Leadership/Volunteer Outline & Membership Announcement

The Madison Gay Hockey Association is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that actively works to provide a safe environment for the game of hockey and a community of support. We’ve built a broad organization that includes many aspects beyond providing ice for hockey. The Board of Directors has evaluated the tasks required to maintain and improve our organization. We believe that our organization will be stronger and more sustainable by distributing the league’s tasks to a larger group of volunteers through clearly defined roles with a better support structure.

We ask that you please review the MGHA Organizational Chart attached and consider joining us as we move into the next season. Each supporting role will not necessarily be limited to one person and will have a board member overseeing and providing assistance. We’ve loosely defined some of the tasks associated to help you figure out what you might be interested in. You’ve probably discussed some of the stuff we do with friends, and now is a great opportunity to work with them and make new friends while supporting the league you love! E-mail board@madisongayhockey.org if you have questions about any areas.

Additionally, in an effort to create a more representative league with transparency and collective decision-making abilities we’ve decided to introduce a membership model. The more people involved in the things we do as a league, the better it will allow us to collectively make informed decisions. For too long, far too few people have been doing the work and making the decisions.

When using terms like player, member, etc., it’s important that they are clearly defined so the benefits and responsibilities are understood:


MGHA Player or Participant

  • Hockey player, league volunteer, or community supporter
    • e.g. first year player, scoreboard volunteer, super fan
  • Added to Locker-Room listserv and Facebook group for league-wide communication
  • Can apply to be a Member after 1 year
  • Nothing changes, and you enjoy the MGHA and hockey


MGHA Member


  • 1 year participation as a league player/participant
  • Aligned with MGHA Mission
  • Commitment to service within the league
    • e.g. HOPS, Social Committee, Captain, Mentor, Recruiting


  • Vote to elect board members
  • Submits proposals to the Board of the Directors and votes on referendums
  • Approves changes to Bylaws
  • Can apply to the Board of Directors
  • Attends a few annual meetings to elect Board Members, vote on referendums, etc.


We’ll be having a meeting in July to discuss the timeline for rolling out initial membership and how the process will look going forward. We’re happy to answer questions in the interim.

Please opt in to the role (Player or Member) you see yourself in using the form HERE by June 24th as we prepare for next season.

Thank you for your commitment to the league and we look forward to next season!