2017 Evaluation Clinics – October 1, 2017

Welcome to the first of two nights of evaluations!

These next two Sundays are the most important nights of our season, as they’re what allow us to break the league up into ten competitively-balanced teams.

Tonight, we’re looking at basic individual skills. We’ll be looking at four different things:

  • Skating maneuverability and stopping
  • Skating backwards and changing directions
  • Skating and controlling the puck
  • Skating and passing

You may be really great at all of these, or not able to do any of them or somewhere in between. It doesn’t matter. You are in the league and you’ll be on a team either way. Do your best, whatever your best happens to be, and don’t stress if you don’t do well, or as well as you’d like.

We have a lot of people to evaluate. Please be dressed and ready to get on the ice before your start time. We have to get you on the ice and divided into four groups in a short amount of time if we’re going to get a good look at everyone. It’ll also be a big help if you have your name on your helmet.  Check your email for this week’s evaluation rosters.  This should have all the changes that have been requested.

Next week we’ll be doing one-hour scrimmages where we’ll look at your knowledge of positioning and your shooting, among other things. Watch your email for your time and team assignments for scrimmages. They will likely be different than this week’s rosters.  We’re hoping these will be refereed scrimmages, as well. We won’t be keeping score but we would like to have face-offs after goals and for offsides and icing.

We realize that some of you don’t know what offsides and icing are. This should help:


Note that in adult rec hockey, icing is called as soon as the puck crosses the goal line, it doesn’t get waved off if a player on the opposing team gets there first (as noted in the video).