intermediate players who are able to skate safely during faster play. Expect to use and develop skills with your team. This level may include coaching, at your captain’s discretion and coaches’ availability. Higher level players can play in this level and will be goal-capped.

L3 is for intermediate and advanced players looking for SAFE fast-paced competition. Expect to develop strategies with your team, learn how to safely challenge yourself and others, and absolutely NO show-boating or unnecessary contact. This level may include coaching, at your captain’s discretion and coaches’ availability.

2023-2024 League Deposit Open

Deposits for the 2023-2024 season are open!

The deposit secures your spot in the league for the upcoming season. The full cost of the season will be $365 ($100 deposit, remaining $265 due before you set foot on the ice). The cost of ice is going up some, but not as much as we expected. We had unexpected costs with refs last season and we’re trying to budget for that.

As always: cost should not be a barrier to playing hockey with us! If it is, reach out – we have a financial aid program to help make the cost of playing hockey easier. If you want to play with us but need some time to figure out the finances, that’s fine! Let us know and we’ll hold your spot in the league.

Excited to play hockey with you all!

-Kriona, on behalf of the MGHA Board

Team Names and Season Schedule

Hi friends! All of the team names are in. May I present to you:


  • Caution!
  • End of the Rainbow
  • Green Eggs and WHAM!
  • Necromancers
  • Sauce
  • Skyfall
  • The Fanta-Sticks!
  • The White Stuff


  • Black Holes
  • Magic School Bus
  • Slippery When Wet
  • The Harvey Milks
  • The Red Flags
  • Violet Villains

The schedule has been uploaded to the Team & Schedule page.

Use this page to mark whether you’ll be absent from a game, and to sign up to sub in other games. Subbing is skill-based, so you will always be replacing a player of roughly the same skill as you. Captains will only look for subs if players are absent, so it’s not guaranteed.

I’ve added the games to the MGHA’s Google calendar. You can add the MGHA’s calendar to see all the games. If you want to import your games and scorebox shift(s) to your own calendar, click on your team name and scroll to the very bottom of the page – underneath “Upcoming Games” will be some links to do that.

We’ll need you (yes you!) to help run the scorebox periodically. We’ve given everybody scorebox shifts. Don’t worry! If you’re new to the MGHA, we’ll pair you with people who have been in the league for a while. You can read more about scorebox duties.


2018 Summer Scrimmages

The summer scrimmages for 2018 are ready!  The scrimmages are split into the early session and the late session, and you’ll need to sign up for each individually (you can pay for them at the same time, though).  Each session costs $70 for skaters, and is free for goalies.  Signup is available to both current MGHA players and alum, and is capped at 24 players for each session (first come, first served!).  If you are a goalie, reach out to the board to sign up.  Scrimmages are played the MGHA way, so players of all skill levels are welcome to participate.

You need to be registered with USA Hockey in order to skate with us.  If you registered with USA Hockey for the 2017-2018 season, your registration is valid through August 31st of this year.  If you played with us in the previous season or in the MGHA Classic Tournament, we have your USA Hockey registration on file.  If you didn’t, please reach out to!

You have the option to sub for a particular scrimmage if there are absences.  Sub signups open 3 days before the scrimmage at 9am – because all scrimmages are on Wednesday this year, that means signups open on Sunday at 9am.  If you want to sub or are going to be absent from a scrimmage, use the home page of the MGHA website to indicate your attendance.

Also note – the first two scrimmages are at MIA and at odd times – after that, things settle down at Hartmeyer at a consistent time.  From the calendar link, you’ll be able to add the scrimmages to your calendar if that helps you remember the times.

Early session (skater signup) (calendar):

  • Wed, May 30th – 8:00 PM (MIA-Main)
  • Wed, June 6th – 6:45 PM (MIA-Main)
  • Wed, June 13th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, June 20th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, June 27th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, July 11th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)

Late session (skater signup) (calendar):

  • Wed, July 18th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, July 25th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, August 1st – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, August 8th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, August 15th – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)
  • Wed, August 22nd – 7:45 PM (Hartmeyer)

On behalf of your 2017-18 Board (Matthew, Shelly, Sara, Tim, k8, Amanda and myself),
Your friendly local hockey Viking princess,