The Gear Up Event is Sept 2nd from Noon-1pm in Hartmeyer Parking Lot!

Hi Everybody! We are having our pre-season gear up event Sunday Sept 2nd from 12pm-1pm in the Hartmeyer parking lot

New players who need gear: we will have people on hand to help players get fitted and kitted up. Mentors can also help with this if they are able to attend! Gear will go on a first come first served basis so get there as close to noon as possible. Looking forward to meeting you! Here is an equipment guide if you need it. Note shoulder pads are NOT optional in our league
People who have extra gear to donate: bring it to the event, drop it off. Amanda will be there a little early. If that day is out altogether, please contact Amanda or Andi before Sept 2nd. We’ve had some donations already, thank you!
People who would like to help out/socialize and have an hour to spare on Sunday the 2nd: We would be very happy to have your help/company and assistance getting people fitted. There might even be cookies.
The countdown begins! Two weeks until ice time!!