Scrimmages (Jan. 9, 2022)

Hey everyone! With the surge in COVID cases and an uptick in absences, we’re opting for scrimmages instead of games this week.

We have four slots currently scheduled, but, should the need arise, we’ll augment our schedule with an additional slot. If that happens, the first slot added will be at 4:30 PM. Please reach out if the slots are filling up and you don’t have a place to sign up.

In addition to the scrimmages, David Parter has volunteered to coach a clinic for beginner/intermediate players on positioning and basic skills. You may sign up for this clinic AND a scrimmage. Once the clinic slots are full, they are full.

If we fill a slot and that is the safest slot for a different player, we may ask those who can comfortably play at another time slot to shift to make room for someone who fits better in that slot.

Thanks for your understanding!

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Scrimmage Night (January 9, 2022)

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