MGHA News: Tasks for October 8th, 2022

1. Required: Finalize your level(s) preference on your account by Monday, October 10th.

We are committed to placing you in a level of your choice, yet we may request you a level shift to maintain safety, skills balance, and roster size. Today, we feel able to place 95%+ of our skaters within their preferences. Read more about the 3 league levels here.

Note: the 11 skills evaluated this year are new data points taken into consideration for team creation. These are not the only factors used to determine which level you play in this season.

2. Optional: Submit Must-play-with, Do-not-feel-safe-playing-with, Would-like-to-play-with requests here – by Monday, October 10th.

‘Must’ and ‘Do-not-feel-safe’ requests will be used to create teams. ‘Would-like’ requests will be considered. We have many of these requests to process, so please consider what you need vs. want and include relevant details on the request form as you wish.

Did you know? The MGHA Emails website page has all the individual role email addresses and all group listservs. When captains and teams are announced, you will be added based on your role and be able to communicate within those new listservs. Click the link and learn more for extra-special credit.

Next: We are working to add email contacts for the newly formed BIPOC@, Sponsorship@, and Photography@ groups so y’all can reach out to join, make a request, send an idea, etc. Until then, you can connect with Laur R., Gene Z., or Christina L., respectively.


MGHA Board, via Christina’s keyboard