MGHA Championship Night!

Hi friends!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, even hockey seasons. To celebrate all the fun we’ve had and to wrap up our twelfth season, we’ll be holding a Championship Night celebration on April 8th. We’ll have five games, so all teams will get to play; we’ll do player recognition, including 5 and 10 year players and each team’s MGHA All The Way Award winners, take a league photo on ice, and to cap it off we’ll have a potluck. We encourage you to attend the whole event if possible, and bring your friends and family to cheer you on!

Please note that we will start one hour earlier in order to have time for player recognition and the league photo. The schedule below has been updated and is as follows:

3:40pm: The Blue Oxen vs Ghostbusters
5:00pm: Blunicorns vs Pumpkin Disorderly
6:20pm: They Might Be Ducks vs Basic Bees
7:30pm: League photo!
8:00pm: Merlots vs Redrum
9:20pm: Raisin Trouble vs Black Sheep

We encourage the teams in the 6:20 and 8pm games to stay dressed after/be dressed before their games, and everyone else to wear their jersey before the photo.

Please sign up for the potluck on the Google Docs potluck sign up sheet, available in your email. We always need folks to bring things like paper plates and silverware as well as food. We’ll provide tables, but if you bring a crock pot or anything needing electricity, we recommend you bring an extension cord.

Finally, it’s time to choose your team’s recipient of the MGHA All The Way Award. The All the Way Award recognizes the player on your team who contributes something special to your team’s season. Who encourages everyone on the ice? Who learned everybody’s names and pronouns and made them feel welcome? Who has a great attitude in a game you’re about to lose 7-1? This isn’t about skill level, but someone who went out hard and had fun, and set a tone for the whole team with that example. Please send your nominations to your team captain ASAP.

Thanks everyone! It’s been a great season and we’re sad to see it come to an end.

On behalf of your Board, Social Team and Hockey Ops,